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Of like stock investments and and like crypto and random like that um maybe fifty thousand dollars a year because i swing trade right i do okay yeah i don’t really invest long term more like are you in a stock group or something or do you just figured out your home no i just figured i mean most i i it was just like intuition and learning from people like timothy

Sykes sure wall street bets ball street bats now actually you’ll hear a lot of big collectors talk about the idea that the total value of all your cars should be less than 10 percent of your net worth now that’s not something that i could endorse or say makes any sense because it’s not something that i’ve ever abided by right now my cars represent a huge percentage

Usually it’s between 50 and 75 percent of my total net worth i invest almost all my money for better for worse in um in tesla yeah wow how long have you been doing that for since i was since i probably started high school i’m curious gene has your own investment philosophy changed through your career no but my my problem is i never expected i never intend to

Retire so so my my portfolio didn’t have to come from cover my retirement it’s basically my charities that are going to suffer if i don’t make good good good decisions with my kids of course but um i know frank i’m not really a sloppy investor i don’t i don’t change my portfolio very often about 14 million here in tesla that’s probably going to go down like

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1.4 million on monday thanks to elon musk but oh well do that oh i sold all my stuff never leveraged trade you don’t win you never win the year of me doing crypto i managed to lose about 5 million 5.1 million yeah yeah my crypto experience has just been just a lot of losing a lot of losing a few wins and then more losing but hey yo stock market no so i was a

Sophomore in college and i decided that i was going to get into the stock market early september 2008 i took my entire summer savings from an internship that i had at the department of transportation and i invested all of that in the stock market didn’t know what i was doing i became a day trader overnight and i had great success i think the first day i made like

900 bucks which was amazing but then the stock market crashed in september 2008 and i lost i think 900 bucks like the next day like it it all happened very quickly and before i knew it my entire summer savings was gone i think i invested in general motors and they had filed for bankruptcy i can’t remember exactly but i lost everything and it was at that moment

That i decided that i wanted to invest in stuff that i had more control of and so i haven’t invested in the stock market since are you going to can i convince you to start doing that maybe you wish you can buy and sell stocks like frederick well you can’t he’s special

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