Sphere Finance 99,900% APY ,how long can this APY last?

Sphere Finance 99,900% APY ,how long can this APY last?

Hello guys welcome to my new video and this is sofia today i will be sharing with you another of the project that i’ll be investing into okay before i start i would like to preface by saying that i am not a financial advisor i am not a tax advisor so whatever i am showing you is this video is not a financial advice it is just my own opinion and what i am doing

I’m showing you what i’m doing myself so make sure you do your due diligence and research before you invest into any project cryptocurrency is very risky like i’ve told you in my two video i am very new to cryptocurrency board you know i’m making and doing my research before i invest into this pro project so the project i’ll be talking about today is called spay

Finance i was reading about them like they’ve been they’ve been launched for the past two months and what got me interested also is always the apy what they are trying to pay yearly or what people are earning daily i was looking at the chart before and i saw that the chart has gone very very to the all-time high and has dropped down so going down on on

The the he said looking at the liquidity of spare finance you can see the treasury balance is 9.5 million the market cap is 92 million that is huge the number of orders is 36 769 and it’s only been maybe two months or so and the apy what really really attracted me was the ap why 99.9 hundred percent i mean i used to invest my money in the traditional banking

System and i’ve never been paid this much so i just have some money laying around and i just feel like why can’t i just invest it and try this out you know so i’m trying out spare finance i’ll be giving you updates also uh it is going but my update will probably be weekly you know my first returns of profit weekly i’ll show you if actually i am making profit or

I’m losing money and let’s see if this project is going to be sustainable you know they say they’re going to pay you this for a year and probably i’m sure it’s going to go down i’ve seen other projects they’ll promise a very huge you know apy and they’ll say in the second year it’s going to go that i’m read the uh the white paper also it was the same thing that

Was stated by spf finance you know their website is very clean and another thing i like about it is that they said encouraged you know the encourage profit taking you know i think what it means is that the more profit you take they get taxed from it and the tax is what is replenishing this you know this project so i kind of get the idea the more you sell their

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Taxes are very high so they kind of encourage you to sell so they can get tax from you and they are able to continue to run this project and pay people you know the dividend from their investment and you know the apy that they promised they have to kind of find a way you know to keep sustaining it and i think taking profit is one of the way the taxi and the they

Replenish the the contract or the project so i was looking at the uh you know the price today i think it’s quite down it was hot before it was zero point zero point zero two five zero zero and it has dropped to zero point one zero point zero one nine two six which is quite a discount from where it was before so i think it is good time for me and i entered at

That price so i was able to put in some extra cash that was lying somewhere so i’m gonna show you but before that i want to also go to the setting i saw that they were they have been kyc and they have been audited or they are still under the audition i mean they are still being audited by the certificate so i went to set a page and i saw spirit finance i saw their

Security score is 80 which is quite reasonable you know considering a lot of projects that just come and go they come i’ve read about a lot of project that looks very promising but they don’t seem to stay for too long you know guys let’s wait and see if spare finance is going to be here longer you know i’m very optimistic but at the same time i’m very cautious but

Yeah the security score is still very okay i’m sure they’re still working on it and i’m sure the final one will be maybe better than this let’s up so going back to the fine spare finance website i like it i like the color i like the background but you know it’s very clean also very very presentable you know but i think a project of this magnitude should also spend

More money and designing a bigger more looking you know this website is good don’t get me wrong but they could make it a bit better i’ve seen better website with lesser with lesser investment so they could do better but let’s continue i’m going to show you my back office i’m going to show you what i’ve invested i’m gonna show you what i will be ending daily and

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I will also give you a report of what i will hand in the next seven days today is the sixth of may and today is the first day i’m investing into this project i don’t want to make it too long so i’ll just dive right into my dashboard i just click on enter up or enter dashboard so i’m going to click on enter dashboard so it’s going to take me to my back office

Guys sorry i’m going to blow out my my wallet address is for security reason i hope you guys understand you know it’s been very crazy these days people can just take your information and use it and you can lose all your money so i’m gonna blow up my wallet address and i hope you can be very supportive about that see guys my holding today you know is is six three

Hundred thousand six hundred and three hundred thousands 67 284.834 units of spare token which is what as of today when i bought it about when i entered it was about six thousand but it’s gone up so it’s gone up to about seven thousand now you can see it’s keep going up i’m quit going coming down and up so that is how much i invested was six thousand something

Six thousand five hundred dollars i’ve already made about five hundred dollars on it so that is quite something interesting i entered very low it is giving me a 500 profit just like in one day so but my daily earnings what is interesting and that’s what i like and also i’ll be getting i’ll be getting 135 daily like without doing nothing i will just be getting

This this is amazing this is like this is life-changing you know guys i am not really interested so much on the the the amount i invested i’m looking at the amount i’m getting daily like this is passive like i have always been interested in passive income you know that is why i’ve tried my arms on many stains but i think spare is good 135 dollars daily that is

A lot that is something you know and then i’ll be getting seven times what of 7017 units of spare daily and this is compounding every 30 minutes it rebases it means it’s compounding and reinvesting itself back into it’s like a machine it reveals it reinvents reinvest this money sorry about that it reinvest this money back into the actual capital like this and

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The capital increases every day you know the beauty about this compounding i just love compounding you know when you’re sleeping your money is working for you and i keep and i keep hoping that one day i will stop walking because i’m still doing some side job you know trying to raise more money but if you are able to get 10 or 15 of this kind of project you don’t

Have to work again you can just sit with your family go for an holiday in a cruise somewhere like a holiday in you know somewhere very very warm or you can even go to somewhere very very you know you can explore this that chance for you to experience a different part of the world but you need finance to do that so this is my third investment and i’m happy to

Share this with you guys sharing this with you guys is to make sure that you also can join me on this journey i’m not like i said a financial advisor and i’m not telling you to buy spare fi spare spare talking and i’m not either advising you to sell it i’m only showing you my journey so you can also know that it is possible to know to do what i’m doing so that

Being said thank you very much for listening you know but for the sake of algorithm and also to grow my youtube channel please subscribe like the video and share it with your friends you know but like i always say you can you know in the comments section of my video please and please share some project that you want me to review i might reveal them very well am i

Looking to them like i’ve always done because i just don’t jump into contract i just don’t jump into project because that website looks stunning i will look into them and as well i might invest in them so thank you very much guys subscribe to my channel we need to push this out of people so they can also start earning passive income i wish you very good day guys

And thank you for listening again uh please remember to subscribe and smash the like button until then the next time i’ll be having my video peace

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Sphere Finance 99,900% APY ,how long can this APY last? By Soulfeel