What Are Some Contradictions In Finance And How To Get Rid Of Them

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Contradictions are everywhere guys contradictions and what to eat what to wear where to go where to live go to college don’t go to college buy a home don’t buy a home you can rent right contradictions are everywhere today on financial confidence we are going to talk about what are those financial contradictions and how to get rid of them yeah it’s about time

Let’s get rid of it all right hello and welcome to financial confidence guys where we’re helping you to make your money keep your money and grow your money so you can do those things you’re called to do that spill generational wealth and leave an inheritance for your children’s children i am your host lynn demons that’s demons no demons here we appreciate

You for stopping by tuning in don’t forget to subscribe like hit the notification bell you know what to do this week guys for financial confidence we’re talking about getting rid of those financial contradictions and it’s about time yeah i said it it’s about time we get rid of that because we’ve been in the comfort zone for too long and i want you to think

About this for a moment reflect for you what is your comfort zone where is that place of comfort for you in your finances is that in lack is that in poverty is that in just settling for being middle class where are you in the grand scheme of things and the reason i want you to think about that is because oftentimes um it’s this trauma of being in comfort that

Has held us back so brick by brick today we coming out right we’re coming out of the trauma we’re getting rid of those financial contradictions that are holding us back and we’re going to get rid of all of that today so if you’re comfortable right in your current situation comfortable being middle class comfortable living in poverty once you get that opportunity

To come out for a moment it feels weird right it’s uncomfortable it’s not familiar to us we’re familiar with living in middle class we’re familiar with living in poverty or whatever the case may be for you it’s familiar to you so when you come outside of that and you experience something different it feels funny it’s what we call the imposter syndrome we’re

Like wait a minute i’m not supposed to be here let me get back right where i am comfortable so how do we get rid of these financial contradictions in our lives guys because they come in a variety of shapes forms and fashion right in our lives it can be something genetic that we’re born with right it can be something that’s related to experiences that we had

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Simply guys growing up in a household where your grandparents said hey you need to save your money for a rainy day and they save that money in the dresser underneath the mattress or buried in the backyard right we’ve all heard those kind of crazy stories but then guess what the trauma of that was now birth in your mama right and your mama have now passed that

Same trauma down to you case in point i’m going to give you an example and this is a personal example in our family we are afraid of dogs has anybody ever been bitten by a dog or done anything by a dog no chances are we have not because those stories have not been shared but what we do know is there is a fear of dog and we don’t know why we’re afraid we’re

Just afraid right so there are things that we’ve been taught are for me it’s snakes i’ve never had an encounter with a snake i’ve never been bitten by a snake um i didn’t have one encounter when i was a kid but i mean the snake was so far away from me i don’t even know why i was screaming but i digress right it’s these things that happen to us these experiences

That we encounter the things that we see that were modeled for us that can be contradictions for us so what i need you to ask yourself now is does this thing whatever it may be you first you got to identify what that thing is for you and your finances does this now serve me or am i simply doing it out of tradition out of comfort because this is my comfort

Zone right so identify what that thing is so we know what we need to work on to get rid of right because as we move forward guys we don’t want to always go back to right our comfort zone we need to break out break free get into that they say feel the fear but if we don’t know what that fear is if we don’t know what that thing is that’s holding us back if we

Don’t understand and recognize what that contradiction is for us how can we feel it how can we do it and how can we move forward so step number one guys is to identify what are those financial contradictions in your life right what are the financial contradictions that you were taught what are the financial contradictions that you’ve experienced what are the

Financial contradictions that are trapped and when i say they’re trapped they’re trapped between here and here the space between your left and your right ear so how do we now think about it from that perspective in our mindset right how do we get rid of this imposter syndrome that we have or that we feel when we come out of that comfort zone see that can be

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The challenge for many of us and that contradiction keeps us stuck so how do we move how do we change because even even in the in our lives even in your growth as a christian or whatever belief you have you can believe you say god i trust you but god i need some help up here right oftentimes yes we say we believe in god but do we act on it truly because

There’s some unbelief we can believe and have unbelief at the same time see there’s that contradiction again guys that lives in our space that lives here so how do we now take advantage of this now understanding hey wait a minute i have some financial contradictions in my life that no longer serve me so how do i move see because we are complicated beings and

That’s the beauty of us but there’s also an opportunity because we can get in this and we can be motivated and we have the fire in us burning to get it done but then all of a sudden what happens we feel overwhelmed we feel like we’re drowning right that’s the fire in the water two contradictions we need the fire we need the fuel we need the fire to keep going

To stay motivated to stay on task to continue to be intentional to consistently be intentional right but then when you get in that space of overwhelm you get tired you get frustrated then you feel like you’re drowning you’re just barely keeping up right that’s the water coming in on you you’re trying to keep just barely keep your head above water right we’ve

All felt there before that before we’ve all been there before those are the contradictions that i’m talking about so when those contradictions arise when that snake wears its ugly head you gotta recognize what are the things i need to do to cut it off see the only way to get rid of that snake is to remove his head from his body right because the head is where

The brain is to send all of the information out but when you cut the brain off from being able to send those signals out then he can no longer be harmful to you so you have to think about things from that perspective what are the things that i need to get rid of that are no longer serving me whether it’s genetic whether it’s an experience that you had or

Something that you’ve created in your own mind see god the mind is a powerful thing right and it impacts your belief to the utmost to the nth degree if you will okay so think about what are some of those things that mama said what they did what they didn’t do right what is that trauma that became your mama that’s now been passed down to you see what i want

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You to do now is to go ahead and identify what those things are for you i can’t identify that for you but you can you can sit down take a moment be intentional think about it what are those things then i want you to write down the number one thing that you’re going to work on what’s the one thing that you will do differently that’s this week and because we’re

Talking about your money what’s the one thing that you’re going to do this week that can help you to increase your finances you see i get it we all feel that you know i deserve this i work hard i you know i contribute i do all the things that i need to do i am a great citizen of the society and i deserve you fill in the blank and i’m not saying you don’t

Deserve anything because you absolutely do but there’s always an opportunity for us to learn in these situations are we doing what’s best for us are we following ideas that are continuing to serve us whether it’s something that’s in our genetics something that we’ve experienced or just something that’s been modeled or not modeled in our lives all right

Guys i’m lynn demis that’s demons no demons here and i am america’s number one financial rebound coach yeah i said it america’s number one we thank you so much for tuning in for this episode of financial confidence on wytv tv7 if this information has been invaluable to you head on over to wytv7.org and leave a donation don’t stop there guys there are some

Amazing broadcasters over at wytv 7. check them all out because the mission is to educate empower and inspire you we’re encouraging you to do those things that you know you need to do and for us at financial confidence that’s to build generational wealth and leave an inheritance for our children’s children guys thank you so much for tuning in with us where

Our guiding principle is matthew 6 and 33 seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you until next week guys we’ll see you get rid of those financial contradictions yes it is time so you’re listening to episode 116 of financial confidence

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