Tranquil Finance get stONE and earn double rewards! Plus early alpha on Metaverse project Defira

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What’s going on beautiful people welcome back to another halls capital video uh today’s video we are going to be talking about harmony one and reviewing a couple of the harmony one project now i’ve already done a harmony one ecosystem review for you uh i’ve shown you how to set up the wallets uh how to add harmony to your meta mask set up the uh the the one main

Wallet uh the browser extension i’ve shown you how to stake your harmony i’ve introduced you guys to a couple of dexes and nft protocols that exist out here and now i want to go a little bit more in depth uh to a few of these protocols and really show you how to use a couple of them so you can earn some passive income on a few of these so with that said let’s

Just jump right into it the first one we’re going to be talking about is tranquil finance guys and tranquil finance is a money market defy borrowing and lending protocol uh similar to benky ave we’ve seen a few of these pop up on different protocols and you guys know i love them uh any opportunity when you have the ability to not have to sell your crypto but you

Can borrow against your balances that you have i’m all in for that guys i i prefer to take loans against uh against the cryptos rather than having to sell out of it especially if you think that crypto’s got a lot of upside potential you you just want to hold you don’t want to have to sell and uh create taxable events for yourself so tranquil finance guys couple

Things before we jump into the actual protocol always follow the team’s twitter check out the mediums you got access to the discord there if you want to uh the medium is where again you’ll find updates on the project uh project really just went live a little bit after christmas so only been live for about a full month right here uh their most recent update for the

Road map for 2022 um it basically is all centered around this defy metaverse that they are going to be building out and the tranquil finance token tranquil tokens are going to play a big role in the metaverse so in this video i’m going to show you how you can start passively earning some tranquil token or you can go out and buy it which whichever one you want

To but i’m going to show you how you can earn some tranquil token ahead of the metaverse release so that way you can go ahead and um be ready for when this metaverse comes out all right um the metaverse that they’re going to be dropping is called the phyra i guess that’s what it’s called defyra uh and basically they’re gonna have dexes lending it’s gonna be like

A gamified metaverse so you’re gonna be able to go in there and you’re gonna be able to play to earn opportunities is really what they’re creating right here so i think that’s a great opportunity uh something that’s really cool it just lets you know uh for the tranquil token this will increase the utility and the use case for the token itself so you know a lot

Of times we start earning and we farm these tokens that don’t really have any use case so we just farm and we sell them back uh and flip it into the token we want uh this tranquil token lets you know that um it’s going to be used for basically in-game money and critical in-game features so if you think that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the harmony

One metaverse that they build you may want to hold on to some tranquil all right they also have a fever orb token which is going to act as governance token for the metaverse that they do so for voting protocol network changes and different things like that uh the fifa token is what they’re going to have so it’s going to be a two token uh metaverse system it seems

Like and i’m going to show you how you can earn both of these tokens uh the fever even before metaverse comes out all right i don’t want to spend too much time on the metaverse because that’s not the purpose of the video that’s things to come we’ll do a video on that when it happens let’s jump into the tranquil app now so i can show you guys what’s going on over

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Here all right um and i’ve already set up a little test wallet you know to get ready to show you guys this video a couple things you can do uh but basically it’s like every other d5 borrowing and lending money market that we’ve used ben key all the other ones ave uh you got your supply side and you’ve got your borough side on the supply side the different tokens

Are that you can supply and it also has the different uh rates in which you’ll be earning apy so this is going to be the reward rates in which you’re getting back uh so you can see the breakdown that you’re going to be getting so if you deposit harmony one into tranquil you’ll be earning 12 4 of that will be fees and 7 of that will be rewards paid out to you in

The form of the tranquil token all right um so i think that’s a great opportunity you also have and this is what i’m most excited about the ability to earn on your staked near so this is near that you’ve already staked that’s already earning passive in i’m sorry i said steak near uh near also has a staking option just like this and this is what it reminds me of

And i’ve been utilizing stake near i have recently just showed you in borough finance how you can utilize steak mirror as well so again that’s why i’m so excited for these uh harmony one you can take the state one that’s earning nine percent and you can come over here and lend it to the network and earn an additional 11 and i’ll show you how to do all that in just

A moment guys same thing with the borrower with the borrow you can see what you’re going to be paying out meaning what’s the rate they’re charging you to borrow would be nine percent is what they’re charging you to borrow the staked one and 12 is the rewards you’re making so that gives you a net gain of around 2.75 percent that you should be uh earning on a positive

Income all right the dashboard doesn’t show anything right now because i don’t have any borrowing and lending going on just yet uh tranquil rewards this is where you’ll come and claim all the different rewards in which you’ll be earning uh and i want to go over the tranquil token all right because there’s a couple different ways that you can stake it and you can

Earn using it all right the first way is by locking the tranquil token and doing locked tranquil now if you lock your tranquil you will have to lock it for six months as you can see right here there is a 50 penalty um if you decide to unlock it before there so my a suggestion just commit to the lot guys it’s six months they’re building out a metaverse meaning the

Use case for this has not even fully been uh established so if you got time go ahead and lock it up for six months by locking you get multiple benefits all right and this is compared to not locking because you can stake by either locking or by not locking with that whichever one you want to do if you lock it you’ll be able to earn 75 of all the protocol fees that

Take place on the network uh and those will be paid out to you so as you can see different fees right there not only that but you’ll also be earning tranquil token and you have the ability to earn the in-game governance token all right so you can only earn the government’s token and you’ll be paid to a rate of 52 based off of blocking so i plan to lock my tranquil

Again i want to see what this metaverse has to do and i’ll go ahead and earn as much free metaverse money as i can without having to pay for it you know try to always earn what you can without having to go out and just just straight up swap for it if you already have one token and you can leverage that one token into building a new position by earning another token

