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What’s going on guys welcome back to the channel thank you so much for joining us today and for your support clay here with a huge vvs finance update we’re going to take a look at some of the fears surrounding the road map forward and take a look at some technical analysis be sure to stick around but before i get into it please click that thumbs up button and

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Your entire crypto portfolio here is the cherry on top guys when you use my link in the description you will earn free crypto on every trade you make over ten dollars it is literally free money so go check them out and get yourself some of that free money guys start out with some ta for vvs finance i want to start out by taking a look at the last 24 hours vvs finance

Has made some major moves in the last day as the broader crypto market has taken a turn upwards as we’ve discussed vvs has aligned itself with the broader market for the time being but we’ve had some major buying pressure over the last day with over three million dollars in trading volume most of it on the buy side our market cap is creeping back towards that 200

Million dollar mark and if the broader market makes any substantial moves upwards we should cross and stay above that threshold very soon while we are down from our all-time high we need to remember that the initial price was inflated upon launch which is typical for any early stage projects and our all-time high is still ahead of us we’ve moved even further into

The green in regards to our risk analysis showing the strength of the vvs project what this means investors observer gives vvs finance a medium risk rank this means the price of the cryptocurrency can move pretty quickly but it is relatively in proportion to the value of the vvs finance being traded a medium rank means the price can still move around a lot but the

Price is less likely to be manipulated and big moves will likely mean increased interest in trading bvs finance who this matters to a high risk reward score means the cryptocurrency’s price can change a lot with very few dollars at stake this means the price could be pushed around by unscrupulous actors or just that the price is likely to be very unpredictable

Taking a look at the fear and greed index we are significantly higher than the average of 10 last week but we are still sitting in the extreme fear category this does indicate that the market is currently oversold and underbought and we are going to see some major moves coming up soon i do expect a short-term correction with bitcoin falling below the 40 000 mark and

Likely bottoming around 35 000 but i am extremely bullish on crypto in the long term and vvs finance with it now guys a lot of people have expressed displeasure with the road map forward i want to take a moment to assuage everyone’s fears regarding the burn the burn was never a viable solution in any dex’s infancy stage just look at pancake swap they are established

And doing burns on the weekly and there’s no meaningful price action if vvs were to do a massive burn at this point what you will get is a sudden massive spike in price that probably won’t last a day noobs that are currently whining now will fomo in and buy more only to get dumped on again and start whining and flooding even more perpetuating the vicious cycle a

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Burn is meant to keep inflation under control but as of now it’s clear as day that they are using aggressive aprs to attract more whales to park their liquidity at vvs sacrificing the small bag holders by providing these whales with an incentive to constantly farm bvs and sell it ultimately a successful dex is one with massive volume to have massive volume and

Liquidity you’ll need whales vvs xvbs the mechanism is effective and has been deployed on numerous dexes that are bigger than vvs think spooky swap trader joe avax sushi it is a tested mechanism that reduces selling pressure in the long term instead of a quick fix burn the mechanism actually encourages people to hold bvs and hence utility which is what you guys

Have been wanting ultimately it is more sustainable than doing a burn at this point in time don’t think of xvbs as a token but rather it is more like a receipt share that you have in the dex to determine the amount of yield you get from the sharing pool vvs supply once again it doesn’t mean anything it can be in trillions but all that means is each holder will get

More zeros behind their holdings if vvs had like 1 000 tokens in total it just means that each holder has zero zero one .00001 et cetera et cetera bvs in d5 supply doesn’t mean crap you can have 100 max supply with no holders the token will still be worthless all that matters is demand outstrip supply which is what 90 percent of these short-sighted moon boys are

Too impatient for igo i know they mentioned a burn but at this point in time refer to the point above a burn is seriously not going to do anything and you guys will start complaining again and call this project a scam what matters now is that they can keep attracting solid projects onto igo think exchanges syndicate all the tokens listed on syndicate have

Gone on to become massive beasts in the crypto world it is important to constantly source solid projects instead of listing rug pools hence they have to provide these projects with incentives to do igo on bvs paid fud paid bud does exist and it’s clear that some of the fud here is posted by other projects to attempt to create fear and steal market share it has been

Happening since the dawn of dexes personally if i hated this project so much i would have packed my bags up and moved on to greener pastures instead of wasting my time on this reddit to cry and whine every day also most of these crybabies are new to the game and haven’t experienced crypto winter before think 2017 2018. moving forward it’s clear that vvs is trying

To build something bigger than what we have seen in defy and dexes so far just think about the potential we only have quite a limited amount of lp pairs available on bvs yet we have 1.2 billion liquidity on the platform chronos is ibc compatible just wait till they add pairs like osmo or luna into this platform we are in for fireworks with the massive liquidity and

Volume boost i try to be level-headed but it seems like you can’t reason with most users here as they really can’t see the big picture of where vvs is headed towards all they whine about is burn and supply it’s not just about economics it’s about fundamentals and driving long-term usage and value guys 2021 was a huge year for crypto and we’re expecting 2022 to be

Even bigger let’s take a look at one of the biggest things that we saw in 2021 el salvador legal tender at the bitcoin 2021 conference in june el salvador’s president naib bukhaili a tech savvy millennial announced plans for his country to legalize btc as tender and integrated into his country’s economy on september 7th el salvador became the first country to adopt

