Where To File Your UCC 1 Financing Statement


I family i tried to go live but my phone is acting up some type of glitch in the matrix all of a sudden but uh trying to keep it coming for y’all i try to pay attention to a lot of the issues and concerns that people i having inside of the group inside of the network on the hellraiser legacy.com so i try to tailor you know my my recap videos update videos people

That still seem to be kind of lost especially if i see newcomers that are loved in conjunction with you know people that’s already you know in the mix still having trouble with as far as initial fouling issues and a little confusion as far as where to foul remember the initial fouling for your ucc one begins in washington that’s what initial promise itself that’s

That’s your initial family after you do the initial fouling you’re gonna be doing an informational filing and either your birth state and/or your birth state in the state in which you live in if you still live in your birth state you only have to only have to do an informational fouling in your birth state but if you if you have to if you left if you move from

The birth state and contractor with another corporation or state you have the file in that state as well that you currently live in now issue that i’ve seen a couple people have i got a couple emails about i still don’t know the exact details as far as far as why they got rejected but yeah rejections do happen depending on what state that you live in all all the

States of my ucc friendly and i happen to live live and i was born in nine you see see friendly states so i understand so but right now i’m going to give you guys an update on the regional for for information as far as regional finally the update is that just because you you got rejected in your home state or in the state that you actually live in there there

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Are certain regions there’s a region state that you get you fail you ccm now true enough up under article 4 section 1 and us constitution all states must give due recognition of of all other states of any acts filings of documents or etc do they do this and can we depend on that a trust that you know we can’t so that’s like that’s like relying on slavemaster a

To relay the message to slavemaster be that you’ve been free so he won’t try to whack your lives or recapture you know they’re not gonna can’t became bet on that so i’m gonna go real quick through all these different regions regional states that you gotta file in there are six different regions ok region one we have for watch for washington state for oregon for

Nevada for california new mexico utah alaska hawaii arizona all of you people are gonna file in colorado and you couldn’t in that could be that must be done online region to its idaho montana wyoming north dakota south dakota nebraska you’re gonna foul you guys are also going to foul in in region once regional filing state which is colorado region three we have

Texas oklahoma kansas missouri louisiana region three is going to foul in arkansas region four and i’m in this region minnesota wisconsin michigan illinois indiana and ohio we’re gonna foul do our informational fouling and in iowa region five kentucky virginia tennessee north carolina south carolina alabama mississippi georgia and georgia everybody in region 5 is

Going to foul in florida region six is massachusetts maine new hampshire vermont west virginia pennsylvania delaware maryland new jersey rhode island all you guys are going to foul in new york all right so those are those are the six main regions for for informational filings now for whatever sit for whatever circumstance or possibility that you guys still have

Issues in one of these regions now i know i know iowa does has a different procedure as far as online foul you have to register you have to register to become a member of the ucc fouling department of some some extra some extra you gotta do they gotta mail you some stuff out it’s the extra process you know but as far as i know so far that’s one of the only states

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Regional states that give you the extra hassle as far as filing as far as extra steps but i haven’t heard anything about as far as being rejected though so now for any for any worst case scenario and this is this this is my personal this is my personal tactic take it or leave it it’s not a black and white remember we have the power to be to be creative in our own

Ways that’s how we establish different remedies you see i mean when ovary means dye out new remedies are born based on creative creativity so when you guys after you guys complete the initial founding in washington we’re good so we take that initial foul number and we go saw a regional state or whatever state that we need to so let’s say for instance for example

I’ll take my region for example so let’s say i don’t want to deal with the hassle or let’s say i will rejected me you know i’m saying they wouldn’t let me file online then i tried to do it by mail and i still got rejected okay cool so my personal tactic would be to do a is to go back to the online portal at the wash at washington what my initial fountain is hell

I will ask for a for an acknowledgement i will pay for an acknowledgement to be sent out as like it’s $15 per acknowledgment it’s almost like basically acts in washington saying you certify a copy of your file so it’s gonna have everything you know you’re initially you know you got your initial your initial ucc fowling along with all the collateral on several sheets

Of paper all in a nice sealed envelope seal from washington state uniform commercial code division now i said this before but i said i gotta break these different things down different segments so you guys can catch so you guys can go right to it when you have these issues when you when you go to requests when you got to request a for an acknowledgement to be sent

Out instead of sending it to yourself you send it to the uniform commercial code division in this in the state or region in which you have to send your informational found that within which you’ve been rejected from so now so now that region will receive notice directly from washington and the direct acknowledgement from washington of your initial filing they can’t

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They can’t dispute that they can’t they can’t dispute that that’s coming from one division that’s like that that’s that’s forcing them to get and exactly the acknowledgement and guess what once once you once you submit the payment to send out that acknowledgement you get a receipt and all the receipt it tells you where that acknowledgement was sent to you know

And the whole nine yards so there’s no getting around it so now we have a public record of acknowledgement being sent to the regional state and and we can you and we can print that out ourselves because they’re gonna send out a hard copy so you’re gonna pay the $15 send out the hard copy and you can still you can still print out those those those statements that

Produced the actual acknowledgement location or division and that’s pretty much it on that i’m gonna keep it short on that that’s all i want to cover on this particular segment so i’m gonna do a some more videos dealing with the documents and stuff like that i see some people have it still having difficulties i know a lot of people asking about the bonds it’s all

That stuff i’m not ready i’m not really ready to get on the bonds yet because there’s so many different ways to to go about that and we have to take care of the initial filings and the paperwork first piece out so i’m uh i’m gonna cut this one short and do another short segment as far as dealing with each individual document if you guys are not a part of the hell

Raise the legacy the link is inside the description you either part of the movement or you against the movement let’s join so we get this work done now here under the weather but i’m still putting in this work piece

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