Sold another Supercar to Finance my House.

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And just like that we’re back baby ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and welcome back to the vlog so boys today is august 10th the house has to be done august 31st or yours truly is living in his car that means we have less than three weeks which also means that september 1st i gotta pay for this house now i know you guys saw the title and the thumbnail

Yes unfortunately we are selling a supercar today i know i know i know i know i don’t want to sell it when you guys see what car we’re selling you’re going to be heartbroken as well but i have to make the adult decision i got to pay for this house we are so so so far over budget so yes indeed we are selling a supercar today and we’re delivering it hand delivering

It to idaho so we have to drive four hours to idaho so we’re not filming a house video today but we just walked through the house off camera it looks absolutely ridiculous i’d give it a couple more videos we’ll be back in the house honestly the next house video we might film we might be moving in you know ironically enough we’re not even late but this thing is so

Sick every time we drive this car always reminded the c8 is an absolute banshee now of course we have to drive four hours to idaho which means we have to take another car but which car do we take we could take the event where we take the murcielago we can take the trx but you know what i think we take the lusso now if you guys did not see the video yesterday cool

It sounds so good that’s 9000. oh goodness this car is so good we shouldn’t do it we’re not going to do it we’re all gonna go to jail today we are definitely gonna go to jail this is for rory it is so addicting it sounds so good oh also by the way that thing is so fast we have 700 horsepower and he just walked us i feel so bad for all the normal traffic right

Now these cars are so obnoxious well you guys know what time it is we are going to close the valves because i please go they’re taking off what he just passed me the carpool lane there was no blinker right there he crossed the double white lines and he was a single passenger in the carpool lane the audacity yeah and the window tent was probably illegal more than

Likely probably that’s an assumption now i mentioned we were headed to idaho specifically we’re headed to idaho falls we are one hour and 59 minutes away 150 miles and just like that ladies and gentlemen welcome here to idaho falls idaho you guys might know where we’re at if you don’t this is chandler’s new house looks absolutely insane quickly i apologize they

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Aren’t gonna like it but she sounds so good so good okay that’s enough that’s enough we gotta shut her down we made it you made it what do you think dude it looks good welcome back to the channel yogi of course we got ryan holding the camera putting this guy to work it’s about time they’re good to see you dude you guys can’t stop buying my cars you bought my 458

And the corvette then you sold the corvette to ryan you bought the rafter but it’s yogi’s day it’s yogi’s day let’s go so which car do you want we brought we brought three cars so you could just kind of sort of pick and choose i’m kind of liking this based on the check you sent me so yogi’s already sent me money for the car you can definitely take this yeah i’ll

See you later no we got it we got a deal in place absolutely and take it back no no no no this car is not classy sophisticated you’re a sophisticated guy i’m a distinguished gentleman you’re a ferrari guy you’re definitely a ferrari guy dude you haven’t even driven the car i haven’t even dreamed you haven’t even ridden in it but we got the new exhaust just in time

You got it you got to rid this just for chandler’s new neighbors right yes these neighbors like you i’m going to be honest i wasn’t worried and now i’m like these are all very loud this car is so loud so yes if you guys could not figure out i have sold the ferrari gtc4 luso to mr yogi myers dude you look good in this car it fits this is the car for sure that red

Interior this thing is gonna be so sick your neighbors are legit gonna hate you but your kids are gonna love you how do i turn it on there’s a button right there on the steering wheel engine start stop yogi came to the warehouse one day he saw this car he’s like hey dude if you ever want to sell this i’ll buy it and here we are a week later buying it so good dude

We’re ready whenever you just pepper the throttle just gas it that’s hard no well you just pepper it not too much not too much it’s got a v12 a little bit more a little more you can do better than that you could do better than that there you go there you go this is so good oh so chandler just got his certificate of occupancy like three days ago and you’re gonna

Get kicked out before you even move in yeah i’m very sweaty dude it sounds so good though later yeah did you have any driven in the car do you know how to drive a ferrari i have no idea i’ll teach you i got you actually i was wondering how you put it in the drive paddle shifter on the right i use paddles yeah dude all paddles baby you have to there’s a 2019 it’s

