TradeFinex: Peer To Peer Trade And Financing Blockchain Platform

XinFin ( is a Singapore based Blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance. XinFin has developed a high scalable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Blockchain architecture that combines the best features of Bitcoin, Quorum and Ethereum. XinFin blockchain is powered by XDC01 protocol where underlying XDC tokens can be traded against FIAT currencies or other crypto-currencies and will also act as an underlying settlement mechanism.

Today the world lacks a credible platform where global buyers suppliers and finance seers can connect with each other for transparent trade and instantaneous peer-to-peer payment and financing activities due to lack of such marketplace the buyers pay higher cost for trade and raising capital suppliers have limited access to global customer base and finance ears

Do not have a real-time visibility of their investments let’s meet two personalities meet frederick frederick is a seasoned investor from europe with portfolio of over 25 million dollars frederick is a strong propagator of renewable energy and his investment portfolio is focused on clean tech sector he started financing projects in local community and gradually

His investment portfolio grew in major countries in europe frederick has been actively looking at global investments but lack of visibility on projects and repayment has deterred his investment plans me jason jason is a principal secretary with the government in africa he is faced with a challenge of rising inflation and rising financial deficit in the country his

Country has recently announced farmer loan waiver that is going to further widen fiscal gap and delay taking up of priority infrastructure projects his countrymen now have to wait for longer time before they can get access to roads power and other basic urban infrastructure needs both jason and frederick came to know about the trade phenix platform trade phenix

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Platform connects beneficiaries and suppliers and finance ears around the globe over secure blockchain network beneficiaries around the globe can post projects that they want to set up suppliers around the world can view these projects and bid for delivering required products and services finance users are able to view global projects according to their sic toriel

Alignment and can evaluate in finance projects based on their techno commercial feasibility jason registered on trade phoenix platform on behalf of his government and updated basic information he then posted his project requirement on trade phenix platform stating solar plant rating geographic location type of mounting and other technical details he tracked his

Project post over next few days he received expression of interest from several solar system integrators some of them asked additional information about the project and jason promptly responded to their technical queries three suppliers finally quoted for his stating professional charges delivery details amc packages and iot integration support shisen evaluated

Techno commercial proposals of all the three suppliers he also reviewed their credentials past projects and customer rating this helped him take an informed decision on supplier selection supplier selection was approved by the government authorities and a smart contract was entered between the government and the supplier frederic registered on trade fedex platform

And entered basic financier information he glanced through the projects posted by several beneficiaries he carefully evaluated geographical locations rated capacity and users and investment required he then shortlisted few sites based on his initial analysis he then requested an imp annulled contractor to carry out a feasibility assessment and then finalized on

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2 sites he proposed financing arrangements to the beneficiaries over trade fedex platform he shortlisted jason’s project and negotiated techno commercial and financing arrangements upon reaching an agreement jason and frederic digitally signed a binding legal smart contract over blockchain this smart contract covered the techno commercial details of the project

Financing terms repayment period rate of interest repayment mechanism and xdc wallet linkage jason representing the government also provided government security to fredrik then fredrik and supplier entered into a second smart contract this smart contract covered procurement installation commissioning and annual maintenance of solar plant between financier and

Supplier the technical specifications of the project as agreed by the three parties also formed part of this contract fredrik created smart contract and supplier accepted it fredrik then deposited money in the smart contract escrow account milestone based advance was released to the supplier to initiate procurement process after the successful installation jason

Performed acceptance tests upon successful acceptance jason entered his private key in the smart contract and the project was declared commission the smart contract between fredrik and the supplier was termed complete and payment was released to the supplier from the smart contract escrow account supplier was incentivized for participating in trade on june 5th

At forum and was rated based on his product and service experience the government and fred can now monitor the health of their solar plan on their fingertips they can view daily output variance from the target and maintenance notifications if any frederick can reach out to the government representative in case the output is below normal frederick can even track

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His repayment tenure on real-time basis and can take corrective actions in case of any underperformance the government buys monthly quarterly prepaid credits using its xdc wallet the citizens enjoy uninterrupted power and they pay the government for power consumption in four years the government achieved full repayment of the project the smart contract between

The government and frederick was completed frederick and the government evaluated each other and uploaded reading on the platform the government now owns the solar plant and the country into its free power for the rest of the life the government has successfully completed infrastructure project without adding any burden on the treasury and citizens enjoy power at

Nominal rates access to power has improved trade and industrial activity in the region and the national gdp has improved the government is now in discussion on zinfandel roads power plants hospitals etc to name a few frederick has achieved his target irr he has received incentive from zinf’ in a pond successfully financing the project using its blockchain platform

Real-time visibility gives him power and confidence to invest in global projects and he is actively evaluating opportunities on trade finnex platform he has spread the word within his investor circle and they too have registered on the platform and facilitating global trade and finance register as a buyer seller or financier by logging on ww trade phoenix org today

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TradeFinex: Peer To Peer Trade And Financing Blockchain Platform By TradeFinex