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Hello guys welcome to my youtube channel today in this video i’m talking about a new cryptocurrency project which is a blockchain based which is so first of all here you can see bringing peace to the world with the crypto and blockchain why the peace comes is everybody is satisfactory with the cryptocurrency the award will be in peace so these

Cryptocurrency is going to give you a huge profits and a huge interest is then borrowed for your cryptocurrency loans so social lending you can see over 2 billion people in the world are underbanked these peoples are not have access to the banking services so these this is the replacement of the banking services they are not save and invest and even borrow money so

The leads with the number of crimes and don’t have any significant decline something to solve the problem using crypto and blockchain technology so it is going to solve the problems of the many crimes and the many bankrupts so social lending is here which is shanti finance so we will discuss about this project in detail so that you can choose this project and you can

Easily invest in this project which is going to be a good project in the future and you can safely invest this is the website you can see shanti finance over 2 billion people in the world are under these peoples to have ruins as to the banking services and it has two steps how you can invest in this project so here you step one to build a service that user load was

Lend a money so you need to if you need money to invest in the website or anything you want to prove so you can borrow money from this website you can see this record is going to be uh give you a borrow money and if you are holding this coin you will also get the interest rate so i will explain all this you can sell this session price the government’s tokens and not

Will function as a utility token so it is not a function as a rendered dragon but it will function really taken with the letter like bnc and usgt shanti token economy you can see the economy will be like by holding shawnee token the loan interest rate will be increased depending on the amount if you have a greater amount the loan cost will be increased and borrows

Will be received and performed substantial is considered rate interest rate portion of the profits from the chanti platform will be used to buy pack the market and acquired tokens will be burned so this essentially deflects shanti so shanti means a peace peace means shanti so you can see if you are a holder of this you will get the increase in the depending upon

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Your mod if you invest more you have more interest and you will also get the free interest rate and many profit in this website so this is the economy token and this is the liquidation you can see here when the liquidity of the shanty finance it becomes enough we will develop a service where charity pronouns can be exchanged for the digital currencies and with the

Usgt mcdonald’s and starbucks so mcdonald is our highest paid and the most famous brand of food which is all over the world spending so which is going to collaborate with the mcdonald’s and we will use this currency to buy the food atoms so this is the not using a bank system which is the old system we use this is the bank system will be live all over the world and

Everybody can choose this project so after santi finance is fully functional social media learning borrowers will be open and open and those who don’t have access to the banking services around the world will be able to raise their funds through the shanti shanti against to be become the one of the world leading blockchain companies but providing infrastructures

For exchange of social landing and the digital money will project uses of the one billion people so how you can become the partner i will explain you all how you can become their official partners and how you can join the project so you need to click on contact option you need to enter your email address your name and the password then you need to submit a request

After submitting a request you will successfully join their project so you need to come first you need to contact them and you need to leave a message and click on send option and you will surely now we will check about their official twitter account what’s going on their twitter account if they are live or not how many followers is a real project or not how you

Can borrow money from this project and this project is run live or not so we will discuss this project clearly and you can see there you will contact white paper if you read the white paper officially what is the white paper and we will check out the medium accounts and the twitter account and we will check out this project is live or not or if they are scamming

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Or not they are scamming we will surely check this project i will leave the video what is the project real i am telling you this project is 100 deal in the leisure project which is going to uh bring you a very very beautiful way to earn income so here you can see that i’m opening your official twitter account and on the visual account you can see you can see your

Contact you enter your enter name email address and leave a message and click on send option and your message will be sent to them and you will successful then they will try to successfully reply to you in a few hours so you need don’t need to worry they will contact you using your email address and your name header as a title so if you have any question about

This website you can directly contact them enter your email address and if you have any query you can leave a comment in my youtube channel i will try to reply with a brief introduction i would write contacts with the company owner so here you can see shanti shanti project is a very good following 16 for 1k followers shanties also shantae is also live on pancake

Save you can buy on pancakes if you need to copy this address after copying this address you need to go the the website the famous in website after going to the website you need to you can see the famous website has 1.5 million followers so after that you need to copy the address after entry that is you need to exchange your bnb tokens into the and

This coins so you can easily hold these coins so here is the latest through it so here the latest chant is live on the panic stop the official contract address is this you need to copy this and token sample is dollar as seen so you need to copy this address after copying the asset you need to go the pancake swap the official website after going to the website you

Need to click on this trade now options after click on the train now options you will be successfully you go this is the home page you can see and you need to exchange your bnb into this token by entering your their address so i will demonstrate this method and first we will check about leave message you can see you how you can contact them you can

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Contact you need to enter your number your email address then you need to click on send option and it will be sent to them automatically so you don’t need to worry about this incompetency or inconsistency this is a reliable website and this is a reliable cryptocurrency on the finance project so i have you have seen a lot of finance for that mostly they have scams

You and after the real project they will take a lot of time but this would that is very real budget and take less time to grow your incomes and you can these dogs make to borrow the money for the people so people can easily borrow the money and they don’t do don’t do any crimes so we will see the landing page you need to enter your type your message which drive

Message you want to the messy length will be it depend upon your message how much message you want to read and after that you know how you can buy this token you need to go the pancakes app and then you need to click consumption trade now how you can trade click on the state now option which is given there after that you need to exchange your bnb then you need

To click on this cake option and that you need to enter the address after that you need to paste the address the token will be arrived and then you need to buy this token so buying this token is very simple you can easily buy on the panic and this token is live on the pancakes app you can easily buy and this token is creating the history all over the

World that medium profile what is shanti finance today we would like to talk about our project which is msu claim the project cryptocurrency and blockchain you can read all about this project which is the article written so on the behalf of borrowers so see you understand my youtube channel

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