Reflex Finance: What Sets them apart & Is Staking Pool Key to Success?!

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What’s up youtube it’s your boy scripted legend here with another youtube video this one’s on reflex finance for those who are wondering and honestly i’ma hold back because let’s actually just just get go ahead and hop right into it reflex finance is a rewards-based token it’s a token that’s rewarding people eight percent of every transaction in the form of busd

The more reflex tokens you hold the more uh of the more busd you’re going to receive right now they’re currently sitting at 70298913 which basically means with 29 you can be a billionaire of reflex finances not much but it’s something they also are currently sitting at 19.5 million dollars in market cap currently down from their all-time high of course because the

All-time high was crazy when they initially launched and but here’s the thing and i’m going to show you what will happen at launch date so coin gecko’s not saying it but basically when they launched they were they hit they broke two zeros initially at launch which is just crazy and is is good and bad for different reasons usually when a token goes that crazy they

You’re you know they just fall off completely they lose all hype and all like security and stuff like that too many people got hurt but they released an article or they didn’t release an article they there was a a review or something done on market watch on net on what web page and stuff and it was on reflex finance and they’ve actually seen a increase in the

Number of holders i would say at least 50 like 50 wallet addresses came from said uh article or whatever you want to call it that was on marketwatch i say whatever you want to call it because it was a paid promo so it wasn’t necessarily an article from market watch it was a parade paid promotion that had the sponsorship kind of of market watch behind it so that

I could add some stability and some well like some so reassurance to the investors that make them think that they’re actually reading something from marketwatch this is not saying that they’re trying to manipulate people a lot of cryptos have actually been doing this for a while and a lot of corporations have been doing this too so reflex is not the first and

There’s also and when i say other tokens have done this i’m saying also other like successful projects have done this so this is not a flag on them but i want to get into what really sets reflex finance apart from other cryptos a lot of people just talk about reflex finance and they’re like oh yeah it’s a great token and blah blah blah blah but there’s really

No substance to what they’re saying they’re just building up hype and getting people like hype about it and getting people to hold even longer and stuff and possibly getting some people to buy in and not really know what is the future of this token or what they are actually trying to put out at this current time we don’t really know anything about their team’s

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Actual success rate we don’t we have we know what they have done in the past right and that we can go based off of what we find on linkedin and on the internet where the chief financial officer has is running another financial uh company or whatever he has run has won another financial company and was found and found some great success there where the ceo the

Current ceo is was a part of the department of defense and was a marine and was from my understanding successful in there he was there for a long time so he definitely has some type of success while he was working with the military for the united states so they have their achievements and their accolades from previous work but there’s no certainty and what they

Will be successful in for reflex finance but i don’t say how this is scary i say all this to be realistic with you this is some stuff that we have to keep in mind as far as investing into just any new project one thing that i believe that has that has reflex honestly above a lot of tokens is the surety that the staking pool according to the team of course is

Going to allow you to receive busd rewards and the staking pool rewards for staking your tokens and reflex finance a lot of people are probably worried about the current trading volume of the reflex finance token but i believe that it’s actually going to see a nice drastic increase thanks to the staking pool option because think about it people are going to be

Able to not just make rewards in the form of reflex finance they’re also going to be able to make rewards in the form of busd so you’re going to have people that are a either going to stake their reflex finance and they’re going to receive rewards and they’re going to have more reflex finance but they’re going to receive rewards they’re going to see even higher

Rewards and then they’re going to buy even more reflex finance and just try to compound interest that bad boy with the staking pool that’s one option b you could have people that are actually going to sell their reflex finance tokens that they received from the staking pool and that’s going to go to the trade volume those two options of different people trying

To use the the staking pool to make passive income is going to generate movement in the price now there’s definitely a possibility that people just receive the busd and the rewards from the reflex finances the rewards and don’t do anything with it or just use the usd to buy other tokens or just cash it out i i personally cash out my busd but just that possibility