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By all means i think that’s the best way to go about that all right uh you also have the ability with tranquil uh using the tranquil lp pair lp meaning liquidity pool a pair that you create uh you can go to sushi swap and it has a harmony network in which you can swap your tranquil in one or you can even pull them together always be aware of impermanent loss risks

That you do face if you do lps all right once you have the liquidity pool tokens you can come over here and deposit them and you’ll be able to earn 112 in tranquil tokens for your liquidity pair you also have flexible staking and this is the way of staking and not locking the tokens meaning you just want to lock you just want to drop them in here currently and if

You want to move it with no penalty you can do it this way but you’re only going to be earning tranquil tokens and you’re earning at a far more reduced rate of 29 and then you’ve got the x tranquil which would have been a time locked deposit that would have been available if you were part of the initial public sale that happened um but i don’t think that applies

To most of you guys in the room uh the part that i’m most excited about here is the state one all right now stake one just like staked near is uh harmony one that is currently being staked and earning around nine percent now i’ve already dropped some harmony in here uh and i’m currently staking it so you can see that i have dropped uh my balance in and i’ve got

About 99 stake near you do have to deposit a minimum of 101 stake near so just be aware of that minimum deposit requirement that is there all right uh so i’ve already deposited the near i mean uh the near i keep saying near because of state uh the one the state one one one all right staked harmony has already been deposited in here and now i have staked uh one

All right so i deposited one i got staked one now with my staked one all i can what i want to do is now i want to come back over here because you can see i’m earning the nine percent on um on my uh on my my tokens right here that i’m receiving and now i want to come over here and i want to deposit that so you’re gonna have to turn the collateral feature on which

I’ve already done and then once you come all you do is go ahead and do approve and then you would decide how much of it is that you want to deposit in there so for me i always like to edit the permissions on that one and i never like to give more permission so we’re depositing about 100 so we’ll give 120 uh as the actual wait wait a minute hold on all right let’s

Come back over here here we go all right so we’re going to do the deposit we’ve got how much we want to go ahead and drop in there for collateral our wallet balance we want to approve the transaction right here we’re going to edit the tr the the permissions and i’ll move it to 125. for right now we’ll save that pay the fee on that one to approve it uh and then we

Will go ahead and start earning on our staked one all right so now that we’ve approved it now we can go ahead and we can do the deposit we will deposit the max i’m going to deposit all of it in there we’ll do deposit of that we will go ahead and confirm on the metamask and that’s it guys that is how you’re able to use tranquil finance to improve on your earnings

For your harmony uh in which you guys have gotten so now we go to our dashboard and we can see we’ve got state one uh giving us around 11 percent that’s about 18 we’ll add more to that but just for the video we wanted you to see we can see that our borrow limit from the 18 we deposited we can borrow 11 from that so let’s go ahead and let’s see what the borrowing

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Looks like all right so borrowing rewards we can go ahead and borrow from either one of these what we will do is we will borrow uh some harmony and we will borrow what is the max safe we can borrow would be 52 uh we’ll just do 40 just to be safe for now and that’ll be about uh seven dollars i believe so we’ll hit borrow on that one we’ll go ahead and confirm the

Transaction that we’ve borrowed it so i just want you to be able to see lending and borrowing so we lent to the network now we’re borrowing 40 harmony one from the network and when you borrow this guys remember you can go ahead and you can do a couple things with this you can stake it and if you decide to restake it um just remember i would recommend not doing it

And locking it in staking because if you stake it like say for an example i come over here and i borrowed 101 harmony and i decided to restake it to get more staked one if for whatever reason the market starts to go against you and you need to get out of your staked one you can actually go to sushi swap and you can swap staked one for one all right guys and if you

Swap that then you’re out of uh the the staking and you don’t have to worry about any unbounding time and you can use that to pay off your loan so i’ve borrowed someone now what i want to go ahead and do is i want to go ahead and deposit the one that i’ve just borrowed so we’re gonna go ahead and increase the leverage we borrowed some money we’re getting a positive

Fee that we’re earning for borrowing it we’re redepositing it and now we’re earning more all right guys so it’s again just the whole cycle up do we have enough we don’t want to deposit all of it we’ve got to leave some of it for fees almost made the mistake right there so let’s go back into it and let us account for the fees associated with this let us cancel the

Transaction we will come in here we will do 39 just so we can make sure we’ve got enough to cover all fees that is there all right confirm and approve and that’s it guys just like that uh we deposited 18 and then we borrowed another seven dollars and then we deposited that seven dollars so now when we go to our dashboard we’ve got a total uh deposit balance of

25 and we’ve borrowed seven and you can keep doing that because as you can see uh it’s increased our borrower amount so we can go borrow a little bit more but you have to be very careful guys if you decide to become into the whole degenerate borrowing and lending meaning for every time you supply you borrow and resupply borrow and resupply that becomes a lot to

Have to unravel and unroll especially if the market goes against you so i would be very very careful on doing that all right um but i just wanted to go over this real quick just to show you guys a couple of ways um in which you can passively uh earn using your harmony so if you’re like me and you’re buying this harmony on a dip here under 20 cents uh providing

This opportunity you can go ahead and keep earning on that while it’s dipping drop it into some staking get some staked harmony and then lend your staked harmony to the network and continue to keep earning guys um you know pretty simple pretty easy i plan to utilize the program a lot uh i am waiting on a lot more tokens to get unlocked from unbounding on bonding

Periods uh once those tokens are made available to me i will be sending them over here on top of new harmony that i’m buying and utilizing the program the protocol guys i hope this video was helpful and i’ll catch you on the next one

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Tranquil Finance get stONE and earn double rewards! Plus early alpha on Metaverse project Defira By Hawes Capital Defi Discovery