Selling the Major- Finance

Kelley Compass group project about selling the finance major.

Berghei make it make sense on a better faster true hi i’m nicole mountain and welcome to meet the major let’s meet our contestants hey i’m eric traylor doing finance hey i’m alan sartori marketing all right let’s start off with our first question um what was your most beneficial class in college eric can you start off yes well there’s multiple classes but as a

Personal financial advisor get the real communicate with your clients so business communications was a very key class also finite math statistics we’re also very key because analytical skills needed to do finance were really helpful from those classes so those glasses are definitely most beneficial for me let you alex i liked all my classes i don’t have to say k

To the phone i would definitely say kelly confidence numeral one well those are great dancers everyone but let’s move on to question number two i will start with you this time why did you choose your major i chose my major because i love to socialize and i love to look good and chuck i chose accounting because i like to sit at my desk all day alone just me and

My numbers la chose finance because i enjoyed math and analytical skills and i’ve always had a passion for math and finance so i really do enjoy working with people so a personal financial advisor was just a perfect place for me sounds good okay next question um what skills our personality traits are required to be successful in this in your major i’ll start with

This one um obviously like i’ve said before you get in math and analytical skills those are very crucial to being a successful in finance but uh depending on where you go in your career i’m a personal financial manager so our advisor so being able to communicate with people is very key because you have to tell them what’s needed to be done and communication is also

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Very very key to being successful so i’d say analytical skills and communication skills are by far the most important very good else i’d say besides being great with numbers and computers you must have a firm and tone touch for sitting on your desk all day oh wow okay i would definitely say graph to be pretty and then talking but mainly great very good okay moving

On um what is an average workday like um the average work day for me is waking up working out going to work for like an hour so and then coming back home and any male friends of course who’s that it sorry average for me definite vince on what career you go into so there’s a lot of different options for a finance major which is good got plenty places come out of

College but going into the personal financial advising i usually go me with the clients and advise them on their financial future so that’s why i usually have to do maybe a few clients every day so very interesting okay next on the list um what is the favorite part of your job i’ll take this one um favorite part of my job is definitely the satisfaction of helping

Others feel secure financially just makes me feel good to help others out fairness health let’s say the fair part of my job is the solidarity is being alone my thoughts okay alan my favorite part of my job is probably looking good and dressing up every day well that’s fun okay well now that we know the ferret part of your job what is um your least favorite part

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Of your job the least fair parma job is definitely how many people hit on me happens all the time what are you going to do right help i hate when people come to uh you know i don’t really i really would enjoy my job everything about it honestly do they can’t find anything that i just don’t like about it it’s pretty awesome help others all of your day and just a

Great great place so you ain’t no negatives well that’s awesome alright last question of the day um what is your advice to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in your major definitely make sure that you enjoy math and working with others and just having fun and if you like these things then you’ll fit right in the finance world sounds great health i’d

Say get your priorities straight hey what’s your social life on the back corner back burner excuse me oh unfortunate well should be you doing talan um you definitely have to be just like fun and bubbling just like me oh well that about wraps it up thanks for joining us today and we’ll see you next time so following our last episode we realized that a lot of our

Fans are interested in the financial profession clearly but um so now we’re going to meet with two financial professionals that can give us more advice on their major i hope you guys enjoyed the show my name is taylor phillips i’ma wealth management advice advisor i’m mark e 2 e and i’m a financial baker and we’re going to talk a little bit more in depth about the

Financing major find eric’s answer about which classes most beneficial to you i also believe that business communications with the most beneficial in order to be successful you need to articulate the company’s outlook and communicate to your managers what’s going on you need to have financial knowledge but it’s useless if you can’t communicate yeah jason threes

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Nachos finances because i started as an intern my senior year in college and saw the potential about my own company in clientele i found that in order to be successful in finance you have to understand the company’s cash flow and be able to project their future you have to have analytical skills to be technically strong innovative and have a sales personality an

Average work day for me is contacting meeting with clients who discuss their retirement planning goals and implement solutions also management of client assets and constant monitoring the most favorite thing about my job is the uniqueness of each different company i would get to work with i also learned a lot about the different aspects of each company also it’s

Great to get to travel around the us my least favorite part of wealth management advising is a paperwork dude is so much regulation is a ton of paperwork you have to do my best advice for anyone majoring in financing is the same current with what’s going on in the world read be yourself and be honest and now isn’t work and it will pay off work for a financially

Stable company so you don’t have to worry about losing your job and make sure you like what you’re doing if you like what you’re doing you’ll be successful get that little kill it also makes a stronger i need to hurry up cuz i can’t wait much longer i know i got to be right now is i can’t dicks are stronger when we gone again that’s how long i’ve been ammonia

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