Role of financial institutions (part-1)

Lecture on Role of financial institutions (meaning and functions of financial institutions(part-1)

Hello guys how are you all hope you all are fine so i am back with my another video which is on role of financial institution and it is presented by al kasha rostov so firstly we should understand what is this financial institution a financial institution is an institution or organization that provide financial service for its client members and society probably

The most important financial service provided by financial institution is acting as financial intermediaries most financial institutions are regulated by government a financial institution is a company engaged in business of dealing with financial and monetary transactions such as deposits loans investments and currency exchange financial institution is a broad

Range of business operations within the financial service sectors including banks trust companies insurance company brokerage from firms and dealers so financial institution keahak financial institution gorman given our institution here schiavo central level pepin theo yeah first-rate level paid gorman the couch finance institution banaji gingka i’m allah gala

Institution yeah or mason could loan then ahead taki wapner business chana sake or expand cursor key institution center estate gorman dawn okay dora he shirou key agatha purgable central government co a straight carmen co zurich mezzo so theta walk nazarath kiseop say financial institution bonacic ta you financial institution own capital and loan capital dono

He provide carta or long-term and medium-term donno key either donno geezer rocco pura carta finance institution kohung development bank peoplethey kyoki finances tution km industrial development co promote carne carnaby jota finance loan dana ke saath saath financial assistance provide carne asada theair industries for promote kanaka become carta institution

Financial institutions provide kanika salsa market survey technical assistance business co advisory role we play carta hatake business cook esaron kiya-jaye lucas r develop kiya-jaye celia is a development bank b kaha sata or in kkr role her financial institution k telecom declare functions care financial institution k financial institution includes banks credit

Union assets management form building societies and stock brokerage among others this institution are responsible for distributing financial resource in a planned way to the potential users yeh financial institution jo finance ever provide courteous kept potential users in key and their potential hecuba further innovation here production curseth their own potential

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User co a financial assistance provide cathy or income in function with the accepting deposits providing agricultural loan providing commercial loan providing real state known providing mortage loan issuing shares certificate and what are the types of financial institution it is divided into two banking financials company and non-banking financial company so there

Are so many financial institution some of there some of them are listeria they like unit rest of india securities trading corporation of india industrial development bank of india in reconstruction bank of india export-import bank of india small industries development bank of india national bank for agriculture and rural development lic life insurance corporation

General insurance corporation of india shipping credit investment company of india and housing and urban development corporation and national housing bank but we don’t have to discuss all this we will discuss the most important financial institutions and we will discussed ifc i sfc in digital credit and investment corporation of india industrial development bank

Of india unit rest of india and industrial investment bank of india it is not possible to discuss all this topic in a one lecture or one video so we will continue this video in the next part and if it is required then we will make the third part part also so we’ve been today we will discuss only i industrial financial corporation of india so firstly we should know

That what is the role of financial institution firstly the financial institution provide long term loan jo financial institution with ef a long term loan provide cartier plus managerial advice bdt was her business could promote carnelli financial assistance i need a tivo manager in advice be the th of jabez urato tak siient enterprise co on ke advice ki medium and

Long term finance be subscribers of securities yes security scobey subscribe karthi hai kisi bhi company came underwriters ki b facilities a gurkha c company kosciusko issue khurana hai aur agar is mccoy be underwriter quebec rowley a play courteous me yes yes co issue karate i or a garban a cell jota hechavarria good bye bye carla t guarantee known or known in

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Foreign currency french institution also provide loans in foreign currency also so firstly we should discuss ifc i what is ifc i industrial finance corporation of india first all india term lending institution set up in 1948 provide institutional credit to medium and long term industries and its headquarter is located in new delhi ifc a was set up as a stretcher

Ii corporation in july 1948 with the effect from july 1st 1993 it has been converted into corporation stretch every corporation meth-lab parliament major iske at passata to be a stretcher a body bolus at the agora parliament may act k through passata to ifc i be kobe ik act ii through passkey agatha is releasing stretcher a corporation konami agha joe july 1948

Media gotham or object ahead scheme main objective care provide medium and long term finance the purpose of ifc is to probe make medium and long term credit more readily available to industrial concern in india particularly in circumstances where normal banking up accommodation is inappropriate jeremy normally asana seiko be banking accommodation nahi mill petha

Financial aml pata bar p.m. a medium and long term finance earn kaname ifc ifc ie help carta in the steel industry school algebraically promote connect leto escape as expansion schemes be here final it provide financial and station by way of a rupee load alone k through be financial institution provide cartier loan in foreign currencies agora may foreign kissable

Foreign countries k may be launched i here to you foreign currency may be known provide cathy underwriting of direct subscription of shares and debentures so of for setting up a new industrial undertaking ifc provide financial institution for setting up a new and still undertaking joe new startup and your new business job idea coach open plan may change skirt a

Table a major financial institution assistance kaiser row to thea bohemme ifc i provide kartha or kissimmee business to expand karmically yaphet diversified connect le joe business americana scan may be financial and sistren samay ifc i provide cartier if you are running a business and we are making a product and if we want to expand our marketing sector or we

Want to expand our manufacturing and we want to diversify in another area and other field then also the financial assistance will be provided by ifc i and ifc i also provide financial assistance for reanimation and modernization of existing concern if we want to bring a new technology in any organization and you if or if we want to import any technology then there

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Is a requirement of huge fund and that fund is also provided by ifc i for meeting the working capital requirement of industrial concern in some exceptional case i am saying also works in providing the working capital requirement means day to day expenses and financial fca also provide finance for day-to-day operations of our business so it plays special attention

To the following types of project project located in backwardation ifc i grave attention to the project which are located in backward region means which are not fully developed or which are which required of finance from the government to establish some industries in that backward region also next is project promote by new entry entrepreneurs and technically a

Gurkha see queen new entropy risk is a market man and dokin a jetta heck is a new film and turkana jetta – aw scooby help chemically ifc i funds provide cartier project based on indigenous technology project having a potential for export and import substitutions project that provide machinery fertilizer pesticides on other input for agriculture yeah ifc is provide

Funds for the machinery for fertilizer for pesticides another input for agriculture since it is working to develop the agriculture sector so it provide financial assistance for new new technology to bring the new technology in agriculture to bring new fertilizers and pesticides and to develop the agriculture sector project having potential for export and the project

Which is running and which is making the product – for the export of goods ifc also help in that types of industries project based on indigenous technology so in all these fields fi ifc i helps in developing the countries that’s why this is ei also called development bank so that’s all for today and then and in the next coming part we will discuss another financial

Institution so thank you so much bye

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