Perennial Flooding: Finance Ministry ignores requests for funds to address issues

Perennial Flooding: Finance Ministry ignores requests for funds to address issues

And on may 25 president covantro announced a set of measures to end perennial flooding in a crime including sanctions for district municipal and metropolitan chief executives responsible for breaching and breaches that result in the damages from flooding now the president further set up a desk in his office to monitor the implementation of the measure but joining

Us is learning that finance ministry has ignored several requests for funding to enable the works and housing ministry to end this perineal issue well we’ve been gathering some more details on this elton broadway’s joining us my colleague with much more details on what’s happening and what the documents it is that were found on this matter elton if you can hear

Me first of all give us details as to why the waxing housing ministry is not getting enough funding on the all right pleasure matter what we have faced by our investigations again this matter has been running uh it’s running for some time now between the financial finance and the minister voice announcement i think the genesis of all of this when the minister

Was appointed uh he used cabinet on the states of the country’s america who was dealing with the flooding mata and the concerns of other cabinets for more resource and location to ensure that the country is better in a better position although it appears that we’re having difficulties hearing you if you could just um make the point again but a bit more louder

So we can get the points you make right so blessed i was saying that from what we have paid for my cabinet at the meeting somewhere in 2021 uh was briefed about the campuses of a parent that was dealing with flooding and it was at that meeting that the sector minister uh frank person someone she was asked to present detailed proposals to the finance ministry

For funding to ensure that the ministry or the country is the better position to deal with the flooding market so series of correspondents that we have been accepted suggest that indeed has been caused for uh some release of abundance whenever the ministry of western council uh what what western household deals with this market now the amount of money involved

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That the first leg that i was written on the 4th of june 2020 uh related to the request for the release of some eight hundred and eighty eight point three million ghana series for the implementation of the 2021 emergency national plan for two programs to address the serious planning challenges being experienced in the country and the ministry in a letter to the

Finance ministry of online certain areas that the money would go into and one is the mitigation of the perennial flooding within the community uh prevention of destruction of via vehicular movement every rainfall providing means for safe conveyor from free water mitigate damage for infrastructure facilities and also mitigate the displacement of people within

Platform areas and the ministry was confirmed that 888 million ghana cities was also required to ensure that these markets are fixed and it can actually give the breakdown of excavation and the certain weight 94 million and then construction weight uh 783 billion cities now from the our information did not get response for the finish of finance again let me go

But on the 11th of august 2021 the minister of western health again wrote to the minister of finance you know uh joined the minister consensus one earlier later than i just read and the need for the finance policy to make due with the release of their money and part of this uh i want to think that it says that we wish to respectfully draw your attention to the

Fact that time is of the essence in the flag control program our consultants will require adequate time to complete detailed time and then go through the procurement process ahead of implementation construction of each project will take a few months to complete while to achieve beneficial use of these investments they need to be completed before the onset of the

Next range between april 2022 that leaves us only eight months from now to go through the process highlighted above and again the amount of 888 billion as the required amount of money required for their western state and for ghana to defend this provincial flooding problem now the information again we have is that this letter was also not given the response that

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The minister of western housing needed so again on the 2nd of june just a few days ago 2022 after we had experienced some flooding in parts of accra the ministry again of the ministry of western housing again raised roads to the finish of finance same headline application for commencement of certification for the 2021 emergency national plan control program and

Part of the lecture we in the absence of the commencement ministry has not been able to went understand of the current wage system and unfortunately some have resulted in widespread planning across the country several areas of this aquarium experienced via flooding on the 14th and 21st and with the forecast from the ghana medical agency the west is years to come

And the ministry again requested this time requested 280 million donor cities for their ministry to enable it undertakes it right now blizzard we have another let’s say again reiterating the same point bottom line is that the ministry of finance fails to respond to all of this correspondence starting between 2021 and absolutely all right and again it goes on to

Emphasize the point that even though the amazing western outcomes have been in readiness to deal with the flooded mass a lack of funds has made it rather impossible for them to catch with that quick and the reason why we experience flooding on a daily basis elton brooke is our presidential correspondent giving us details on that but uh the issue of flooding is

Beginning to by itself in fact an 18 year old has been confirmed dead attention in a crowd when raging flood waters swept into a storm drain now this follows almost two hours of sunday morning downpour according to residents the 18 year old trying to salvage her slippers which fell into a small drain but fell and subsequently the raging water swept hair into a

Storm drain there’s more in this report during sunday’s downpour mary went chasing after her slipper and slipped into the dream and breathed her last abigail is a relative of the deceased insulin or from say in sony tua she told me she called her children and you are selling mace to come home when the rain started but they never killed her she later heard that

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One of her children fell into a drain and drowned she was eyewitness one of the siblings was standing close to where the incident happened she did not call anyone’s attention to it by the time we realized she was caught under the flat water there was nothing we could do she was lifeless when we got there no no no no he says mary would have been alive if the

Drain was properly constructed gotta know i think you’re is still in denial of what has happened to her daughter mary i want to die in your state please come back for now the body of the deceased has been removed by the police and deposited other more emma davis for joining us white cross where residents are accusing government of neglect as they endure yes of

Persistent flooding giving your sages reports right to you auntie beatrice has lived here at white cross for more than 17 years she tells me successive governments have done very little to deal with the issue of flooding here yes it settled here the flood wasn’t at this level but for the past few days when it wins the whole place gets flooded i have kids here

It becomes a problem for about two or three weeks i have been home my house has been flooded we are also part of ghana since we settled here we haven’t seen any development from the government pearl is a junior high school student she wants government to construct a drainage system for the area i find it difficult to go to school besides i’m in the final year

I need to struggle through the water and go to school but sometimes when i walk through the water i find it difficult because some parts of the water is too deep so i can fall inside the water and get in my screen for amelia who is a landlady she struggles to get tenants for her house those who rent leave due to the persistent flooding of three people left

Because they can’t walk in the flood so government should intervene this has news david yauserty’s report from kaswa white cross

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