Say yes to campaign finance reform!

Hello dr. scott noren here with a quick update on newsworthy items and some campaign talkin points our country does need a single-payer healthcare system but not a rush through plan that is currently being forced through congress we need a plan that is fiscally sound and will not overly tax the american people or their children the current plan only serves to satisfy

The congress for looking like they did something and what good to voters come reelection time we need to massively regulate the health insurance industry and the medical liability insurance industry lowering premiums by law will result in billions of freed up towers to stimulate job growth and lower business overhead as an example a company with a thousand workers

Lowering the premium by a hundred dollars per month saves a hundred thousand dollars per month for that company even 100 workers with lowering the premium by a hundred dollars per month would save ten thousand dollars a month for that company we need to also immediately work on lowering obesity and smoking to make this work it’s the personal responsibility piece

That we need to address also stimulus money could in a progressive movement go to help funding community fitness centers creating jobs and better community health waiting periods and deductibles need to go away insurance should by law and not be linked to a job and wellness visits and preventive visits should always be included without charge all these need to be

Written into law not voluntary major obstacle to this legislation and all other important non health related legislation is lobby money lobbies and packs are okay but the money isn’t it affects the outcome of the fine print of bills example senator schumer and gillibrand are the number two and three recipients this cycle for taking the most amount of dollars and

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Health insurance lobby money go to for more information on that lastly if he hadn’t heard about this the us treasury department and federal trade commission meet computers were attacked by cyber possibly from north korea korea around july 4th here’s an ap quote the powerful attack that targeted dozens of government and private sites underscored how

Unevenly prepared the us government is to block such multi-pronged assaults james lewis a senior fellow at the center for strategic and international studies said that the fact that both the white house and defense department’s were attacked but didn’t go down points to the need for coordinated government network defenses it says that they were ready and the other

Guys weren’t ready we are disorganized in the event of an attack some places aren’t going to be able to defend themselves so in light of this how silly dangerous and naive it appears to have an e medical record rush through congress and be implemented by 2011 with all your medical information in it my plan calls for a national pharmacy database which is already

Partly in place my plan would only have patient medications and allergies in the database to start out with this would be another stepping stone approach to reforming health care the reduction in health care premiums needs to be immediate in order to jumpstart this economy well before the special election next year for us senate here in new york which i am running

In i hope you stay posted for other progressive issues in our platform at noren for senate calm thank you you

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Say yes to campaign finance reform! By Whistleblower101