So i still but i still believe that there’s going to be an increase in the amount of trading volume and it can go up to 1 million it could go up to even 10 million there’s no knowing what will happen but i also believe that the trade volume is where it’s at right now and also the price of reflex finance is where it’s at right now not necessarily because of trust

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Or anything that reflex finance has done i think it has a lot to do with just the crypto market in general right now the cryptocurrency market is in a state of on is of wary it’s it’s concerning people are concerned about is bitcoin the true counter to inflation right now right now going on in the us the u.s has increased or done the inflation they’ve actually

Executed that um through so now people are just waiting to see what does bitcoin do right now bitcoin is currently sitting above 42 000 in value and has been ever since the news was dropped which is good you want it to stay strong you want it to stay stable and is up 1.9 in the last seven days so it’s great they’re doing a great job ethereum’s down one point one

Percent the last seven days and down four percent in total for the last 24 hours and they’re currently below 2000 3 000 but binance coin the token that is the support token for reflex finance is down to 401 dollars which is not bad if it’s above 400 that’s not bad but there’s been times and it and binance was sitting at 450 or plus that during some bad times for

Crypto so to see it down to 401 dollars is not the prettiest thing for reflex finance and i just want to make sure that you guys are aware this has nothing to do with the inflation rate binance coin and ethereum being down as low as they are has nothing to do with inflation it has to do with the crash that happened back in january and that’s why it’s actually

Down to where it’s at finance actually hit a total value of like 340 dollars if i’m not mistaking if i’m actually remembering it correctly it could have been at a low of 325 dollars and i know ethereum was at 2300 at one point it might have hit 2100 as well so they actually are climbing up and doing a good job staying strong but as far as where they’re at right

Now it’s not going to really benefit reflex finance too much because that’s just not where they are truly valued at and reflex finance i guess you could honestly say that they’re not being truly valued either since they are a finance based token but i still believe that we need to see more from the team i we got to see them execute a little bit more plans and

Show success in their execution before we can say that they are a safe and true best the best investment that you could possibly make i truly believe that reflex finance is a decent hold for right now i and i’m holding my reflex finance but i’ll just i’m saying you should be concerned not concerned of them but you should be alert that’s the word you should just

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Be alert and just watch what they do they’re a good hold but there’s a difference between a good hold and a good investment state sheba is a good hold and i’m not saying reflex finance is all hype but right now it’s kind of all hype there’s no products that’s been released out they’ve done a great job with the web page and also the reflex dashboard to reflect

Yeah what was that scripted the reflex dashboard is doing a great job and is it’s great i love it what they’ve delivered they have been successful at but i just want to see more all right and i honestly think in my opinion if i just saw it break six zeroes or yeah if it if i saw it got past six zeros or whatever and was that like six zeros three or five and it

Just held strong throughout that then i would say it’s a good investment or yeah i was i would say it’s a good investment but there’s a difference between an investment and a hold a hold is like oh yeah you’re just going off for the hype but uh investment is something like i trust the community i trust the team i believe in the vision of the team so yeah now

You might trust the vision of the team and stuff like that all good i’m just saying what sets reflex apart and they have that staking pool and that staking pool in my opinion is going to be not the end all be all but it it hey it’s like 20 20 to 30 percent of what of my decision making if this is going to be a great investment for me or not but i want to thank

You guys all for watching i just wanted to be completely honest and put this all out there to y’all so you guys know where i’m at and also you can consider this when you are making your decisions i’m not a financial advisor though and this is not at all financial advice i’m just sharing and stating my opinion with y’all and trying to educate y’all as much as i

Can on reflex finance i love you all you have a blessed one stay safe scripted legend signing out leave a like and subscribe if you’re new because 58 of you guys who that watch my videos are not subscribed it’s crazy 58 bro i could have hit 2k a long time you know what just go ahead leave a like and subscribe if you’re new uh uh i’ma go on for the next video

That i have to make for y’all some unloving great

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Reflex Finance: What Sets them apart & Is Staking Pool Key to Success?! By Scripted Legend