XRP will Explode! Discrepancies on ForbesCrypto, Yahoo Finance, BNC, Coinbase, Binance

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Hey guys this is xri proof with your crypto news just want to do a kind of a kind of a blow over i guess over the exchange information that we all get and just how they correlate because they don’t really show the proper metrics for xrp and i just wanted this to be known because it’s kind of been on my nerves because i like to look at different exchanges and relate

Them to each other and see what’s more feasible for our market even though this is currently the retail market that we’re seeing but i want to first start off there with this is not financial advice there’s no financial advice you have to do your own research and go ahead and breeze through this real quick because there’s a lot of exchanges starting with coin market

Cut is one of the highly sought out watched areas or places to watch the retail market for the crypto space i’ll refresh these as we go along so you can see more up to date to what’s going on right now we’re in a minute in the middle of a bearish i mean i bet you’re bullish market but a bearish attitude just because maybe there’s dumping maybe there’s a lot of

Sales that are going through you know how bitcoin is really slow so bigger it gets the stronger it gets but it also gets a little slower ‘s you know as it gets larger and you know there’s more transactions being processed on a slower blockchain and so forth anyway right here at coin market cap i’m going to refresh this right in in real time showing our market cap

Is right at 249 billion it’s been 249 50 all morning this is eastern time in the us and i’m gonna scroll down here focus on our xrp more so we know how the markets doing you guys can pretty much take a look if you want and pause there if you we’re not but you know this is all real tom’s so it moves really really fast as you can see xrp is running at 42 cents with

A market cap of 17 billion and just focus on that for one second we have a market cap of 17 billion own and this is coin market cap dot-com i’ll put the link to in the description below on the other hand you have a volume of five billion and you have a circulating supply of 42 notice our circle circulating suppo eye is 42 here now as you can see this circulating

Supply more so correlates with the price it’s a lot closer to the price just want to pause on that 42 42 here and other ones you may see down here that may correlate with their price too depending on how much they have in circulating supply i can go down here real quick there’s one other that really correlated with it let’s see it’s very strange not sure if it’s

Uh let’s see here they’re really correlated with it fairly well i don’t see it right now at the top of my head let’s see there’s one other that really correlated with the circulating supply and there’s only when there’s a a good robust system and it shows health and and correlating with the circulating supply now this does correlate pretty well but we’re missing

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Out on this market cap and i’ll show you next brave new coin and we’ll go back to that here in a second we’ll just breathe breathe back over all of them you go to brave new coin this is very we’ll put out site as you can see now we have bitcoin liquid aetherium liquid and xrp liquid that was added take a look here got our 41 cents like right under 42 at this

Point in time i notice in the market trends here which will go to our market data charts here their market cap excuse me shows btw i mean happy t sorry btc-e th and x rp here at the top and as you can see it’s still correlates with the market cap of 17 billion and this is a little lower in 24 hour volume but they all correlate with different what do you want to

Call them constituents i would say see and these are the exchanges that they correlate with if she got okay he explained that sent and then they used those to come up with their market cap values she got xrp here 41 cents you got 42 and freefloat supply and those quarterly fairly will but not with the market cap here coinbase well actually no next forbes this is

Forbes crypto com yeah forbes have their own crypto market so pay attention to that if xrp here at second and their market cap correlates correctly now that’s interesting isn’t it xrp is at second on forbes crypto markets and if they correlate properly you can actually see that when i one day this will change as x rp is being burned and you know they released

From escrow and things like that but they are keeping a robust balanced system or everything is kind of unbalanced where there’s a lot of things lost in the market cap with the other coins because of mining and other things that you know you know the having of bitcoin and in the future and things like that i’ll take place again so xrp definitely stands a different

Spectrum of actual utility we’ll go quickly to coinbase now i didn’t refresh but i will refresh forbes real quick for you it’s still showing the same so you can see that i’m not altering anything and then this is their top here you can definitely go to forbes crypto comm slash crypto next coin base here we have bitcoin a theory of it and pickling cash and their first

This is when you actually load the screen that’s funny how they didn’t even put xfp in the from the top my reload is real quick so you know that i’m on the coin based comm site and i reloaded that and they still don’t show it so they’re definitely not kicking xrp on their front there always been a little funny with xrp anyway let’s see go to their prices page since

