SITUATION CRITICAL: BofA WARNS Of Systemic BREAKDOWN Of Financial System. Mannarino


Okay everybody it is me gregory manorino is thursday october 20th 2022. read this let’s read this together okay fragile treasury market is at risk of large scale forced selling or surprise that leads to breakdown this is from bank of america a major wall street institution people this right here is what i have been warning about for years especially as of late

In my opinion and obviously bank of america we have a big problem here okay this problem is so monumental that it cannot you really can’t put a perspective on this a systemic breakdown of the global financial system as i have been warning about repeatedly as of late and for years okay you know look you and i we are so far ahead of the curve sometimes it gives

Me it gives me freaking chills just thinking about it you don’t need to be some kind of financial genius rocket scientist brain surgeon whatever it might be to see the writing on the wall this issue here with regard to the debt market is a clear and present danger not only people to the financial system because that’s what people care about my money my money what

About your life this is a threat to human existence this is a a threat to mankind this is how severe this is a meltdown or in their words a breakdown of the financial system would lead to as you all know i’m going to tell you again i don’t care how many times i have to say this a complete lockup of the financial system transactions stop try to use your debit card

Try to use your credit card try to get cash out of the bank try to transact in any way it ain’t happening okay a massive major resource problem on an unprecedented scale is going to sweep the globe pandemonium into freaking streets that’s how this is going to play out don’t listen to greg manorino anymore oh don’t even listen to yourself listen to bank of america

People okay listen to freaks like janet yellen who’s explaining oh there’s a problem now listen to the imf the world bank major institutions goldman sachs i mean multi-billionaire investors it’s out there except you’re not hearing enough about this on the mainstream propaganda ministry they got to distract you and deflect you and have you focus on this new variant

Now they’re talking about that is very dangerous and resistant to everything they want to throw at it this is the truth go look it up for yourself okay focus on this while this entire other thing is happening you cannot compare the threat that some disease process like they’re throwing at us again right now has to a systemic global meltdown of the financial system

This is the greatest threat to human life and humankind as i am doing this there’s nothing else that comes close a nuclear exchange armageddon as our illustrious president recently said here global warming nothing comes close this is real okay now the mmri manorino market risk indicator 296.5 we are knocking on that 300 door okay 300 isn’t a line in the sand but

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Over 300 is extreme risk do you think just for nanosecond that it’s any coincidence the that the mmri is nearing 300 and we get we we get this and we get this really no there’s no coincidence here the mmri works okay i know there was it used to be a lot of critics where are they now crickets i don’t hear a damn thing okay these people just don’t understand what

They’re looking at of course they’re trying to whatever there’s a lot of people that don’t like me for whatever reason because they tell them the truth they hear the truth the first thing people do which when you tell them even a shred of truth is they get angry and they lash out at you oh no oh this my voice can be it’s unbelievable seriously so anyway tenure

Yield 4.22 dollar fractionally lowered today stock markets ah some of this suppress you nothing major at all but wait till this thing gets started wait till this happens okay forget about greg manorino now this this is what i’ve been telling you for years all right i can’t stress this to you enough prepare yourselves be ready for what’s coming because unless there

Is some kind of intervention immediately okay not tomorrow and i mean like now essential banks don’t collectively get it get together and do something to stabilize the global debt market well that what i just showed you is going to happen here it’s incredible mark treasury market at risk of large-scale force selling or surprised at least a breakdown absolutely

I mean come on you’re probably laughing those of you that this is on market watch who saw the headline you’re probably laughing because you already knew this it’s incredible uh and i am so proud honestly to uh probably be the first guy warning about this from i don’t know how freaking long ago and here we go anyway uh it’s pretty freaking incredible here um so

Let’s just let’s just touch on a few other things here did i talk about gold and silver a little little pressure here cryptos under a little pressure here uh crude oil catching a bit okay whatever oh that’s well and good this whole thing with the prime minister well and good this whole thing with everything else is well and good but this people that’s it that’s

It okay pay attention to it anyway let us move forward on the economic front here it doesn’t stop and it won’t stop so we found out today that leading economic indicators i’m gonna laugh continue to fall okay uh imagine my shock there can i please you know what let’s do this together shock face time shocked oh no really oh but but said president evans said there’s

