Teamwork & trust is key Finance Business Partners!

Learning from the Tour de France, the world’s biggest cycle race, how do they earn the trust of their teammates to win stages?

See being so important that i’ve added it as another bonus see hello everyone this is andy lonnon from finance training academy and finance business partner academy i do hope you well this week continuing the theme from last week the tour de france inspiration i was thinking of all sorts of inspiration that came from that one event and how it could translate

Into the finance business partner world so last week i was talking about the incredible mark cavendish and this week i want to share with you one of the conversations that was being held with one of the commentators and a former bike rider who used to ride in the the tour de france races and many other races and um you don’t need to know much about cycling uh

For this but basically it’s a real team sport just like finance business partnering no lone rangers in finance business partnering it’s teamwork to help the organization achieve strategic goals and priorities so it’s a big big team so we’ll have a number of uh riders who um help get the leader uh to the top of the mountain or across the finish line the fastest

Um and they were the commentator was asking the previous bike rider the previous the bike rider said about um earning trust uh and how important that was and the commentator says how do you do that how do you earn that trust as a bike rider to to know where they are to know how they’re going to deliver you past the finishing line and without hesitation the bike

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Rider said consistency and you might remember a few weeks ago i talked about consistency being so important that i’ve added it as another bonus c to our fine our model our finance business partner formula which is the formula for business partnering success of course uh consistency so consistently for them it’s consistently riding a certain way consistently doing

This consistently delivering and it’s exactly the same in the finance business partner world i really can’t stress this enough it’s consistently showing up consistently making the effort consistently pushing forward with strategic priorities consistently improving things i know it’s hard work but remember last week we talked about your why why are you doing this

What makes you excited to be a finance business partner remember that because that will help you show up in a consistent way to really deliver excellence as a finance business partner so i think that will be it for now for my tour de france inspiration i’ll leave you be with that but i can’t help but bring cycling analogies in loving uh cycling i’m not a cycle

Racer i just love poodling along and smelling the roses and looking at the scenery and it’s lovely to bring my passion my other passion into the finance business partner world for you as well wishing you every success on your own finance business partner growth journey this week bye for now

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Teamwork & trust is key Finance Business Partners! By FBP Academy