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Taito 10,000 divided by thousand hundred ten ten rupees 800 eps number gap in a video a little scrutiny he goes at a cash to tell khurana he come at peabody ratio come on zhanna you got other abc company and stock no market price 50 rupees and third corner other eps maudlin or dante 10 rupees it alwa so peabody ratio a night o t divided by 10 is equal to 500 the

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The current market price of the share divided by estimated eps andre month in a hundred thing a lot o moon deena hanukkah’s oversaw the eps no mundo on dodgy andre abc company indeed overshot the net income 15% just yeah both or no one on that didn’t another other eps is tied to 11.5 piece item agha forward peabody ratio is targeted 4.30 gotta eel a very very

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P/e ratio 14.6 either either of forward peabody ratio of future peabody ratio comes ezra although 12.8 today you go forward peabody ratio trailing p/e ratio in the car made either in the you know title futura li hero motocorp pleasure prez growth just yeah buddha allah karma buddha 3 video an ipod secondary when marty martin ori newman’s are not comment marks null

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