SOLD! Owner Financed Land for Sale | Maine Real Estate 3,500

MLS# 1330907 | Off Darling Estates Road, Enfield | $23,500

It’s the first of may and and we’re over at the darlings estate road in enfield, maine on a 42 acre law that we’ll take you in on this land in a second and show you the interior of it but it’s a great location for a hunting camp a little getaway place to park your camper for deer season or any time of the year for that matter except winter time. this road is not plowed there’s

Actually a right away that runs down along the power line and we’ll show you that here in a minute out to the darlings estate road and then out onto the dodlin road, and this was the wood yard there was a light timber harvest done here several years ago this could all be raked up and you’re looking at here behind me and make a pretty nice building site and probably plant

A food plot. the soil here is rocky, but it seems to be this is the driveway that comes in and we got a little parking area where the truck is park and you can see off in the background here. this is there’s a lot of pine white pine in here and white birch but there’s a lot of deer sign up and down this this whole powerline, which a lot of people enjoy hunting on so hey,

We’re over here in the woods now on the 42 acres in enfield and this is a pretty typical tree that’s left out here they they thinned this out. there was a lot of young pine here originally, and it was just too thick here’s one about 8 inches in diameter at breast height and you’ll see off behind me on this skid trail nice residual of white pine some of them anywhere from

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30 to 40 feet high there’s some birch mixed in with this. there’s some balsam fir a little bit of popular here in there just a nice mix of woods, if you maintain these trails, you should be able to keep some shooting lanes in if you’re a hunter there’s enough firewood here on the ground last you a lifetime for your hunting camp so yeah, this this land is pretty level. it

Should be easy to work. i know it’s rocky but the soil here is pretty rich and i think it will grow a food plot a great one if you want to put the time and energy into it okay, this is where the darlin estates road extension comes down and meets the power line here behind me and you’ll see the road here that runs down the power line it’s about 1/2 mile along the power line

On this right of way that they sellers have and then it turns and crosses the power line and the land is all on that side it is kind of remote back here. it’s not too far from town. we’re about 8 miles from lincoln the last mile and a half in here is on a private road let us know in the comments below if there are any improvements we can do to help you better understand

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SOLD! Owner Financed Land for Sale | Maine Real Estate $23,500 By United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine

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