Financial Management N4 National Certifcate course

The Financial Management N4 course is the foundation of a Financial Management National Diploma. The course teaches you the basics of business finance. Our Education Expert, Ofentse Malele tells you more about it.

Hi guys welcome back to our youtube channel my name is offenza malala i am your education expert and today we are going to be talking about the financial management n4 national certificate course now this is the first theory course within the financial management national diploma course and it will lay down the foundation on which your financial management

Knowledge will be built upon now during this course you will cover um financial accounting computerized financial systems entrepreneurship and business management as well as management communication now for each subject you will write two exams one internal an internal exam and one external exam during this course you will also learn the basics of economics and

Financial accounting now in order for you to start studying the financial management info national certificate course you will need to have a matrix certificate if you do not have a matrix certificate please know that we also offer metric programs to help you obtain one click the link in the description below for more information on that after you have completed

Your assignments passed all your exams and have gained your n4 financial management national certificate you can either register for the n5 course in financial management or you can apply for jobs in in the financial management sector however please know that if you are going to apply for jobs that these jobs will only be limited to entry level positions such as

An accounting clerk or a junior financial assistant now if you want to apply for the n4 financial management course or if you have more questions regarding the course please feel welcome to contact one of our course specialists details are in the link in the description below and they will answer all of your questions and give you all the relevant information that

You need in order to make an informed decision now let’s go to some of the questions that you guys have been asking us the first question is is mats important in financial management we get this question a lot not just for for the financial management courses but really for every course i come across this question quite often and the answer to this is yes math

Is important um in financial management however you you only need to have the basic knowledge of mathematics you do not need to have learned pure maths or anything like that um you will do just fine with your basic math knowledge the second question that we have here is what are the entry requirements for a financial management needed infor national certificate

Course well as i said earlier in order to apply for this course you need a metric certificate you do not need to have a specific level on a matrix certificate however you do need to have passed your matric so that means that you don’t need to have a bachelor’s pass you’ll do you you can gain entry into this course with a higher certificate pass in the trip our

Last question here is what is financial management in 4 to n6 well the financial management n4 to n6 are basically the theory components of the financial management diploma course during these courses you will learn the the basics and and some of the advanced um elements of financial management these courses build on each other so the knowledge that you gained in

The info financial management course you will need to apply it and build on it in the n5 financial management course so these are just the theory components of of these uh diploma courses and they’re very vital because like i said they are linked and they build upon each other that was the last question that we had i hope you guys enjoyed this video i hope you

Found it informative please don’t forget to to like share and subscribe to our youtube channel if you have any more questions please drop them in the comment section below we love talking to you guys if you have another question that you would like us to do a video on please also drop that in the comment section below we will make sure to to make a video regarding

That question i hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you very much for watching my name is offensive malala i’m your education expert and i will see you in the next video you

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