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President and CEO, Dave Bleazard of First Service Credit Union talks about the benefits of purchasing a car through a credit union versus a bank.

If you’re still driving the same car your grandmother had and not by choice our next guest says the key to your new dream vehicle could be an auto loan welcome to president and ceo of first service credit union david blizzard hello it is international credit union day so congratulations well thank you we went international to make people aware of what a credit

Union is versus a bank so tell us well it’s a financial institution that’s owned by the members who have an account there we have every product and service that a consumer would want from a financial institution but we’re owned by our members so that’s all we do is serve them yeah and you take pleasure in actually knowing your members yeah we try to actually get to

Know you and know all about your life and try to help you with your financial needs that’s kind of different today is yeah alright with cars often times people will go with like a car companies a credit service that they have but there’s great advantages to getting an auto loan with the with the credit union absolutely you know at a credit union you’re always going

To get better terms and conditions and usually a better rate and so what we try to do is educate our members that if you come to the credit union first let us get you pre-approved for car loan and at times it can even be a better deal than taking a 0% yeah and people say well how is that possible well sometimes when you take the zero-percent financing you give up

The rebate that’s associated with but if you come to the credit union and get alone with our low rates and take the rebate you’re better off as low as one point nine nine percent yes ser i remember the first car ever bought it was twelve percent oh well this is where is it you got to know what percent means cuz 12 it sounds like a small number if you’re like if

You have twelve dollars it’s like a small number but twelve percent means something different oh right that’s a very very high interest rate yeah yeah okay so you know you could save thirty nine dollars a month on certain things you can nearly three thousand dollars over the life of the loan so add it all up do your homework and you do remember for us right that

You come in will do all the homework for you will tell you whether it’s better for you to take 0% from the dealer whether it’s better to finance of the credit union and sometimes it isn’t better but most times it is because you’re giving up all the rebates and the incentives and you don’t want to do that ok we have our speaking of car loans a question from one of

Our audience members here hello there my parents bought me a card 2013 is that considered a new or used car ok we asked audience at 2013 this when they bought her a car is that newer use do you think use ok we all think used because i think the minute you bought it the minute you bought it is i thought it was considered a used car but as it relates to financing

And pricing a vehicle basically model years twenty thousand and twelve thirteen and fourteen are all considered new in terms of our rates wow okay so now if we do have our cars a little bit older but we’re still making payments on all we bought it used does it still pay for us to go through first service credit union and try to adjust that cost absolutely and in

Fact it’s one of the things we do a lot of if you have a car and you’ve been paying on it for a while come and call us we probably have a better rate we can save you money who doesn’t want more money in their pocket every month yeah yeah i’ll take some all right let’s go through some of the other services and other loans that you all make there so we make signature

Loans maybe you just want anything um the holidays are coming up we have holiday loans maybe want to do some christmas shopping or holiday shopping we have that lifestyle loans perhaps you need some sort of enhancement like you know maybe i need lap band or something well we can get no i didn’t you have been an insurance plan they’ll take care of that for you and

Then of course after the holidays if you look at all those bills that role in you go uh oh you can consolidate loans and the advantage of doing that is what well if you do a debt consolidation loan chances are you going to pay much less interest and much less per month to repay it and you’ll probably repay it quicker even with that so so debt consolidation loan is

Good of course we do boats and planes and rvs and atvs and any kind of loan that a consumer would want yeah and as you mentioned earlier because you’re owned by your members there’s a certain amount of responsibility that also figures into this yeah i mean being a member of a credit union and anyone who lives works or worships in harrison waller county is eligible

To join the credit union you’re an owner of that financial institution and so of course you want to repay your debts to the institution that you own yeah and then the course if you have a savings account something as simply as simple as a savings account yeah on the saving side we offer every kind of savings product a money market a certificate a holiday club a

Regular savings account and we typically pay much higher interest rates on saving a savings accounts as well so you’ll save more yeah my son is 10 years old and he has an account here and he loves to tell his friends i was here i’m talking to us you know i i kind of own part of a service or credit union and they’re like really he really does right yeah he wants

To know how much exactly but it buddy owns a little corner of that right there right alright well first service credit union has a special offer for viewers if you apply for a new car loan online and you’re approved you will receive a $25 gift card but you must use the code great day that will fill up your car with gas for more information call 713 six seven six

Seven seven seven seven seven one three six seven six seven seven seven seven or log on to fsc you calm thank you very

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First Service Credit Union on Great Day Houston – Auto Loans By First Service Credit Union