Rent to Own Home In Hanover PA Owner Financing Lease Purchase

Rent to Own Home Hanover PA at – are you looking for a Rent to Own Home in Hanover PA. If yes, this is the right property finder site for you. This is an owner financing home or lease purchase. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a great way to become a homeowner. Here’s the Video again . If you like what you see, make sure to visit the site above for all our other Rent to Own Homes that have owner financing.

Hey guys my name is mick and i have a property here that is available on a rent-to-own basis and it’s located in hanover pa if you’re not familiar with rent or ellen rent to own is like an amazing way for you to become a homeowner bottom line if you can convince me that you like this home and you can make a commitment to buy it i can definitely get your financed

For this home and get you in it and make you a homeowner no matter what even if i have to be the bank bottom line if i can’t get you financed and into this home no one in this town can okay so i’m extremely easy to work with extremely flexible to work with so i want to take you inside to show you what we have available and see if it fits what you’re looking for

Now there is the home now before i continue if ever you want to call and get more information about why our rent to own homes that’s the number to call and then definitely visit that website rent to own and basically get on our rent to own buyers list and you’ll be able to get access to every property that we have right across the street is a nice big

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Church tons of parking i’m not sure what the parking rules are here but i’ve come here constantly and never had an issue parking it’s a one-way street and that’s nice now that property right there just recently sold for seventy nine thousand nine hundred which is the price that i’m selling this property for a rent-to-own basis as well okay so i’m going to take you

Inside show you what we’ve got and we’ll go from there i’ll take you around back and stuff like that it’s just a nice little home for a small family i mean if you’re a huge family this is not gonna work out for you the layout might not work out for you you know again you know the these properties aren’t for everyone but as far as rent to own i can get you into

This house even if you have ugly credit okay it doesn’t matter you do need a down payment you need some money that you can put down towards the purchase price and you need to be able to have a stable income to afford the monthly payments so those are the two biggest factors that i pay attention to okay behind here is like a cemetery so you know i guess obviously

Nice and peaceful little deck in the back it’s just a nice nice also if you want to live in hanover this is could be a great great home for you thank you inside now also with rent to own you know you might not like this carpet you might not like the color if you get in there you can change it you can do whatever you want you can change the colors you can change

The paint you can change you know whatever you want all i ask is that you don’t go crazy and like break start breaking balls down and stuff because did you need permits and stuff there is a basement basemen there’s nothing fancy to talk to talk about nothing fancy do well yeah call home about water heater looks like it’s in pretty good shape furnace is an older

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Furnace but according to the seller who sold the property to me he said it worked so i’m just gonna take his word for i bought it in the summer so i have no idea whether or not they’re any issue or anything like that but i wasn’t told there was any issue so that’s what i’m telling you at this point ton but again it is something older and as you buy this home it

Might be something that you want to upgrade at some point time at your own leisure okay now right here i have some pamphlets right there you know if you enter the home without me here you can just read that information it tells you how the rent-to-own process works and stuff like that and this is the biggest thing that can pay attention to if you can convince me you

Want this home i make a commitment to buy it i can get you financed no matter what even if i have to be the bank okay i stand by that i can help you guys get into a home and become a homeowner laundry room it’s just all been kind of freshly painted and spruced up you know nice just a nice home again it’s gonna be a great home for someone bathroom was just kind of

Recently remodeled god like some you know ceramic kind of tile kind of stuff in here which is nice bathroom is small you know so the way it’s done foot don’t have any water on right now so i have a little sign on this i do not flush the bathroom clean you’re not ready to go i put a whole new tops around in here and then these are walkthrough rooms so this would be

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Good for like this you know small family there’s no carpet or anything like that on here if you want to get carpet you can that’s up to you people before just kind of paint it which so there’s kind of two rooms here and then another bedroom up here the attic is finished now bear in mind depending on your situation if you want to use this as a bedroom come winter

Time you’re gonna need to put maybe like a baseboard heater there okay and just plug it in so there you have it guys and again my name is matt and if you’re interested in becoming a homeowner and you want to stop wasting money on rent there is no better to become a homeowner than this rent-to-own program i would love to get you in here and this property’s in hanover

So all you have to do is to get more information you can go down or click on the link to rent to own your for telecom minutes rental the number to own your comm make sure you get on my buyers list and this way i can stay in touch with you every time i have another right to own property available all right thank you and i hope this is something that works out for you thanks

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Rent to Own Home In Hanover PA Owner Financing Lease Purchase By Mikk Sachar