Quick Tutorial how to buy Beta coin on Binance Launchpad: Beta Finance coin

Here are the quick tutorial how to buy new coin launch on binance launchpad

Right now i will share about how to join a launch pad in binance okay can you can see it from the desktop of your binance applications there is a launch pad uh under the deposit so you click the launch pad there is a lot of list of what kind of lines bet that have been launched before so for example currently it’s a beta beta finance will be launching in uh in

Today so it’s today’s eighth october so they already the binary start promoting about the beta finance coin that will be launched in 8th october since 30 september so it start accumulating and calculating your binaries bnb coin then it will be counted as how many you can buy the beta beta coin in here so when you click in here you can see the schedule timeline

Bnb holding calculation period is start on 30 september and then uh the subscriptions period will be start on uh 13th one at october so whenever you have a bnb in a sport account then you can entitle to join this launch pad but if you don’t have bnb from 30 september until 8 october then you cannot you’re unable to buy any coin in here so for example uh in

In this account i have 48 a bnb and then i already accumulating it since uh 30 30 september so right now i can commit today is a the day i already commit the maximum of the bnb but how much will i get the beta coins it depends actually it depends on how many uh finance users that are committed to bnb and then they will be do the program so for example total

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Participant in here is right now is 114 thousand people already participate with uh five million bnb in here so for beta coin they are looking for uh they offer for 50 50 million yeah 15 million better coins so then it will be uh you will be decided how much better credit you can buy on bnb later today on 5 pm so after 5 pm in 6 pm it will be do the final

Token distribution and then you can go to your spot wallet and then you can start transacting so this is the concept so whenever you have a bnb in binance then you can entitle to join this launchpad and bnb also have the binance also have uh the others type of launchpool so this is where you put or stack some bnb and then you get another coin but for one sped

Actually it’s uh look for locks your account locks your bnd coins for certain times and then you can vote with the with the price in like in ico so that’s it this is how you can join the launch pad in finance thank you very much

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Quick Tutorial how to buy Beta coin on Binance Launchpad : Beta Finance coin By Kokokripto