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You have to go in and that that’s definitely exposed cuz i didn’t know that so just know what’s available in coinbase got bitcoin aetherium and it shows their prices and here we had the same thing the market cap here gonna focus on xrp where it says 43 cents but the market cap is still 17 and this is not showing the like i said the ones that are in holding or in

Escrow and that’s a spi holding so it’s not reflecting those price values which i think derale around like about 30 billion next coin paprika which is a very very good site and as a lot of traction lately and i and i use it i use all of these by the way correlate between all of them here you got xrp down here price of 42 got a good spread here seven seven day

Looks great the volume looks good still the market cap is showing that 17 billion here as well puts xr pre-entered so i want you to think about that for a second next we go to yahoo finance yeah yahoo finance has a crypto area and their yahoo finance page so you go to yahoo finance crypto currencies and i’ll put the links to in the description below for all of

These and here we go we have bitcoin xrp it’s second on here’s will the theory i’m at third right here we have the price again 4181 here on yahoo finance market cap at 41 807 billion it’s the same thing except this one puts a ripple our xrp in second place with the actual shown market cap so there has to be something with that some companies go by that market cap

Value some companies don’t yeah who financed has it i’ll go through another one this is actually by nets – you know one of the leading or the actual leading cryptocurrency exchanges will go to theirs as well and in buying it from the front page here at buy nasscom to eat /en because it’s in english didn’t mean to go to that sorry wrong line exchange here down to

Info actually and here is their market cap and bi’ness info bayonets calm it also shows bitcoin at number one the market cap theorem at number two x rp at number three and we’re focusing on x rp 42 cents market cap 17 doesn’t count and for that in escrow locked up or i’m guessing that 10 percent x sb i’m not 100% about the 10 percent spl like i said and this is just

Showing you the different exchange values for x rp we’re mostly focused on x rp because that’s the only one i’ve seen that does not show the market cap across all the bores and this is something that they’re gonna have to work on in the future last but not least coin order book this is a different type of styled i would say a no analytics for you know the the the

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Retail market for crypto currencies and digital assets this is a little different i not a hundred percent sure but it i’ve heard about how the price correlates now this shows that nbt see everything correlating to to bitcoin now you can change this up here which is really cool so this is another one that i try to use as well you can put it in usd even usd 2 usd and

Usd t you can even cruelly just everything that x rp but we’re gonna use usd for now even in this one it shows bitcoin a theory in a second cash and look where it puts x rp in this category so i’m not even hundred percent sure what the correlation or how they go about everything here you got the price spread arbitrage bit death and ask depth and it’s something that

Maybe somebody could shed a light on in the comments below but definitely definitely drop comments let me know what you think about this video it’s pretty crazy how everything is a little off and in that sense with xrp alone then the other ones that best should tell you the xrp is definitely one of those ecosystems that are trying to build a strong robust utility

For everything in the ecosystem all the other coins and and the other coins to come so we go back through really quick marcus looking great market caps 251 you can usually go off that pretty well um coin market i don’t use them as often they kind of let a lot of people down with you know their their data but xrp here go back to here to brave new coin real quick

And we just breeze real quick xr 3 here 42 42 free-floating supply next forbes scroll back up do a quick refresh sarpy at second 42 market cap 42 top 50 and coinbase 43 i refresh real quick 43 market cap 18 it’s like we’re pushing up coin paprika and i’ll put this in the description like i said it’s a good site as well this one shows a lot of information you could

Look at the all-time highs and everything in this so focus on that there it’s pretty cool xrp 42 volume market cap 17 and please please comment below no comment so a comma is very endo comments for that way yahoo finance and i’ll refresh this swill 79 xrp pulling still 42 is reflecting on a market cap 42 on the price by nets which it makes you open up another page

Same thing refresh to show you everything’s up to date xrp number three here is will and coin order book refresh change to usd we have it here as well all right so drop a like if you liked the video subscribe if you like to get more keep me going again this is x-ray i approve with your crypto news and i will hopefully see you guys very soon later

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XRP will Explode! Discrepancies on ForbesCrypto, Yahoo Finance, BNC, Coinbase, Binance By xRiotProof