Tytan Finance – MAJOR NEWS – ft. Orbital Swap – BSC Gem / Cross Chain Incoming

Tytan- DeFi 2.0 reimagined

Hello and welcome back my name is josh and this is most definitely not financial advice right now we are in austin texas for consensus 2022 exciting stuff everything crypto and nfts today’s video is all about titan this is a brand new binance marching rebase project who offers a unique contract i think they have a ton of potential they even have plans to bridge

To a few different blockchains in the very near future anywho let’s go ahead and take a look at titan and see what they’re all about firstly taking a look at their chart we can see that they did launch just one week ago at point zero seven currently at point one now they do have a four point six million dollar market cap with a huge liquidity pool at one point

Six million dollars now this is titan on orbital swap and currently only on the binding smart chain but those other block chains are coming very soon speaking of orbital swap orbital swap is one of the hottest new binance smart chain dexes and titan is actually going to have their very own pool with orbital and i think this is going to make a bullish wave not

Only with the orb token but also the titan token because you will be able to stake those titan tokens earning your rebates rewards still because it will be wrapped and then you will also be receiving orb tokens as a reward two for the price of one not too shabby i definitely encourage you to check out orbital swap i think this project is also going to blow up

Heading on over to their website here is titan auto staking and compounding from the future we have traveled the wormholes of the rebase galaxy far and wide only to find the future is titan with immediate utility on launch strap in and feel the g-force of rebase at its finest so you can go ahead and click here to buy titan or go ahead and click here to go to

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The charts that we just looked at the pre-sale did sell out in just barely over one hour which is a very good sign and as far as their apy they have it at a hundred and twenty five percent fixed staking apy so this will be auto compounding and will be paid out every 30 minutes definitely keep in mind that the apy is in relation to the tokens and not the dollar

Amount and it is as simple as buying the token and holding off you go they do have their audit here we’ll go ahead and take a look at that the audit was conducted by spade tech we’ll go ahead and take a look at the tokenomics and token distribution first so with the tokenomics we have 14 on the buy tax 16 on the sell tax four percent going to the liquidity pool

On both buys and sells there is also four percent going to their insurance fund for sales 2.5 for the insurance fund for the buys and we have 4.5 across the board for the treasury and another 3 on the buys for their afterburner 3.5 on the sales also for the afterburner now for the token distribution there was 20 million for the pre-sale 10 million for the initial

Liquidity that is locked for 180 days 7 million for seed investors and 2 million 14 tokens you also have the p share allocation that’s 500 000 and there is a few for youtube partners youtube giveaways and the treasury allocation as for the rest of the contract spay tech did find a few vulnerabilities within the contract the cool thing is we go ahead and scroll

Down to the conclusion it reads during the audit process the titan contract was analyzed by manual review and automated testing all issues identified in their pre-launch contract were resolved before deployment to the main net by submitting the contract for audit pre-launch the team has displayed a strong commitment to security that conclusion statement from the

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Audit is a bullish sign in my eyes and should lead a lot of investor confidence because the team not only did the audit before launch but there was issues identified and they were able to go ahead and complete those and make them non-issues before the launch of the token their insurance fund will be used to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability

For their titan token and they have their treasury which works very similarly the main difference is that the treasury will also be used to fund investments new titan projects and for marketing of the titan token it will be used to prevent any extreme price drops so this is a very good thing it’s almost like a buy back feature they have the insurance fund in

The treasury both making sure that the price has some stability and they have the funds required to not only market the project but also help it recover if there ever is a massive sell-off the afterburner is their contracts automated burn feature again three percent on the buys and three point five percent on the cells if you imagine a one million dollar a day

Trading volume they would be burning an absurd amount of tokens which would be amazing for all holders as they state here their contracts automated afterburner feature should create massive deflationary pressure and offset the increasing token supply because this is a rebase token it will be constantly increasing token supply so this huge three and three and a

Half percent burns are going to do quite well i do really love the fact the team has the insurance fund and the treasury because for these rebase tokens keeping the price stable is a must and they have a ton of features baked in that are going to help them along the way one really cool additional feature that titan does have is that if you click open app in the

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Corner of their website we can see a transparent and live view of their finances not only their market cap but their treasury wall at the afterburner tif and liquidity is all here being tracked in real time definitely one of those added benefits that level of transparency does help with investor confidence so i definitely give the team a 10 out of 10 as far as

How well they thought out their tokenomics when you compare titan to titano and libiro very similar projects you can see that titan has the edge on a lot of this so first we have auto burns yes i mean look at this sustainable rebasing insurance fund all liquidity auto staking fees hard coded you name it they are offering a ton of features that the competition is

Not link that with the fact that the team has an eye for marketing i think this project overall could do very well so if you do want to learn more about titan definitely check all those links below their telegram their twitter you name it stay up to date on the project hop in their telegram if you have any questions about the project as well that is all i have

For you today keep in mind that these videos are always not financial advice because i’m not a financial advisor so please please please do your own research anywho that’s all i have see you later you

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Tytan Finance – MAJOR NEWS – ft. Orbital Swap – BSC Gem / Cross Chain Incoming By Crypto Pandas