No problems and we have all these other freaks telling us how great everything is oh oh how about it’s not all right look um we found that out and existing home sales fall to a 10 year low people let me explain this to you something around here is going to give and in my view it’s going to be the debt market which is hinging on it’s on a knife’s freaking edge

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I don’t know which way which way it’s going to go right now either central banks are going to do something or they’re not if central banks are not going to do a damn thing this whole thing is going to come down on us all harder than you can possibly imagine here the elk the global outcry here from a systemic meltdown of the financial system on a global scale i i

Can’t even put this into words how this is going to play out potentially this can be i mean we’re talking about a biblical event here literally a freaking biblical event um um you know look uh i said this morning watch for a false flag i feel like something’s gonna happen here whether i whether it’s i don’t know what they’re going to do i did an interview with

Gerald celente uh it just came out i’m going to put a link to that interview in the description of this video and general threw something out here which was pretty amazing in fact i’m not even going to tell you about it i want you to watch the interview again when you finish here click on the link to that interview you’re going to hear what gerald had to say about a

False flag and what may play out here is pretty is pretty incredible stuff here if you ask me um so i want to i want to bring a couple of other things to your attention before i let you go um so fed president harker these things they’re things okay they’re not human beings i don’t know what they are but they ain’t human beings he sees he’s got his crystal ball okay

And he sees significant drop in inflation come 2023. how about there is no way in hell all right that’s where these freaking things come from over there okay that that is going to happen okay inflation is going to continue to surge out of freaking control here uh it’s really the truth oh he goes on to say that uh well you know we’ll give we’ll give him some some

Kudos uh that no actually hold the whole that thought no i won’t maybe it was him i don’t know what are these freaks from the from the federal reserve admitted and maybe it was him that so far uh raising race has been inconsequential it hasn’t worked but sees more aggressive rate hikes moving forward which will eventually lead to inflation dropping significantly

In 2023. bullshit and i mean bullshit piled a mile high on top of dogs shooting cats sheep and bird shit and monkey shit and freaking hippopotamus shit and every other kind of shit you could think about to the moon and beyond ain’t happening here raising rays ain’t working it’s not going to work no matter what they do it’s not designed to control inflation it’s

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Designed to kill the man cross the global economy and kill and kill the population along with it here and they’re going to bring down the financial system that’s what they’re doing that’s what they’re really doing here okay the distractions and the lies and deception oh yeah raising rates it’s gonna make everything better hasn’t worked at all okay they want to

Fix the problem you know what the answer answer is okay why isn’t anybody talking about this cnbc bloomberg fox business pay attention to what i’m telling you start stop reading the damn scripts all right explain to people that if the federal reserve if central banks were to contract the money supply by forcing major institutions like bank of america to increase

Capitalizer requirements above zero well we could we would actually do something about inflation instead of crushing the economy really does this frustrate you because it frustrates the living shit out of me it’s really the truth anyway it’s just so freaking crazy i don’t even know what to say anymore um anyway this new sub variant uh x b b that’s what they want

Us to worry about now focus on xbb it’s xpb what the hell think what does xbb stand for i have no idea but whatever it is it’s x bullshit and bullshit you see xbb god i can’t take this crap anymore i’m telling you it’s coming apart people and it’s coming apart fast don’t listen to greg manorino listen to bank of america now okay all right look um sweating one

Of these days i’m gonna blow a gasket right now freaking camera i really am and you’re all going to get to see it’s going to be lovely look um please uh consider the things that we we cover every day consider this i’m going to show you again i’m not going to stop all right this is big this is as big as it gets because that is exactly what i’ve been talking about

And you have been talking about here for a very very long time oh they’re wrong it’s never going to happen everything is completely fine greg doesn’t know what he’s talking about oh ignore greg mannarino really bank of america is not ignoring me and uh i’ll tell you people um what else can i tell you all right look um please comment please share the video get

It out there and like i said follow this up right now click on the link in the description of this video and check out this interview with me and gerald you are going to like it uh and just listen to what gerald had to say laugh it’s pretty incredible all right look love you a lot i’m going to calm down now because i really will lose it and i will see all of you

In the morning i’m just like out of here

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SITUATION CRITICAL: BofA WARNS Of Systemic "BREAKDOWN" Of Financial System. Mannarino By Gregory Mannarino