Request-Finance, Accounting, or MIS?

Accounting or MIS. NEVER finance as finance is only a sales job.

You’re such an vasil go that if you got questions young man writes hey i’m an eighteen year old high school graduate in georgia with a 3.9 with a gpa of a 3.9 but i took off this winter semester to work as a salesman at car dealership outstanding outstanding you learn more from doing that then you’d ever learn at school that’s great since then

I’ve decided i’m going back next spring but foregoing a four-year university for my local community college for my business prerequisites and cheapest tuition and then transfer very smart there you go there you go back this is the difference this is the slight nudge that you do that makes you like sitting on top of half a million dollars when you’re 45 as opposed

To being a single mom with 23 other kids and can’t remember all the father’s name so if i have a lot of ap courses it’ll only take me one year my dream goal was to become an investment banker but from talking with real bankers and others i’ve come to the realization a rich has parents know somebody or go to an ivy league school just to get through the door yeah

Absolutely dude you’re sending yourself a decade i pissed away you’re so far ahead you’re doing great so the next best thing is financial advisor analysts not just sales my first thought was to majored finance or economics but from talking with 35 financial advisors edward jones chase bank wells fargo et cetera once again they told me their honest truth that i

Should just major in accounting get a cpa since financial advising is just a sales job unlike financial analysis which i probably won’t get before an advisor right and look you you already have the sales you can do sales you were a car salesman so now you can sell finance if you want to or insurance or anything it’s the same thing now some sales people that are

Not the same players difference but they are right and i’m kind of impressed that these people admitted to you the the true nature of finance and economic you just a sales person that’s all you are you’re an overly educated salesperson it’s time to stretch because finance and economics is they’re very interesting subjects they’re very and a lot of good can be

Done with them but no one pays for it so it’s just oh my god who there’s your currency crisis there we go there’s a house you bowl did anyone see this we should hire economist will just suck what’s this name uh not norm coleman it’s a mayor oh who’s who’s the economist that all the democrats love to suck his dick because he tells him we just need more of other

People’s money let’s just print off more what is it paul krugman that guy all right i mean you want to talk about the laziest most pathetic economist we just print out more money and we should tax the rich we just need other people’s money is like wow that’s a great solution just other people’s money huh your entire 60 years of existences give us more of other

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People’s money i was like wow what a great troop are you you really advanced yeah that clark metal is worthless don’t don’t bother with the clark monies it was a an award that meant something in economics to us like like it should just give it to them the dumbest sever we just deep one of other peoples bunny war b with praise and money uh bet you down the line

Okay which i probably won’t get before advisors so should i major in accounting and get my cp and eventually down the line follow my dream of opening up a brokerage firm dude you don’t want to open up a brokerage firm even know what that is brokerage firm and you’re out it you’re out of luck you’re out of luck if you want to do brokerage inc i think you should

Become a financial advisor because that is sales and hustle nothing wrong with it nothing wrong being a financial adviser but right now you are my sight captive capitalism that and you look at the click on the on the link to a betterment um these robo advisors i mean look at it america is slowly waking up and realizing that 85% of these ivy league

Educated can and beat the index they can’t be warren buffett they can’t beat the sp500 so now everyone’s going to index funds and they’re even doing robo advisors because instead of having chip mcteer person fill out well yes i say well i spell that out okay and you tell me that alright i enter that in you tell me how i enter that end it’s like yeah i don’t need

You chip chip person i’m just gonna enter in the information directly to betterment com what’s the other one this is number one i only mentioned betterment because i get an affiliate you know you guys want to go through that i’d appreciate it cuz they make a little bit of commission on them but my point is um i don’t think there’s a future in financial advising i

Think there’s a future in being a cpa and become an accountant or a controller or a cfo i absolutely think there’s you know a high level accountant absolutely maybe you get into tax but you don’t want to open a brokerage firm you know there’s no future there i think finally america is starting to realize just what inferior pieces of i mean i do mean this inferior

Humans like subhumans they’re not even humans they’re they’re just vermin especially with novel housing crisis and everyone got bailed out these people are morons the end these enron pieces and remember i’m an evil right-wing republican libertarian people are finally waking up and realizing how unnecessary finance people are they’re very unnecessary shoot


