Should I Consider Seller Financing? | Seller Strategies #floridakeys #realestate #sellerfinancing

Should I Consider Seller Financing? Seller financing is one strategy a seller and buyer can use to make an otherwise impossible/difficult deal a possibility.

While the market is still hot-ish things are definitely changing and in light of that it is probably a good idea to go over some seller strategies that you might consider as things get more difficult moving forward stay tuned like and subscribe so this is going to be a series of short videos with super targeted strategies and little bite size amounts for

Anyone considering selling their house or having trouble beginning to have trouble selling their house and really this involves you buyers too pay attention as well so in this video we’re going to talk about seller financing in my experience an awful lot of sellers just don’t even consider it you haven’t needed to consider it that that much lately it may become

Much more helpful in the near future so i think the main hang up when it comes to sellers considering this is they just they want their money out they need some liquidity if they’re selling their house you can still have that with seller financing as long as you get the terms right for your situation so the main terms you’re going to be concerned about is the down

Payment the interest rate and the term of the loan right so you’re basically becoming as the seller you’re becoming the bank your liquidity is going to come from the down payment make sure that you as part of what your offer is or what your negotiation is that you are getting enough in the down payment to give you that liquidity give you what you need you can’t

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You know this is a negotiation if you can’t get what you want you don’t have to do it this way it’s worth trying and to see if you can come together with a buyer who needs to go down this route in order to buy your house from a buyer’s perspective sometimes you can’t get a traditional loan for reasons this is just the way you need to consider doing especially

If you have some money to put down you will be much more likely to be able to to make this kind of deal with the seller now if you’re a seller and you own the house outright you have you are much more flexible and what probably could work for you said you want the right size down payment basically as much as you can get you want the best rate you can get that

The buyer will agree to if you do have a loan on your house that’s low enough interest rate you just need to make sure that the rate you’re charging the buyer covers what you need to cover right you set the term you can you can have a shorter term and have a balloon at the end if they’ll agree to it if you want to but even if not you know if you can hold it for

However long you’re comfortable if they at some point cannot pay you get the house back and you sell it again not much to lose there as long as you can wrap your head around that seller financing don’t just blow it off it can be beneficial to both parties that’s why it happens you can still get some money out if you need all of it and you can’t do it then you

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Can’t do it but if there’s a chance of it as things get tighter it will open you up to more potential buyers and that’s a good thing so obviously everyone’s situation is unique and different so whether you’re a buyer or a seller or you have any questions regarding this or anything else real estate related especially in the florida keys but really anywhere else i

Can refer you anywhere so shoot me an email give me a call like and subscribe comment below have a great day jonathan portman coldwell banker schmidt

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Should I Consider Seller Financing? | Seller Strategies #floridakeys #realestate #sellerfinancing By Marathon Market Minute