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Got all the new tech yes you have what no it actually does have a granny mode it has automatic it has come to my attention we may have just sold another car two for one yes absolutely absolutely i said hey you’re on the target i brought the title i legit brought the title for the ca i said quote what are the odds like 100 it’s 100 100 so ryan owns my old c8 it

Would only make sense i mean but you would own the new cnn right you pull up you pull up and direct quote ryan goes oh no so first time ever driving a ferrari yeah you’re doing great you’re doing fantastic riding in a ferrari wait really oh yeah actually no i wrote in chandler’s once okay okay this is so sick i love the lucio so much i don’t think my audience

Has ever seen the tachometer on the passenger side so in reverse so now paddle shift that’ll put you in first you see the nice thing is i can check up on you and make sure you’re doing it all right okay and immediately we’re already going boston we’re still in the neighborhood easy easy easy you gotta learn your way in ferrari geez this guy you give him a ferrari

He’s not the same yogi we know and love unbelievable okay wow and immediately unbelievable okay i think you were meant for ferrari ownership they’re unnatural so good this car sounds so ridiculous why am i selling this i just put the exhaust on this car and i’m already having major regrets ladies and gentlemen it’s not idaho falls it’s mash city like i said

Idaho falls mexico okay breaks yogi jeez first day of freud better not be your last name ferrari okay unbelievable but guadalajara is looking extra beautiful today i just realized we need to shut this off while yogi is driving unbelievable goodness well it would appear that the idaho falls police department is not here so we are a-okay we are totally fine dude

Congratulations like seriously this is so exciting your first ferrari thank you and you’re 30 years old and you’re driving a v12 gtc for lucio with a straight pipe exhaust that’s really hard that is dope now you got to sell that mercedes what is going on yogi what this isn’t your i’m a truck guy at heart man luke’s driving the ferrari he breaks everything this

Is such a bad idea we’ve been waiting for this for so long making a run luca that is so good that is why did i sell that car what an mav12 what have we done that car is a dying breed right there that sounds so good so good we need round two that is so good the dad shoe ferrari we owned it for two months why did i sell it you guys know i gotta pay for the house

Somehow that car is so good well welcome to fast and the furious idaho falls edition you gotta rev it a couple of times just for good measure for nissan oh sorry bro yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah couple more cup more one more okay and check this out guys it’s kind of sort of like a bit of a family reunion we have my old shelby baja raptor this thing

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Looks so good this is by far anyway like i love the trx but i would reckon the shelby raptors the best looking truck on the road especially this one with the purple stripes you cannot beat this that thing is so sick but the steering wheel’s still broken yes warranty was 30 days bro i’m out i’m out and yes your warranty is officially expired as well also you got

A boat wait are we taking the boat out we’re taking the boat out you uh hi so uh what are we thinking you guys gonna go or come on clayton luke come on yogi bro somebody’s gotta go so clayton’s six feet so we got six 12 18 24 30 36 it’s only 42 feet that’s not bad okay here we go three two one let’s go baby easy he makes it look so graceful do it

For emma or the loose let’s go baby it was at this moment that he knew was that okay 10 to 10 from the russian judge okay for the lose so luke how you going to follow that up look at luke’s face don’t do that luke i need you to hold the camera that was unbelievable let’s go luca oh you’re doing back why is he doing a bad play bro you’re 30. you made that

Was gorgeous that was how is that so eloquent you look like a butterfly first off thank you so much that was such a fun weekend you guys are absolute animals scared how you feeling though oh my gosh you got beat up right there that was four major crashes congratulations on the ferrari now real quick chandler yo you guys are real estate investors chandler has an

Amazing course we’re gonna link in the description below if you guys want to get into real estate investing these are your gurus right you guys are gurus we uh we try we try we try okay i gotta get into real estate i’ve been talking to you guys for years i gotta come up you guys gotta teach me or i just take your course i’ll take the course let’s do it all right

Let’s do it dude thank you guys thank you appreciate it awesome we’re going to see you soon i have a feeling we’re going to see you very soon ryan all right see you guys take care well i cannot thank the idaho boys enough that was an absolute blast such a fun weekend the gtc4 luso is in good hands with garrett that car sounds so good fi exhaust front engine v12

All-wheel drive i’m gonna miss that car but on that bombshell today’s video you

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Sold another Supercar to Finance my House. By TheStradman