Top 9 Finance Apps to Download NOW 2022

Which personal finance apps should you have on your phone? I’m covering the top 9 finance apps to download in 2022 including banking, investing, budgeting, and income stream apps!

Okay i recently got a comment here on youtube that said i’d love a series or video about your preferred savings finance or supplemental income apps well my friend this video is for you because i have the top nine financial apps that you need to download now for 2022. stick around hey guys it’s justine with debt free millennials the channel to help you crush

Your debt and live payment free i’m talking about in personal finance apps today apps that i personally use day in day out for various things when it comes to my money so i’m going to be breaking down this top nine list into different categories we have banking investing budgeting and income apps in the banking category i love to use ally ally has a bunch of high

Yield savings accounts that you can open up and i primarily use it for saving for various savings goals let’s go ahead and check this out all right so inside of my ally dashboard in the app you can see which accounts you have opened up your total balance and then you can see different insights different tasks so you can do bank transfers which i primarily do so

You can do frequency you can change the frequency so let’s just see and then you can change the frequency of how often that you’re contributing once weekly monthly i mean i think the frequency is really cool i don’t see a lot of banks offering this type of frequency for automated contributions so that’s one of the main reasons why i like ally they are an online

Bank meaning there are no brick and mortar traditional physical branch locations for you to go into thus leaving them with less overhead and more money in your pocket now they used to have something like a two percent interest rate on their high yield savings accounts and because of the pandemic and everything that’s happened that has quickly dwindled down to

Just a half a percent so i really would focus on keeping your money here for things like an emergency fund or things that you know that you’re going to be spending on later on down the road but not too far in future so for me that would include a down payment a second car anytime that i feel like i need liquid cash on hand fairly soon this is where i would put it

Okay the next one is novo novo business banking if you are a side hustler you are wanting to start your own business i highly recommend using this as a business bank account and it’s so awesome because it connects to my primary bank and i primarily am using novo for saving for my quarterly tax payments so every single month i go in i deduct 35 of my revenue and

I put that into my novo bank account every quarter i am paying my federal and state taxes out of this bank account because i know that this money is specifically set aside for taxes so you can see my account balance is 73.42 you can see that i’ve paid my taxes out of there and you can just quickly go through do the income spending they actually have a lot more

To this app than just you know the parking money there but i like to do this because it’s so easy to transfer money in and out of and because it’s not connected to anything else it’s like i i know i’m not going to accidentally spend that money on something else for my business and i have the money set aside for those quarterly tax payments awful months by the way

If you are wanting to get this type of checking account use the link below to sign up and you can get forty dollars credited to your account just like that okay the next category is investing apps and we’re gonna start with betterment i’ve been using betterment for the better part that’s so good at these puns for the better part of three years now i love it using

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This app because it’s the dashboard is super super clean so you can go inside of your activity you can see exactly what’s been going on they’re very transparent with their fees and you can see that i have an automatic deposit set up for fifty dollars every single month if i go into investment performance then you can see this awesome chart where you can kind of

Click and drag your finger to see exactly how much money you’ve earned in your current investment account and then how much money you’ve invested over time so over time i’ve invested twenty three hundred dollars and i’ve earned 732 dollars and 16 cents so i think it’s really cool that they have these simple charts for you to use i’ve earned a pretty decent amount

Considering i only started with the thousand dollars and then after that i’m still contributing just fifty dollars per month i think this is a great robo advising platform if you want to get started with one all right next is the robin hood app robin hood is best for buying and selling stocks on the stock market very easily another cool feature about robinhood is

That you can buy fractions of shares so let’s say you know microsoft is what let’s see i think i have one of microsoft 299.70 for one one and a half shares of microsoft let’s say you don’t have three hundred dollars to splurge on a share of microsoft you can buy whatever amount you feel is comfortable for you to invest in maybe you only invest fifty dollars worth

Of microsoft shares and robin hood will do the fractional trade for you i love that you can follow the individual stocks and see their prices fluctuate over time you can also put some stocks on your watch list so you can see which ones i have on my watch list and then i can take a look and if something is maybe down a stock price is down that could be a really great

Way to get in on that stock while it’s at a discount and go and earn money from there i’ve had robinhood for a couple of years now yes even through the whole mess of gamestop and amc i’m still with them because i find the app so user friendly and also i’ve been able to really invest in the long run as i’m experimenting with this one too let’s see all time i’ve

Earned buku dollas over 2200 dollars with my investments and then you can see i have some buying power here on how to i have 187 dollars sitting in my like robin hood fund waiting to be invested and so then i can go and actually let me just go ahead and show you how easy this is let’s go to ford and you can see ford is down currently to 16.65 i already have nine

Shares of it let’s let’s buy some more why not i’ll buy two more shares of it review swipe up to submit and there you have it it’s that easy which is why i love robin hood so well because it’s just so easy to buy stocks like i don’t think you could do it that fast on your computer all right the next one i’m super stoked about this because they recently updated