If i ever was to launch a company you know do an ipo it be through gofundme or something i would go through an investment bank technology is exposing these these parasites these scum for what they are you don’t it’s it’s a you don’t wanna you don’t want to open up a brokerage firm you don’t i mean a madeleine i want destroy your dreams but that’s what we do it

Consulting because most people’s dreams are nightmares when you find out that it’s not gonna happen in the real world so i would absolutely become a cpa but i would not start a brokerage firm you know you only want the regulation oh my god the federal government up your ass like a gay guy at a gay club jesus christ he’ll know you don’t want that okay you don’t

Want that regulations just just go be a cpa make your hundred thousand dollars a year be nice and quiet yourself a nice little wife banger kids are in the other room like hey here’s some money go play and you’re banging your wife in the garage i don’t have a garage i always said i have it’s nice to bang my wife in a garage i don’t have a wife and i don’t have a

Garage but if i had both i would combine i’d say the opportunity exists to bang my wife in a garage submitter there’s no tip about also and also what’s your thought on an mis major in accounting minor or ms major in computer science minor i don’t want to waste my money and time on degree that won’t make me down the line well look here let’s let’s have it this if

You’re gonna go into accounting you have to get a cpa all right now and depending on the state you’re in you’re gonna have to take some fun up masters classes and then you have to sit for the cpa and then i commit to that that world you have to actually become a cpa and do the world of accounting i think computer science there programming an it i know there’s a

Difference nerds don’t tell me um i think it’s more creative i think it’s more interesting i think it’s more dynamic long-haul i think they’re about on par with one another with the computer science an id if you keep your skills updated it might pay a little bit more um but either of them are fine if i were you and i was a young man again look you got a gpa of 3.9

This good and you’re smart you’re doing i got this see see that’s the thing i like you got a lot to work with i wouldn’t okay what cpa and computer science though so the the the logical reliable riskless approaches but if you’re a car salesman people makes it you can make a lot of money in sales you know unlike me i thought i’d never be a barn dance instructor or

An author and like i said everything i thought i’d suck at i was great at everything i thought i’d be great at i suck at i wouldn’t necessarily dismiss your salesmanship um that is a skill that will serve you regardless of what industry you go into but i wouldn’t necessarily poopoo a career in sales and i may be you know a little bit more about it than i do because

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You were there like no i don’t want to do it but yeah your cpa is fine i’d have a little bit of a favor towards a computer science major i know your masters an information system that’s just gonna be you becoming the it guy which is fine nothing wrong with that i think the cpa would be better than nm is i think computer science would be better than a cpa but these

Are all fine degrees you’re choosing and i think it would be up to your personal taste of preferences as to what you’d like to do but i mean just remember accounting is boring it’s not not that that computer science is exactly interesting or exciting either but i would hate you know i hate to say it but computers are more interesting than accounting in debits and

Credits it’s just rules that’s all is the cpas just following rules um so i’d be a little bit more tempted to go into the world of it and computer programming in computer science but man if you could be a rainmaker you could make it rain and you could sell you can make a lot of money being a salesman you can like this one guy he should never become a ceo i used to

Work at this bank and he was like the best salesman and that’s why i became ceo and he’s like having me training on accounting because he didn’t hungry financial savings this is that a bank the ceo didn’t know how to read financial statements he was he over the mic because he’s a good salesman he was a dude bro i think i hope he’s dead i really do hope he’s

Dead and in my previous bosses i hope you’re dead i hope you’re dead i don’t we have cancer i hope you have a very horrible life help your wives left you and jamal because you guys are scum and one of my bosses is dead not anyway this guy no he was the dude bro getting back to the point that yeah you can you can do sales sales is nothing wrong with that so you

Know that’s some summer time go work is that no work at the car dealership alright anyway so yeah nothing wrong with you’re gonna have to figure out do some soul-searching figure out whether you like the cpr the computer stuff a little bit more or less it’s really up to you so alright that’s it the old captain’s got to get them do some more around more if i kind

Of guy do a podcast to just go back to back i’ll see you guys later tools you

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Request-Finance, Accounting, or MIS? By AaronClarey