The Finance Major That Saved Alabama Football

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The only thing i can think of is new york city new year’s eve the ball’s dropping that’s alabama every saturday night i might be dropping these guys right on that forehead alabama georgia the marquee match up in the sec they can go themselves we hate georgia they’re low down they’re scums kirby smart is one of the dumbest i’ve ever met roll tide and this

Year the stakes were even higher just days before the biggest game of the season the college football world was rocked by the positive covid test of alabama’s nick saban this is a breaking update nick saban alabama head football coach nick say but has tested positive for covet 19. coach saban getting sick was the wake up call these kids needed to start taking

This pandemic seriously honestly i don’t give a covet is non-existent to any of us anymore it said like keep your masks on or something so you know that’s pretty stupid it looks like they had it all figured out the government little tide bama wasn’t into false positivity but after more conflicting tests coach saban might have been if coach saban isn’t on that

Field coaching who’s the leader here we go there we go enter the shaker skirt guy i’m the shaker skirt guy it’s all about the crimson tide in alabama i just want to help them i want to do everything for the team i can you son more than any person in this entire campus football players included he does all he could look at this man he’s built like a goddess you

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Look him in the face he looks like athena you look at his body he looks like samson he has everything a shaker man should have i don’t think anybody is as jacked as trent i can i can dead lift and bench more than trent you can wear a hula skirt if you look like trent like it’s a man every saturday this humble finance major goes from clark kent to superman but

Instead of an s on his chest he’s painting an a trent is friends with my boyfriend does your boyfriend ever get jealous that you’re painting trent’s chest well you know i don’t know i didn’t ask him that what if coach saban sees you exactly he’s going to want to see some great pecs fantastic delps gams that are bursting out of your shorts he was clearly built like

A man but shaker skirt guy had a little basic in him you review pumpkin spice things don’t you tell me about that i do i usually just kind of put it on my snapchat i just review anything pumpkin spice people started sending me pumpkin spice products you ever eat a yankee candle goddamn right he was obviously eating right but the question had to be asked was he

Just doing this to show off his rockin bod would you still be dressing up like this if you were fat i think my love for the tie can overcome any self-image issues i would ever have of myself i woke up this morning i ran five miles i ripped out quite a few push-ups i said i can’t let the tide have anything less than perfection out there good answer shaker skirt

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Guy didn’t lie but did his hips show us what what a little hula shake looks like a little give us a second he was ready hula skirt trent had all the makings of a burgeoning legend i would have to see for myself up close night time under the lights this is it this is a big game for us right now get ready look around alabama shaker people screaming people going

Crazy that’s what alabama is we love our football and though the crimson tide came out swinging they found themselves down at half time and come back they i don’t did when they say this in that locker room but god damn it got those men fired up that was an incredible performance all i had was just pure electric happiness i was excited to be alive i was

Excited to be in bryant denny stadium i was excited to be here i would not want to be anywhere else in the goddamn world right now god bless alabama god bless america let’s go you

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