What is going on people welcome back to another video on aj5 and in today’s video guys we do have another price update price prediction on stargate finance which has been pumping in value over the last let’s say 24 hours as you can see here it is up 10 in value making it just under 85 cents so where is this crypto heading to obviously descriptor was listed on binance

A couple of days ago and it popped like crazy let me get the seven days chart up as you can see here and then it took a little dip and right now pumping back up in value so is it time to buy is it too late is it time to sell or is it just time to hold on to it that’s what we’re going to be going through in today’s video and looking at his prediction over the next

Couple of hours days weeks months and overall in 2022 looking at how high and how low descriptor can go covering both buyers and sellers point of view but before i get into all that stuff guys if you’re new to the channel and haven’t subscribed yet make sure to go down and smash the subscribe button as well as like the video as i’m trying to hit a hundred thousand

Subscribers by the end of the year and if you guys can help me hit that target i will be doing a cryptocurrency giveaway which you guys can join by simply subscribing to the channel and for a birth century follow me on instagram link to that will be in the description box down below so we are on the coinbase website and as you can see stock starkey has managed

To gain a spot in the top gainers list the fourth top gainer in the last 24 hours in the last hour itself i managed to drop just about over a percentage over the last day 10 up over the week 147 so it literally went from about 34 cents all the way up to one dollar and one cents guys nearly three times its value and over the month is an overall ninety percent up so

Going into the coin market cap website here we can see the trading volume has also gone up by 40 in the last 24 hours making it 138 million dollars in trading which is a huge amount of money that is currently being traded on stargate finance meaning a lot of buyers a lot of sellers and in general just a lot of people trading the crypto as has been getting a lot of

Attention recently as you can see we’ve got 82 percent buy and we’ve got minority of the people selling the crypto taking out the profits and potentially reinvesting the profits when it drops back down so let’s get straight into it on the screen right now we do have the candlestick pattern chart with the fibonacci scale which i’ll be using later on in the video to

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Do some technical analysis but for now let me just hide this and i’m going to bring out the usual macd indicator to do some price prediction as i’m pretty sure that’s what most of you guys are here for so we are looking at the daily chart and at the top we’ve got the purple line running across the chart which is the sma indicator currently values target finance

At 50 cents however it is trading at much higher value at 84 cents meaning it’s performing quite well and much better than expected so let’s zoom into the 30 minute chart for the short time traders and then i’ll move on to the hourly daily and weekly chart but before i do that guys just a little disclaimer this is no financial advice i’m not a financial advisor

Anything i say is from my own prediction and my take on the script though and any gains or losses you guys make i will not be responsible for so zooming into the 30 minute chart we do have the blue line and the orange line slightly heading towards the negative direction looking a little bit bearish meaning very minimal drops in value are expected over the coming

Hours so let’s say towards the end of the day today we should expect it to trade at a slightly lower value than what it’s worth at the moment so it’s sitting up just about 84 cents i’m expecting it to drop down to about 80 cents towards the end of the day today however this is the overall outcome of the next 12 hours but in between that time it’s very likely it’s

Gonna go above 85 cents or even hit 90 cents and then drop below 80 cents as well it’s going to be quite volatile up and down but the overall outcome at this point it seems to slightly be more on the negative side again it’s not going to be a huge huge drop or anything like that it is going to be a minimal drop in value now moving on to the hourly chart next couple

Of days we’ve got two lines going the opposite direction we’ve got the blue line looking slightly bearish slanting towards the negative direction and the orange line looking bullish slanting towards the positive direction again the lines are not looking too steep they are just about looking bearish and bullish so an overall fluctuation in value is what is expected

Over the coming days so towards mid next week we should more or less be fluctuating around the 85 cents target and again that does not mean it’s gonna stick around the current price range over the you know every single day for the next seven eight days of course not we are going to see a you know jump up to maybe the dollar mark drop below the 80 cents talk it’s

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Going to be quite volatile up and down just like how it’s been over the last couple of days but once again the overall outcome seems to be neutral so more or less fluctuating at 85 cents now moving on to the daily chart next couple of weeks now we’re looking much more bullish we’ve got both the blue line and the orange line looking bullish going in a positive

Direction meaning an overall increase in value is what we should expect by late september early october we should be way above the one dollar mark however this all depends on how the crypto market performs in general obviously if there are major crashes or major bull runs and price pumps is gonna have a major impact not just on the value of target finance but the

Whole crypto in general so anything like that i will make sure to keep you guys updated as much as i can and as soon as i can on my instagram page and on my youtube channel as well so make sure you stay subscribed and turn on the bell notifications to get notified every time i upload so let’s get rid of this macd indicator and bring on the fibonacci scale to do some

Technical analysis so as you can see we are still trading in the red zone guys and we’ve been trading in the red zone since about late april but we’ve been getting you know getting you know what bearish direction worse and worse and worse however since this crypto got listed on finance we’ve been moving in a positive direction but again this is not permanent it’s

Temporary so i’m expecting us to drop back down in value and then potentially head into the green zone towards the end of this year or early next year it all depends on how target finance performs and in general how the crypto market performs as well again i’m not expecting well obviously crashes and major bull runs are not expected they just come out of nowhere

And just attacks the crypto market in a positive or negative direction but at the moment i’m hoping we should be able to move in a positive direction and once we do hit the green line here which is the 1 and 22 cents target which is this resistance target once we hit that it is likely we’re going to drop back down into the red zone and then we’re going to have to

Fluctuate around 122 for a couple of days potentially and then hopefully break up and head into the green zone and what we want essentially is for us to hit the green zone and trade in the green zone not just hit the green zone and then straightaway drop back down we want to head into the green zone and stay there not just you know stay there for about one or two

Days and then drop back down that’s not really sustainable and that’s not what you call a strong project so yeah it’s all about a slow and steady increase in value so yeah guys these are my takes and my predictions on stargate finance for the short term and long term investors as well as both buyers and sellers point of view let me know what your expectations

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Are on stargate so by the end of the year what is the highest or lowest figures target finance can hit comment down below as i’m very intrigued to see how many of you guys are bullish and how many of you guys are bearish on this crypto as i’ve seen a lot of positive and negative comments in my dms as well as on my previous target finance video as well saying the

Scam is a pump and dumb token so on and so on so yeah let me know what your thoughts on this crypto but yeah these are my takes and my predictions on target finance guys and again bitcoin has a major impact on the whole crypto market moving it in a positive and negative direction and again if you guys want to get involved in my telegram group chat where i’ll be

Showing you guys daily price updates and predictions on bitcoin on a daily basis and show you guys what price target is likely to trade between and i also show you guys what cripples i’m buying and selling so the link to my telegram will be in the description box down below it is currently on offer for 14.99 a month using discount code dec 10 for 50 off however

This discount code here is only valid for the first 100 members that join guys and over half the spaces i’ve already gone so there is literally a limited amount of space left before it jumps back up to 29.99 and before this discount code expires so make sure you’re quick if you guys want to join so what does this subscription exactly include you’re going to get

Put into two group chats the first one is where i’m showing you guys what cryptos i’m buying and selling the second one is just a general chat where you guys can ask questions discuss cryptocurrencies new projects and that is also where i show you guys daily updates on bitcoin and give you guys analysis and predictions on other cryptos that you guys request for

In the group chat any questions any queries simply send me a dm on instagram if not the link is again in the description box down below and on that note i’m going to end the video hey guys thank you for watching before you click off make sure to like subscribe share comment and all that stuff and i’ll catch all of you in my next crypto update which should hopefully

Be later on today until then take care and peace you

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