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World Finance interviews Tiberiu Urd─âreanu, President and CEO of UTI Holdings, on farming, hunting, and targeting for growth.

Uti has successfully drawn together a number of sectors security and defense it traffic management construction even a music tv channel what would you say is the overall vision for the company well i would say that the overall vision for uti is to become a vital part of people’s quality life you take keywords as security and the quality of life how are you supposed

To implement this vision by using our talented people which are seizing every opportunity that meets our vision and transforming it into business through a rigorous corporate governance and through technology it all started in 1990 with the security systems uti be coming soon the market leader next steps were to synergy kelly diversify so that we can cover some

Important services that are significantly influencing the quality of life so we turned to information technology i tnc our it nc solutions and products are serving businesses and people in 8 countries thus uti is one of the few companies in the world offering from one source under one responsibility the whole range of physical and it security solutions the civil

Construction and installation activities came naturally to complement the previous ones as did the facility management services later on urban regeneration projects quality of his buildings vital electromechanical installations for airports ports and subway are only a few of our references as of 2005 uta has become also the most important provider of intelligent

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Transportation solutions in romania and in the region these are sectors where technology doesn’t stand still so how important is r&d in the life of the company arandis crucial for uti innovation has in one of the most important factors in our success from the very beginning our goal is to be a technological trendsetter and thus safeguarding the competitive

Advantage for our clients however achieving this goal requires above all talented employees as well as the alignment of our innovation processes technology and investments in r&d a very good example of successful r&d activity in uti is a new business line that we have developed from scratch information security solutions first started as an internal r&d

Project then developed into a startup spin off into a fully developed business providing encryption and information security solution for both standard devices such as personal computers but also for smartphones and tablet computers one of our applications developed for smartphone is even high on the sales on the apple store how will you become the regional player

That you want to be taking your expertise into other territories well by implementing our star strategy for regional development it has three growth engines farming for exploiting the huge potential given by the different stages of the infrastructures in countries from the region then hunting for projects opportunities which give us the possibility to replicate

Our solutions and products and then targeting for acquisitions of companies and creating synergies between them we have targeted and evaluated several companies and identified possible synergies that can be useful for us so transparency and integrity trust in a word are important to these goals these are indeed to of uta fundamentals values crucial for our growth

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The trust cutely inspires these clients partners employees and to the shareholders has remained constant no matter what the economic organization or financial this might have been our partners and clients can always count on the company to provide reliable and sound services state-of-the-art products and solutions taking the company public will be a big step so

What’s the roadmap the milestones of our roadmap are creating the uta story updating our star strategy selecting a consultant gap analysis concerning uti compliance with the request of the stock exchange curing those gaps road shows and hopefully the successful ipo in 23 years from now let’s take a long view of where the company is going say 10 years where would

You envision uti in a decade well in 10 years from now i see uti as a consolidated regional company providing the latest technology and being a public company having a significant contribution to the quality of life and to the security of the people in central eastern europe tiberiu the run thank you very much thank you

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