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in this video explain about What is Finance Marketing Service and do Fundamental Analysis of Finance Marketing Service

Uh so hello welcome to the marketing service by your shops and uh so this is the marketing service which has been like start which will be started by your shops so coming to the next slide that is the uh mainly the framework of the of the presentation that will be starting from the service strategy whatsapp marketing email marketing and other marketing strategies

Which will be offered by the your shops so you shop so coming to the first point that is the uh the service care service is basically the investment starting at 499 in paytm money this is the portfolio and this portfolio will be managed by the your shops and uh and what is the usb usb is basically the unique selling proposition and what does it mean it means that

Uh how my service is unique from the other service so if you can see that investment starts at 4.99 is a unique feature hassle-free kyc system and in paytm money is very it’s become very easy to open a demand account with the easy kyc systems if you go to other systems where the kyc systems are difficulty takes a lot of time it’s a lot of hassle but paytm offers a

Hassle-free kyc systems it charges zero rupees for the dmat account and paytm money ensures safety and reliability this is the unique proposition of the service uh will be given by the uh will will be given by the ushops and that will be done in the paytm money so coming to the next point that is the marketing from the marketing perspective uh it has been divided

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Into three sectors that is segmentation targeting and positioning the http if we apply the http and what does it segmentation mean separation means is the dividing the whole market if you if we divide the whole market like uh is investment market may america customer clients this is the segmentation to come to the first that is individual investors who have high

Capitals but they don’t have the non-fi any financial backgrounds it means onlookers pasta capital they are the individual investors but they don’t have any financial knowledge say uh earning you like a normal medical earning person he might be earning three four lakhs a month but he has the capital for the investment but he doesn’t have any background so this

Is a kind of a segment segment and next coming individual investors with low capital non-financial background success but they are also like very low income they understand 20 000 in earns and their non financial backgrounds so coming to the third point is the individual but they are well concerned about the financial markets students financial students and

Billions rupees that they’re funding so the venture capital form so these are the market segmentation of the investment basically the if we can target what will be the target the target will be which segment to target if we see the service that is the 500 investment service the target will be the individual investors who had the high capital but they are from

Non-financial background they can be the perfect user perfect client and perfect customer to use the portfolio management service by the your shops so this can be the perfect person a next segment that that is going to target is the individual investors low capital and non-financial background basically the persons who have the low financial background is the most

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Targeted segment if you can see next come to the positioning if you see the positioning then who are the person you should should make the most out of self taking homemaker they have the low incomes as well as high income persons but they have absolutely no knowledge so they have also low income groups so they won’t be able to take a lot of risk so they need a

Portfolio managers a portfolio in portfolio services so you can easily target these sorts of people so coming to the next slide that is the uh what is whatsapp marketing whatsapp marketing the type of manager messenger marketing which implies promotion are banned through whatsapp this channel helps brands reach an enormous audience and build a strong relationship

With the customers and increases whatsapp marketing in india 487 million whatsapp users where the 17 million users are the students so if anyone can penetrate the whatsapp market they can they can have the huge user base and uh next coming to next one is 160 homemakers are indian 160 million homemaker is indian for me 30 percent at the uses whatsapp in india

So we can see that the target that we have made from the http that is the whatsapp marketing to whatsapp we can easily reach to those uh marketer those clients and uh those person easily so coming to the next point that is the uh email marketing and email marketing can also create a delegated and personal messages this can help to build meaningful relationship

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With the customers and it can also improve the response rates to your direct marketing campaigns this email marketing also have 600 million email users in india so you can easily if uh through emails we can reach up to 600 million users same as sms marketing sm migraines as a short message service marketing for marketing that business used to send promotions to

The customers via text messages in other words sms marketing is the same thing as the text messages marketing either it has also a 600 million smartphone users in india so we can also reach to the 600 million smart 600 in 600 million users through the sms marketing also so coming to the next point that is the uh what is the automation services and these are the

Services will be given by your shops but what is the charges charges is rupees 0.11 for whatsapp messages 0.10 that is the per email and zero point is it is the per sms so this is the charges which will be charged by your shops automation services now so it’s become very easy to reach to millions through your shops and that’s comes to an end to my presentation

Thank you so much

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