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Btc as legal tender enabling residents to use the digital asset in any transaction from buying a cup of coffee to paying taxes as part of the country’s adoption president buchelli promised thirty dollars a bitcoin for each user of the country’s preferred wallet provider chivo and the government agreed to a 150 million dollar fund to facilitate transactions between

Usd and btc although the crypto community was largely in favor of the adoption concerns arose that the country’s adoption could bring instability and unnecessary risk to the country’s economy president bukali promoted his country’s adoption by acknowledging that the technology would help bring salvadorans into the economy given that roughly 70 percent of citizens

Don’t have bank accounts bucheli also argued that btc would be faster and cheaper to get remittances from abroad and could free the indebted nation from the hold of the traditional global financial system lastly the move by bucheli was part of a broader goal of appealing to crypto entrepreneurs who are paving the way for what many believe to be the next big wave

Of innovation since then the salvadoran government has added more btc to its treasury announced plans to issue a one billion dollar bitcoin bond to fund the construction of its bitcoin city and buy more btc proceeds from its bond will also be used to begin mining btc using power harnessed from a volcano which inspired other latin american countries such as panama

To explore the adoption of btc with el salvador paving the way of btc adoption on a sovereign level one can expect further adoption by the country in 2022 and perhaps others will follow in the nation’s footsteps institutional and corporate adoption although the broader crypto asset market has seen notable institutional and corporate adoption over the last few years

2021 unequivocally goes down as the biggest year for the asset class in terms of adoption for both cohorts not only did multiple financial institutions and corporations gain exposure to the asset class but capital inflows from new and existing crypto focused investment vehicles took off assets under management aum of crypto dedicated investment funds has soared from

36.25 billion dollars in january 2021 to 59.6 billion dollars as of october 2021. market participants should note that part of this jump in aum year-over-year is attributable to legacy financial institutions and investors investing directly into crypto-focused funds for instance earlier in the year ny dig raised 100 million dollars from liberty mutual insurance

Star insurances and others and fidelity purchased a 20 million stake in marathon digital holdings the number of crypto focused funds also grew from 804 in 2020 to 851 in 2021 the bulk of which is represented by crypto related hedge funds rather than venture capital as impressive as last year’s growth was for crypto dedicated investment funds interest support and

Adoption from legacy financial institutions were most notable given their relative underexposure to the asset class these developments include the following blackrock authorized two of its funds to invest in btc morgan stanley began offering clients access to btc funds bny mellon said it would hold and transfer btc on behalf of its asset management clients state

Street said it was providing the infrastructure for a new bank grade trading platform for digital assets and would go live mid-year kiwisaver growth strategy a 350 million dollar retirement plan operated by new zealand wealth funds management allocated five percent of its assets to btc investment bank cohen announced plans to offer crypto custody services to hedge

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Funds and asset managers hedge fund behemoth 0.72 said it’s looking to invest into crypto assets jp morgan became the first bank to offer its retail wealth clients access to crypto funds neuberger berman approved its 164 million commodities focused mutual fund to invest indirectly in btc and eth franklin templeton said it was hiring staff to execute btc and eth

Trades soros fund ceo cio don fitzpatrick said billionaire investor george soros’s family office has invested in btc jpmorgan launched an in-house btc fund for wealthy clients harvard yale and brown’s endowment stated they’ve been buying btc since 2020. well-respected traditional finance gurus also expressed interest and or support for btc and the broader crypto

Asset market ray dalio calls btc one hell of an invention and has considered a new fund aimed at offering protection against the debasement of fiat money by investing in btc howard marx changed his mind on btc after previously dismissing its value wall street veteran anthony scaramucci said btc is as safe as owning bonds and gold scott minard cio of guggenheim

Suggested that btc’s fair value is between 400k and 600k paul tudor jones said he prefers bitcoin over gold as a hedge against inflation and said he is setting up an investment fund aimed at crypto later in the year billionaire barry sternlicht a co-founder of 95 billion dollar investment firm star ward capital group said gold is worthless and that he is holding

Btc because every government in the western hemisphere is printing endless amounts of money a cohort of corporates also added btc and other crypto assets to their balance sheet in 2021 as part of a broader treasury management strategy that would reduce exposure to the us dollar hedge against inflation and provide upside to an emerging store of value the biggest

Champion of 2021 was publicly listed software company microstrategy which purchased an additional 50 000 over the course of the year and made up 6.5 percent of the total one million four hundred and sixty eight thousand five hundred and sixty or seven percent of btc’s 21 million supply that sits on the balance sheet of publicly traded corporates however corporate

Adoption didn’t just exist in terms of adding digital assets to balance sheets but also in the integration of crypto related products into existing businesses for instance mastercard disclosed plans to support crypto payments for merchants tesla announced support for crypto payments japanese e-commerce giant rakutan enabled support for crypto purchases visa announced

A pilot to settle usdc on its network and a partnership with over 50 crypto companies to enable client crypto usage paypal launched its crypto checkout service and venmo added support for crypto purchases not only that but block formerly square ceo jack dorsey said the company was considering a bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for

Individuals and businesses worldwide guys we are at the very beginning of the crypto explosion 2022 is going to be a huge year for many reasons we are still in the early stages of government institutional and corporate adoption as much as i’m not a citadel capital fan their movement into the crypto space could bring some really big money into the market as more

Countries and cities venture into crypto and as institutional and corporate adoption really ramps up we are going to see some wild things happen well that’s it for this video as always please make sure to go down to the bottom of the page tap that thumbs up button for me and subscribe to the channel while you’re at it check out ftx for some free crypto link is in

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