Their app in that vanguard vanguard historically just had a really crappy app let’s be honest they didn’t know what they were doing and they didn’t realize that their investors now are millennials who love apps and so i love that they did an overhaul of their app it’s very easy to see all of your accounts in one setting you can also see your performance returns if

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You click on that first performance return you can see how your investments have done over time let’s see you can also see activities balance to be honest they just updated this so i’m still kind of like rummaging my way through all of this but you can see what your asset mix is you can actually transact inside of the app you can buy and sell more funds love it

Contribute money to your ira so basically the investment returns up at the top when you click on performance it’s going to show you how much money you have earned throughout the time of you investing inside of vanguard which i really like and then you can see your balances over time wow that is insane okay so the first time that i opened up an account with vanguard

Was in december of 2016. and because i transferred my roth ira my traditional ira i opened up a separate ira i opened up a brokerage account i opened up a 529 plan you can see just how high how steep my graph here is over the past what six years that’s so cool i’m actually kind of proud of myself it’s it’s cool to see stuff like this and so i think vanguard has

Done a really good job of updating their technology so that hey there’s still an investment platform that can be attractive to millennials and that you can use it on the go you can transact you can set up everything and watch your investments and do it with index funds i love it all right the next app for investing purposes and to know your net worth right off

The bat is to use personal capital you can use personal capital for free connect all of your accounts i will say one thing about personal capital that really kind of bugged me is that every single time i logged on i had to reconnect my accounts and go through this whole process of two-factor authentication i had to get these one-time passwords re-login with other

Passwords it was just a nightmare i just received a notification that said that they are making account linking better okay so they are doing their job and making sure that account linking is better but you can track your net worth very easily and see exactly how much you are worth all right the next category of apps that you definitely want to download and check

Out are your income earning apps and i’m going to start with my favorite online survey platform which is survey junkie the reason why i like them is because they don’t bombard you with a whole bunch of email notifications you can turn all that stuff off and then you can log on to your app and then see exactly which surveys you want to take i took surveys all the

Time when i was paying off debt not so much anymore but i still think this is a great way to just kind of play around in your downtime earn a little bit of coffee money on the side maybe bolster your budget with your target runs you can make up to 40 dollars a month using survey junkies so i really think this is a fun app a good way to make a little bit of pocket

Change on the side okay the next one i’m super excited about i’m in this one all the time probably every day is the fetch rewards app fetch rewards gives you points for different receipts that you upload into their app so basically they are mining shopping trends and consumer shopping patterns and data and in exchange for that information they are going to reward

You with points which you can exchange for gift cards it’s one of my favorite tools to use especially if you shop some brand names then you can definitely earn a lot of points using this app so you can scan your app here i’ll show you how easy it is you can basically hold the snap and then you take a picture of your receipt and then it’s going to take the store

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Total and date information and then it’s going to log it in to your fetch rewards thing and then it’s going to give you points you always get a minimum of 25 points per receipt but if you’ve bought anything that they’re really advertising such as this oral wheat whole grain organic bread i’ve purchased this a couple of times and says buy three in order to get 650

Points i’ve done it twice now i think that’s really cool that they reward you for some of these brands that you may already be shopping for and then you just plug it into your account and boom you get some rewards let me show you what some of the points you can use for let’s go let’s say if you get like ten thousand points which is equivalent to ten dollars you can

Do amazon uh you can donate to charity you can do different movie tickets different restaurants the ones that i primarily use for is amazon and target but there’s also bath and body works best buy i mean it just goes on and on and on these are the types of gift cards that you can redeem your points for so if there’s something in there that you want to eyeball or

Sidenote you could also save up your points and then cash them in for gift cards that you can use during the holiday season and save some money during christmas shopping i think that would be a really good way to use the fetch rewards app all right the last one that i think you should have you probably already have and hopefully you’re taking advantage of it is

The facebook marketplace app obviously this is built into the regular facebook app but what i like about it it is very easy to set up your listings you can scroll through take a look at things and this is my number one app to use for selling and purchasing items that are used and that are still good i actually bought a car seat a second car seat off of facebook

Marketplace a couple of weeks ago and it was so simple a lot of people you can actually exchange cash through the app if you want to instead of separately and then i feel like they do a really good job of finding similar searches when you are looking for something like the car seat they were serving up a lot of similar listings to the ones that i was looking at

So you can go over to your selling tab got it and you can click create new listing and then you can go through the prompts i think it’s a really easy app to use in my experience the more detail and the more photos that you put into your listing the better chance you have of somebody actually making an offer on that item so always go for more pictures in as much

Detail as possible in order for your item to get sold facebook marketplace i’ve tried all of them i’ve tried let go offer up there was some like zip code one i’ve tried a bunch of buy sell apps and by far facebook marketplace was the easiest one to use all right so those are the apps that you should definitely be using in 2022 they’re the ones that i use the most

Out of all of my personal finance apps and i mean that that’s pretty much it those are my personal finance apps i will leave links for you to sign in download log into these apps download the apps using those links below for each one that i mentioned and i will catch you in the next video you

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Top 9 Finance Apps to Download NOW 2022 By Debt Free Millennials