Top interview tips for careers in NHS Finance teams

Tips from those working in NHS finance on how to approach interviews.

I think the main piece of advice i would give to somebody who was interviewing for the first time in nhs finance would be transferable skills if you’re applying for an apprenticeship or any kind of role you will always have done something that can be transferred it’s absolutely essential that you do some research you do some research about the nhs and you do some

Research about the organisation that you are potentially going to work for whilst you might think you’re being interviewed for a role in the nhs the really important thing for me is that you you are actually picking that organization to work for it’s as much a two-way process for me and i think unless you you actually understand the organisation and whether you

Feel like you will fit in that organisation is really really important actually contact the recruiter on the nhs job page there’s always a person so get involved and contact them see if you like the role and whether you can find out a bit more about it my personal preparation for an nhs interview would include things like writing down examples of where i’ve gone

Above and beyond really good pieces of work that i’ve done there are some tools and techniques that i use like a little acronym called star which is around how to answer a question which is situation task action and results just to kind of give you a bit of a structure for an answer so you don’t waffle for too long common questions that come with me in interviews

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Definitely is around conflict management is around teamwork any finance job could have some specific questions which you may or may not get asked but it’s the people skills that you really will find come up every time if you’re working in a transactional role a lot of your questions will be around working as part of a team working independently working under pressure

Those three questions tend to come up in different guises in some way or another so preparing answers around those three themes a service tells you that they are absolutely stretched to the limit you know they they’re overspending they can’t make savings um what what do they do and really that question is is referring to benchmarking that comes up think about

Okay well how can i how can i prove that this service really is on its knees um compare it to something similar and you know challenge it back that way the single biggest tip to secure a job i would offer is make contact with the organization before the main tip i would say that has helped me secure a job in the past was just being really personable making sure

That you come across really confident and really well and that you really explain to the interviewer why you want the role working in the nhs is so rewarding and never be afraid to say that that could be the reason that you want to apply or that you want to secure the job i think taking every interview as a learning opportunity as well if it’s not a job offer then

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It will be a learning opportunity don’t say we did this say i did it own it i think my main thing is is my my passion i think my passion comes through really really clearly and why i want the job and what i can bring to that role and how i can help develop the team

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Top interview tips for careers in NHS Finance teams By One NHS Finance