Warning about Presidents Choice Financial Banking

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That’s my bank right now there’s a problem at this bank and if it’s your bank to maybe you want to look into it i received a call earlier this week from one of my bill companies and they had contacted me to find out why i had made a payment on a bill for which i didn’t know any money i also received further statements from other companies indicating that i have

Made payments where none was required when looking at my bank site it indicated that i had made the appropriate payments to the appropriate utilities however when i checked the utility site they indicated that i have not made my payment so now i’m behind in my payments i have a bank statement online that is indicating to me that in fact i have made my payments so

Where do you go with this you say to you utility you’re paid your utility says they didn’t get any money so understandably i’m concerned to my call the bank and in short the bank first tells me they’ve never heard of this quite unique first time they’ve heard of it so i ask for a supervisor and the supervisor says oh yes they’ve heard of it and they’re working on

It well that’s fine but i need to know where is the money how do i get it back how do i pay my bill collectors because if i was to pay it online obviously i’ve got no assurance it’s getting to where it should be going so they indicate that they don’t know how many bills are affected they don’t have disclosure from the bill companies so i asked when did this start

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So after being on hold the gentleman returns and indicates to me well i have to understand i sort of caught them while they were still trying to resolve the issue understandable when it starts oh it started a month and a half ago well i’m not exactly johnny lightning here it’s been a month now i can understand if there’s some inconsistencies on my banking for maybe

A day or so but a month and a half and you still don’t know what accounts are affected where my money is my banking cut my bill companies are still looking for payment and you didn’t bother disclosing to your customers that you have this issue to meet us concerning to them the response from the individual was we didn’t want there to be a front page story over what

Seems to be just an issue for a few users what when you got i don’t know how many customers i guess a few users doesn’t seem much to you hundreds thousands i don’t know so i put that out there is a warning if you bank using this bank and you pay your bills online using this card you may want to look into it i thought up the bank wasn’t going to tell you somebody should

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