Personal Finance: Government Shutdown & MAJOR Budget Changes Coming

Today I want to talk about personal finance. I want to tell you how the government shutdown is impacting our household budget and the budget changes we are going to be making. If you are new here my husband and I are both federal government workers who are still going to work everyday. I am a direct hire and, my husband is a contractor. I am not getting paid but for the moment, my husband still is. We are trying to make it through this government shutdown with our dignity intact so I will be posting updates as this goes along to let you know how we are doing and hopefully help some of you who may be struggling

That your employer calls you into the mean office and says, “i want you to come well according to opm there’s 800,000 of us in that boat right now. budget and what’s gonna change. and hold on to your seats folks, cuz a lot is finance cuz as a government employee i can’t have that kind of stuff on my hi i’m wendy valencia my husband mauricio and i both work for the we talk

A lot about personal finance i mean a lot a lot because it is my can’t do that without talking about your i try and be super super transparent about our personal finances and let you will create a dialogue and maybe you’ll take that dialogue somewhere else to but you’ll start talking about money too so let me catch up to speed have since the beginning he is getting paid

Since he is a contractor and i am that when the contract runs out of money he will not get paid we don’t know when so that is two paychecks that i am now officially behind since we operate on a bills next month’s bills are only funded here and have gone to fund next month’s bills but mine nada january budget one more time and tell you the phone calls i’m gonna be making

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We’re getting all serious up in the valencia household with our personal storage unit and if you are new to my channel and you do not know why we have click it watch it before you make any comments i know i’m getting a lot of new i’m not just hoarding stuff over in there so with a storage unit i’m explain the situation and see what they have to say i am not willing to risk

Seventy dollars so so that is probably one of the top things that i will pay our own we have our stuff but if they’re flexible then i am going to definitely next thing is our cell phones i’m gonna try and call verizon i don’t expect to me to suck it the skype we already nixed and we are trying to only use whatsapp way down from $500 to the bare minimum and we’re probably

Gonna go pretty lunches so i cut that out before but i’m think is getting ready to go through a growth spurt and she really only eats so hungry halfway through before care that she goes and gets a breakfast and or something because she she’s got to be growing that child has grown like three so you know i’m not gonna let my child starve so that made be coming back i in the

Gasps category we actually have not spent it yet but we’re getting ready touching on in a minute so on multiple days of the week we’re having to carpool school during the day and then we are not taking the easy pass at all zero no don’t want to cut insurance if i don’t have to but i’m gonna call usaa government that use their banking system that they actually do have plans in

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Postpone it for a couple of months but i am willing to pay that if i need to and deal with those cuz i don’t know those companies and they’re national companies category we’re just continuing on with the health category we did it call in there in case she needs something but we’re just gonna have to push through and and wait and in our savings category there’s no difference

Either we leave the money in our checking account or we there isn’t the possibility that i’m gonna get confused and go ahead and put over there and it’ll be in the other checking account should i actually need just as a matter of course and the itunes category will probably cancel backed up to the cloud so we probably won’t cancel that but keep because that’s only 99 cents

And we watch it a lot so if we’ve got to keep inside but i will cancel my audible if i have to i can get it back when this is and she uses it when she wants to wow she actually heard me talking and just and then our amazon annual prime fee came through but i’ll talk about that and after care because that’s six hundred and eighty dollars and i haven’t am gonna call but if

I have to pay it i have to pay it because we’ve got to have she loses the place in her class and it’s only a four person class and she loves it she really does i don’t know i need to look at the other stuff another issue i i know i said that i was canceling the spanish classes but i week and i feel bad enough when i have to cancel because like milena sick or want her to

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Miss spanish spanish is super important you’ll notice that i because i don’t want to impact her life this is too complicated a situation to month in the cash category mauricio is still gonna be going as $25 for his look for him trust me in my youtube category i will cancel – buddy and and so if my computer dies or one of my external hard drives dies that i can you how many

Times when i’ve accidentally deleted something that i leaders our parking has already gone down to zero so there’s no more taken hundred and seventy five dollars for fantasy football that my husband has so mauricio is making a phone calls to the guy to say hey listen we are everybody in his league is in the federal government so hopefully all of government employee so he’s

Probably depending on that money to pay his bills registered to start classes and i forgot about it and i totally forgot we had to month in the whole month recap oh in our debt category i’m gonna make the phone work with are probably quite familiar with government employees having issues employees so i think they will be totally ok with it and i just need to probably gonna

Pay the bill because again we do have mauricio salary to then in our giving category we have cut out all giving 100% at giving except for that money goes from our checking account into our sinking fund account so just continuing the sinking fund so i’ll see you in the next one see ya route

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Personal Finance: Government Shutdown & MAJOR Budget Changes Coming By Wendy Valencia