Finding Owner Financed Property & Cheap Cash Fixer Uppers…. Tax Return used Wisely #realestate

Save & Invest in cheap cash real estate opportunities; or use a tax return 💡

Hi tax time is here and i want to show you some ways that i invest in real estate okay so i want to show you two websites the first one is castle rock rio and on here you have a listing of fixer-uppers basically and they’re at really reasonable prices all over the country they’re in different states so if you wanted to look up a specific state you can just look

Up your state but i like to just look at all of them especially since i’m a truck driver and i travel all over the country you know look at this clearance you can see what they have on clearance a lot of it is pending if you’re gonna do this you’re gonna have to act fast because these properties go really quick look at this seventy five hundred dollars for let’s

See what this is i think this is just a piece of land yeah this is some land um so let’s go back okay look at this property here let me see let me find something that’s okay so look at this property property here in ohio if you’re up to moving and want to try something different look at this cash price nine thousand nine hundred dollars now if you’re gonna do

Something like this um you do have to go see the property and make sure it’s something that you can handle okay so you can see you need some work done in here you see you have some damage here so i’m back on the menu so let’s look at owner financing so let’s say you don’t have all this money up front you know ten thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars thirty

Five thousand dollars etc you can check into owner financing so here’s just pretty much tells you about owner financing um if you click on this video but i want to go here and i want to look at the properties that offer owner financing and these are the properties that they have that they’re offering owner financing on so if you have the cash here’s the cash

Prices for these properties but and again they’re in different states you have to keep checking often because these properties go fast and they don’t always have something available in every state but if you continue to check you might get lucky lucky and find something close by or even in your state but you know these are just some options it’s always good to

Keep your options open especially with everything that’s going on and you know people who’s in their homes and you know not being not being able to pay a mortgage it’s good to be able to have something you know that’s pretty cheap reasonable and then work on it over a period of time and then that way you don’t have to worry about a mortgage you don’t have to

Worry about rent or you can you can even get one of these and fix them up and sell them do a flip or you can even rent them out so or do it uh air b um airbnb you know run them out to the people that’s vacationing you you have so many options so again you know it’s tax time so use your money wisely but let’s see this one here so um 12 900 if you have the cash

It is available for owner financing for 1500 down 569 a month you know that’s not bad so you’re gonna be paying with interest fifty thousand dollars that’s not bad you know um if you can’t afford of course it’s going to be better to get paid for it in cash but if you don’t have the money at least you know you have some options and if you’re going to be paying a

Monthly payment towards something pay a monthly payment toward something that you that you own of course these properties are probably going to have some work that needs to be done it’s nice on the front uh of course you know you probably need to stand and stain these floors or you just replace them or put carpet over them um it has some wall paneling some wood

Paneling i like wood paneling personally but um you can easily easily take these out and replace them okay look at this one here this one has been on here for a long time so i don’t know what’s wrong with it let’s take a look so this is in tuskegee alabama i also passed through alabama weekly um as a truck driver so here’s another one oh yeah okay it’s pretty

Nice um they don’t show you the inside so i don’t know why but again just want to make you aware of some options all right so let’s see what else they have look at this one this one is in fayette mississippi it’s 2 000 down so you can use that as a down payment and 674 a month if you don’t have the cash to pay up front then the note would be 62 000 and you

Know if you have issue with credit or don’t want to go to a bank and take out a mortgage which usually you probably won’t be able to get a mortgage for a property like this because um it has to pass an inspection so more than likely these houses won’t pass inspection so if you’re gonna do something like this it’ll probably probably be best to get a personal loan

And in that way you don’t have a lien on your house you don’t have a mortgage um and then that way you can buy it up front but if not you can certainly apply for owner finance and i think you just need to have a job look at this one this one is nice i also go through mississippi um weekly when i’m going to texas so this one i like this one needs some work done in

The bathroom but again i don’t think they sell you any properties without you going to actually see them so you might have to take a trip down to um one of these states if you’re gonna buy a property out of state you know take a look before you buy it this is pretty nice very nice see that okay so here’s an example of if you wanted to look up a specific state so i

Just searched virginia and these are the three uh properties that they have available in virginia for right now um there’s no owner financing available on any of these properties this one is so the other website that i wanted to show you was so here you can see all the properties that they have available and mainly these properties are either

Land or actual houses on land and um a lot of times with these properties they have a couple acres that you get with it here in florida on the coast they have three three properties available um in alabama they have two so i like to look over here in this area because this is close to where i live um let’s see what they have in north carolina all right so they

Have something over here on the east side okay it’s a trailer oh and a lot of these property properties on this website are trailers so if you’re open to um buying a trailer then this would be a good resource for you okay so this one is 39 900 if you have the cash up front and if you’re interested in a trailer um but if you don’t have the money up front this

Is available with owner financing for two thousand dollars down four hundred and eighty dollars a month so again there’s some options you have okay so this one here is close to the virginia state line in north carolina and roanoke rapids roaring oak rapids okay so this one is 52 000 if you have the cash up front let’s see if you don’t have the cash up front

It is available at 2500 down with 5.90 a month that’s not bad um

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Finding Owner Financed Property & Cheap Cash Fixer Uppers…. Tax Return used Wisely🤔 #realestate By Happii Israelite Homestead