What is a Bridging Loan? How Does Bridging Finance Work?

What is a Bridging Loan? How Does Bridging Finance Work?

Hey what’s up my name is samuel leeds i’m a property investor and in this video i’m going to be explaining what is a bridging loan and how to finance properties via bridging finance so stay tuned and please do hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already guys i really appreciate all your comments questions feedback interaction on this channel one of

The things has been coming up quite a lot is people been asking what’s a bridging loan listen if you don’t know what a bridging loan is that’s no problem all i’m explaining this video but it’s not going to magically mean that you can buy loads of houses for free okay the thing that you need to do the number one thing is always being able to find good deals if you

Bring me the right deals i’ll believe me we can find that answer for it you can buy a house without using any of your own money as long as you can find the right deals you can however bridging bridging finance is just a tool in a toolbox that is going to help you finance deals and recycle your money which means that if you’ve got to pay fifty thousand pounds twenty

Thousand pounds you can buy not just one house but you can buy again and again and again and again and again you can keep buying houses using bridging finance so what is bridging finance a bridging loan or bridging finance is when you will be lent money so someone will lend you money they’ll usually charge a lot of interest it can be anywhere between usually like

10 and 20 percent which is a lot the banks high street lenders that will give you a mortgage on a house you talking like three four five percent so 10 to 20 percent it’s a lot of interest what does that mean does that mean that you’re going to end up paying a lot no because you’re gonna have it for a short period of time let’s say you find a house i’ll give an

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Example and the house the value is 100 thousand pound and it needs about twenty thousand pound spending on it and when you spend twenty thousand pound on it and it’s really pretty it might be worth a hundred and forty thousand pound let’s say that’s the situation but you managed to knock them down and you get it in a real bargain because you find a motivated seller

And you’re not a motivated buyer meet a few people and you buy it for 80,000 pounds but you tell them you’re gonna buy it cash so i’m gonna buy the house cash for 80,000 pound now having access to bridging finance means that you can talk and have the confidence and posture of a cash buyer without being a cash buyer because you have access to the cash so you say

Oh by 80 grams but i like cash and you can put forward cheeky offers when you were touched by because you buy it cash the bridging finance a lending company if you’ve got bad credit they don’t care if you have got issues or you don’t own any houses currently or they don’t care they only care about one thing the bridging lenders care that you can find these types

Of good deals why because when you buy the house and they lend you the money they’ll have a charge on the property they’ll be able to see this house is a good house you’re running a business they don’t care about you okay matt your family better care about your job i care about your income but i can’t make your credit take care about the house that your mind as

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Long as you let them have a charge on the house which means that if you don’t pay their money back then they’re gonna have the house so they’ll buy the house they’ll put the money in and normally you’ll need to put down a small amount of the money which you can do or you can borrow for someone house a bridging lender doesn’t care where you’ve got your deposit from

Within reason okay if you borrowed it from an investor that’s okay you buy his house for 80 grand you say you’re gonna bite cash they say yes then you’re like holy crap what or do you borrow the money i keeping borrowing a little bit from a friend or you can put a little bit down yourself but you borrow the majority of the money from the bridging lender you then

Buy it for 80,000 you then spend the 20 grands with money more money from the bridging company there our company are bridging companies out there that will give you 100% of the development or refurb for the property now you’ve got this house but you are bought in cash most of its from the bridging company if you’ve done a refurb on it with the bridging company’s

Money now your job is now to get a new mortgage on the property which will be a normal buy to let mortgage or what whatever whatever kind of mortgage you’ll borrow the money another mortgage company but this time you won’t pay 10 20 percent you’ll pay 3 percent you’ll borrow the money on the house and the money that you borrow for the house you’ll then use that

To pay off the bridging company which means that your interest payments will drop massively very quickly you can get a new mortgage on the house straightaway there used to be a six-month for all that said you have to wait six months but after buying your house before you can refinance but now you can do it with this companies like kent reliance they’ll give you

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A mortgage straight away as soon as the proper soon as that value is lifted on the house that’s the essence of what a bridging loan is so if you can find good deals you can find houses whereby you can add value and then increase the value then bridging finance could be fantastic for you but if you can’t find the deals you don’t you don’t borrow money on a bridging

Loan to buy a rubbish house that’s just gonna burn you be very very careful that’s what on my crash course i teach strategies that are very very safe we start with basic buy two lap we then move on to more advanced strategies so please before you buy a house get the training car aren’t my crash course it is free it’s on me okay there are opportunities to do advanced

Training but the crash course is free also speak to mortgage brokers speak to bridging finance companies make sure that when you make a decision you know you are well informed and i’m happy to give you all the information to do that just get yourself down to the crash course i’ll share you’ll meet a whole bunch of people i hope you found that useful and get asked

The question a lot so i hope i explained it okay if you like my videos subscribe i’d be really grateful if you could subscribe and don’t forget to share this video smash that like button and stay tuned for next for the next video real soon i see tomorrow you

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What is a Bridging Loan? How Does Bridging Finance Work? By Samuel Leeds