The Major Sins of Finance


One over three of the celery it was expected to rain until the evening but it rained until the afternoon hello and assalamualaikum my name is siti hija binti mohammad rezaini i am student from university of utah indonesia so today i would like to talk three major scenes of finance one who dreams a happy life each individual have a different definition some

People want to eat a new fancy restaurant is consider easy there is also a meal at home the wife cooking is enough that’s right however navigate intelligent in major scenes in finance before i continue the discussion let me tell you what’s the difference between asset and liability as said the money will go into your pocket like seller income well the liability

The money will go out into your pocket maybe i think like you’re buying your favorite stuff so if you guys want to see a rich people you guys can check 50 top rich people in malaysia but you need to see the united value such as robert court he has 11.5 billions net value you don’t have to be rich if you want to be happy don’t worry that wealth is not major from

The point of view how much income we earn the net value each individual is more important net value is all value all non-financial and financial asset owned by each individual after deducting all liabilities such as debt according to the financial experts the three major scenes of finance you need to repent immediately before it’s too late i think i want to

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Apply credit card because it’s easier for me to buy anything that i like because i have a lot of money a few moments later hi alaikum i want to apply a credit card yeah yes thank you yes firstly is credit card using a credit card sharia is not sinful but buying on credit using this facility credit is wrong do you realize that by paying the minimum payment your

Outstanding bill will be charged interest up to 80 percent per year i already get my credit card so i want to go shopping window let’s go shopping i have a lot of money if you think you need to use this facility make sure you settle the payment immediately if it’s not required do not use because when you start using it you feel like you have money

To spend in fact it is not if if that are start to month you are born to have headache and an up start into the night speed since how i can pay all of my death my salary is is not enough to cover all my debt i only have two thousand bring it every month to survive and then my day is very a lot what the best solution i need to do to cover up my depth right

Now i think i want to make personal loan if i got loan and then i can cover my credit card tabs secondly by taking personal loan if you are stuck with the exchange of credit cards with the spending of according to lose you will be more structured with the sense of taking person and learn as well which is not the case that coach hall that was dark early need

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To be buried immediately it was expected to rain until the evening but it rained until the afternoon the person-in-law is only temporary solution you cannot eliminate a problem by creating a new wine it’s like you covering cockroach by cockroach is smell too if you are stuck please get advice from qualified and experienced person many can help you such as tuwan

Zaidi ismail akpk agency and others i think i think i could i will stop how to solve the problem yeah i can get some ever for a qualified person yes it could be agency hello yes my name is i have some problem regarding with my dad i have a two good person alone and i didn’t know how to solve all of that because my salary is not enough to cover that can you

Help me give me some advice of decision yeah i really need your help yes you can help me thank you thank you seems nice if i have a car so let me do research before i buy the car lastly is car financing having a car is not wrong but having a wrong car is wrong oftentimes individuals will make a mistake of making about the actual affordability of buying a car

According to dr azizu the formula that ben will use to encourage us to buy a car is 1 over 3 of the salary if our salary 1 800 then the bank will use a car loan of 600 a month this ban formula is not good for our financial health ideally the price of the car is the year of our salary if our salary two thousand times twelve month is equal twenty four thousands

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The price of the car car debt should also not be more than fifty percent of our salary if our salary 3000 then a good car installment is 3 000 times 50 then equal 450 per month it should also to be reminded friends in addition to this monthly installment we also have to pay vehicle takaful road tests engine service tire service car wash engine oil gear oil wiper

Replacement parking toy and many more so dreaming of living comfortably free from that that’s more important start saving at least three months salary then the rest invest of instrument that you will trust to add a love as a guarantee for the future alhamdulillah maybe i want to take a little bit so did you ever do these things if you did please stop and repent immediately you

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The Major Sins of Finance By Hajar Ruzaini