The #1 Piece of Financial Advice That We Would Give to Our Younger Selves!

The #1 Piece of Financial Advice That We Would Give to Our Younger Selves!

Ryan preston the money guy all right cam has a question i’m interested to see what you guys say to this one what is the one piece of financial advice the guys would give to their younger selves you’re supposed to pick one piece of advice one piece of financial advice that we would give to our younger selves all right brian i got mine okay you want me to go ahead

And go yeah you go ahead and go uh now look i recognize my story’s not yet fully written i’m still relatively young hopefully have a lot of life to still live ah but things have worked out okay right like things have gone pretty pretty well i remember early on when i was starting my career i freaked out about a lot of stuff i was like ah i’m not saving enough or

Oh i didn’t make enough on my investments or oh i’m not doing this i’m not moving fast enough i’m not moving fast enough things aren’t going things aren’t going things aren’t going if i could talk to young bo hanson i’d say hey just take a breath enjoy the ride things are gonna be okay things are gonna work out do what you know you’re supposed to be doing but stop

And smell the roses don’t overthink it don’t over freak out don’t over try to force yourself to move along more quickly than the natural order of things that’s what i would say as good rich people talk because no because look because once you have money it’s easy to say hey make sure you slow it down it’s gonna yolo it up you know because you’re only going to be

In your 20s once the reality is yes you can say that once you made all the hard decisions in your 20s and now you’re sitting up here with all your money and you can say that the reality is and this is why i love that you let me go last um is it hey look you don’t think i was picking on you no no i just don’t think you like my one piece of advice to myself i think

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Building process as soon as possible because this the the in you bo you say i thought you were going to because we want people to get addicted to saving money there’s all kind of support groups for you know you like to eat too much you like to smoke too much you like to drink too much there is no support group for people who like to save and invest too much yeah it

Is because you get if you automate i’m just saying start anyway anywhere automate on a monthly basis some type of investment so that your money can work for you you will get addicted because there’s something magical and we have a great resource go to resources and you can see the money multiplier that a dollar for a 20 year old or 21 year old because

This says beer on it is um worth 88 dollars but you’re gonna see that your money has exponential opportunity that if you start investing and letting it work so automate the wealth building journey as soon as possible because it makes it easier and i wasn’t trying to throw shade you could ask a clarifying question here yes you may wasn’t the question what’s one

Piece of advice that you would give your younger self so is the advice you’d give to yourself to automate when you were young oh is this yeah what’s one piece of advice that i would do i mean by tesla like four years earlier i mean if y’all want to play these crazy back get in the the delorean and tell us how do we get ourselves even wealthier yeah yeah i mean

But all right by tesla even earlier i like that i was trying to make a mockery of what you were just asking me but i don’t know i mean what i mean i kind of feel pretty i’m very comfortable in where i ended up so yeah that’s good so i don’t know that i would give an erecta you know remedial advice to myself because i did start the automating process right from day

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One because i told you guys i got the millionaire next door and the wealthy barber pretty much right out of college and i was like i can do this i finally have somebody has shown me the path and i automated the process so i would i wouldn’t change anything okay i’ll answer for him can i answer for him because i got one no thank you i think if brian were talking

To herself he’d say hey younger brian don’t worry complications gonna find you because i can think so very specifically there was this one time this group of you a bunch of cpa buddies got together and there was this opportunity and it was like man there’s this deal this is why you have to be careful with smart friends because they’ll remember your mistakes and

And you’re like oh this sound the brochure sounds so good and you were young and you had the opportunity now it didn’t hurt you but you probably would have told yourself brian don’t go try to find complexity because as life just naturally moves on complex is going to find you you don’t have to seek it out is that would that be an accurate statement yeah i mean

And i think i was guilty of being a cpa doing so many tax returns of of successful people and you’d start seeing all the k ones you see the the sophisticated investments i’m like oh that’s sexy oh that’s cool yeah i want that well if i could have i i should have known it was coming my way just because complexity does happen with success i didn’t need to go do

It sooner than it needed because i did probably jump on some real estate deals and some other things that i was way too early and i ended up losing my shirt on a few of them just because it was not the timing was wrong and that’s the worst thing it can have a good idea yeah i mean i think a lot of times investing people don’t realize you need to be able to have

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Staying power no matter what there’s a reason that we say real estate investing should be step eight of your financial order of operations is because you got to have the resources to to make it through thick or thin and sometimes real estate which is a great wealth builder over the long term if you come into it a little thin on your on your net worth and in your

Resources you might get caught swimming naked brian that’s a great one i like that that was a really good one yeah i will say to defend bose rich people advice i can see your personality needing to hear that right listening to hear our other financial mutants out there who are more of that achieving personality type who are gonna like stress about these things

And it’s like hey if you got the plan in place you’re good so i get what you’re saying like we got to kind of balance that out right reeves do you have anything i mean did you would you add any one piece of advice oh open a roth ira sooner yeah because i didn’t i didn’t fully you know know about them until i found you guys a few years back so you guys have you know

Really changed my financial life so shout out to you love it and so yeah just uh find the money guys sooner open a roth sooner those would be two things for sure

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