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You know you might have mentioned about the options and you might have mentioned about um you know the sapm subject also uh a small question just wanted to kind of have an add-on how do you think derivative uh as a domain is kind of shaping in india because i i believe u.s and europe they’re like pretty much at a mature level because i was there like worked in the

Derivative trading for the front end but again as rightly said by you uh around about 60 to 70 people who are working in trading they’re id i am so there are a lot of engineers by the way dominating that domain i always feel a little you know upset that the derivative segment in india isn’t that you know kind of you know uh you know bullish or isn’t we we don’t

Have that sort of you know facilities so kind of go ahead and you know apply these cds and you know mbs sort of securities uh those kids who are currently now getting into derivative what is what is your suggestion how do you think tennis down the line derivative market is going to be in india see uh dairy meat is indian uh in indian market it has got immense

Potential number two is that uh the derivatives is uh not only a mere derivatives nowadays it requires lot of uh modern skills like uh you know when no one is now doing trading manually you have the domain knowledge expertise knowledge at the same time because uh two or three of my students they have started their own consulting and they are doing derivatives

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Trading and they have developed algo for that so they are trading in option strategies they are trading in the greeks i mean the sensitivities in options all those areas where uh you need the specialized skills like command skills now these quant skills are not done manually so uh for that either you need to have a well-developed coding language like python

And then then derivatives becomes a cakewalk otherwise otherwise handling derivatives in this market will be difficult if you don’t have those kind of specialized skills as i am stealing like now it is not only the knowledge actually you know it is how you demonstrate your skills the company takes that suppose i want to trade into data it’s not possible manually

Right so uh the volume of transactions so what uh in fact we have got one finance conference at vetting and we had got one speaker from calcutta who was the um probably the managing director in the you know about ticker plant so he was our speaker and you know that they have developed different models okay and those models are based on econometrics and model

Coding was done through python so even if there are they’re trading they’re making money through the divergence they are taking money making money through the greek options trading they are making money through the option strategies and once you uh are familiarized with this and see this is this is basically you know what they have done they have made it a


Partnership so one person is very good in finance and economics other people is very good in python so coding so if you translate those ideas into coding right then diabetes trading is very easy and it has got immense potential you allow it nowadays it’s not a manual thing manually is done by retail but institutional training are not done now manually they have

Developed algorithms and for elbows you need to develop your technical skills that you have to demonstrate otherwise uh if you have a knowledge of derivatives then you can partner with uh if you want to go for a startup kind of thing because lot of people are now doing this kind of advisory yes they have got a huge clientele hni client is clientele but if you

Give them a good return through a good i’ll go developed right then even the analysis let me tell you there are technical analysis softwares available which gives you call and the call is inputted itself so you derivatives trading is a different ballgame you learn in your pgdm and in your mba journey mms finest the basic things but after that how you polish

Those leaders because i have seen people going for the risk management they take this course or people going for derivatives trading they also take the higher uh higher courses like um cfa then you get a lot of quantitative or frm so there’s a lot of quantitative which is actually not there in the normal game or mms syllabus right fantastic so guys those who

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Have you know uh watch this video till now uh sir made a mention about you know delta sir my dimension about you know vega and rome these are really really super duper intellectual things and this is where you know finance gets really interesting it is that i cannot and then you know you will be sorted you

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