The FINANCE MANAGER: what happens in the business office in a car dealership & chip protect

The worst part of buying a car according to the vast majority of folks is meeting with the business manager, signing those state and legal documents and being offered all of these extras for your brand new car.

Hi it’s katie stock also known as car lady katie of i’m continuing along on my mission to simplify the car buying process for all and moving through the business office so you get offered a lot of products and protections when you purchase a new vehicle today i’m going to talk about chip protect so it’s a 3m product typically it is a film that

You can put across all part of the hood of your vehicle wrapping the front grill so if rocks go pinging it’s not going to actually damage your paint and damage the front of your vehicle the chip protect is going to serve as a barrier for it and i i’m gonna be straight i don’t get it i am a person who i feel like my car is just uh a little bit more loved with

All the little dings in the in the dents and the wet haves you but here is a tale in keeping an open mind when you go to the business office because as much as i don’t get it is as much as my husband loves it i got it for him for his birthday on his vehicle and to this day that was a couple years ago now and a the front of his car looks phenomenal still whereas

Mine definitely looks a little a lot more a lot more lived in and be he’s just he’s super diligent about taking care of his vehicles like it looks brand new even though it’s a couple years old now uh our i wish this wasn’t a true story but it was like when we were buying our house he asked the realtor to check the hoa covenants to make sure that he could wash

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His car in the driving driveway and the realtor was kind of like ah i mean i’ve never been asked that before but i’ll find out for you and i’m kind of like all right but it just it it goes to show and what i’m trying to illustrate here is that there are going to be things that really click with some people don’t click with other people but why would you leave

It on the table if it’s something that it turns out that you would really enjoy having on your vehicle and that would make that your that ownership experience just a little bit better okay so if you’re a person who likes to keep their car just looking super super pristine and new and fresh and like that that thought of not getting dinged up chip protect might be

A fantastic option for you okay so when we send you to the business office just go back there keep an open mind and see if it resonates for you and if it doesn’t just stop down it’s hey carlady i’m on twitter facebook all the major platforms uh like subscribe etc to help me help you have the best car buying and shopping and uh simplified experience as you can you

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The FINANCE MANAGER: what happens in the business office in a car dealership & chip protect By Hey Car Lady! How to Car Shop with Katie Stock