For Years, Theyre Hiding From Aliens; Turns Out Theyre The Aliens Themselves

In a strange world where humans do not eat, a man keeps on dreaming about an alien invasion, until one day, it becomes reality.

The movie starts in a busy town center where everyone’s going about their daily lives the atmosphere seems to be a mixture of calmness and tranquility indicating that the city is free from the disease that is crime suddenly hundreds of unidentified flying objects come tearing through the sky and start indiscriminately shooting innocent civilians a man named peter

Watches it transpire in horror from a building until the flying machines fire a missile towards him right then peter wakes up in a cold sweat next to his wife alice it turns out peter has been experiencing recurring nightmares in his dreams he and everyone he knows suffer through violent alien invasion-like confrontations with an unknown enemy alice has advised her

Husband many times to consult a psychiatrist but he always ignores her mentioning that it’ll pass this is strained the couple’s relationship and now they mostly just try to ignore each other this must be what it’s like to be married to tom delong alice and peter have two daughters named hannah and lucy who are also worried about him but peter always claims that

He will eventually figure out every everything himself the next day it becomes clear that the environment at peter’s home is quite tense because of his recurrent nightmares therefore to lighten everyone’s mood before leaving for work peter promises to take his family to the pier later that day much to little lucy’s excitement he also promises to host a party the

Next day to celebrate alice’s promotion at work the strange thing about the city is that all the children are always at home because there are no schools here and education is non-existent moreover everyone seems to be too distant from one another although there are interactions they seem to be very cold and ingenuine later at work peter again has strange visions

Causing one of his equipment to crash as he snaps out of his dream and tries to fix the machine his boss david arrives there david is an empathetic and understanding man who is aware of peter’s problems so he recommends him to a good clinic peter disagrees that it’s all in his mind believing that what he is seeing are actual prophetic visions of an invasion that

Will soon come from the sky however david warns him to oblige or else he won’t be allowed to continue working at the office anymore shortly after he again experiences some strange visions in one of them some gunmen storm into a building and start shooting everyone inside just then he wakes up disturbed and realizes that he’s been dreaming again at work to make

Matters worse he’s also late for the family outing leaving his children devastated hence fed up with what his life has become he finally decides to visit the clinic the next day he announces to alice that he has already fixed an appointment with a doctor much to her surprise and a joy at the clinic peter meets a fellow patient named chris who reveals that he is also

Having the same visions he then starts telling some strange theories like someone wants to control them by erasing their thoughts these people are violent and deadly and they are coming to earth very soon peter is confused by the conversation but he chooses to ignore it since the place is filled with mental patience peter is a hypocrite after chris goes in for his

Appointment peter has another strange vision this time he sees his boss david and his family armed with guns and walking around the city after peter snaps out of it he deduces that his visions are of an upcoming coming invasion which he does not want to be erased hence he leaves the clinic without treatment when he returns home alice asks him about his session and

He comes clean to her peter thinks that he is meant to see these things and that something bad is about to befall them fed up with all the bs alice cuts him short and tells him to just get ready for the party however at the party strangely no one seems to be eating anything as if they don’t need it peter also continues to act strange and constantly looks at the

Sky through the telescope on the balcony when his neighbor ray comes over to talk a strange luminous object falls from the sky peter thinks he is dreaming but rey confirms that those objects are in fact real this attracts the attention of alice and rey’s wife samantha so they decide to join the men at the balcony suddenly the flying object crashes into a nearby

Building sending massive shock waves that tear the city apart this also causes peter and the group to go flying through the glass window and into their apartment they quickly get up and have another look through the balcony only to find thousands of similar flying objects descending on earth from the sky above terrified they rushed back into the home peter looks

For his children and learns that hannah is at rey’s place hanging out with her daughter maddie wasting no time he rushes to find the girls with rey but just then an alien soldier appears and opens fire on them the men narrowly escape and run for cover after the soldier leaves they look for the girls and eventually find them inside a trapped elevator inside they

Also find the dead body of a woman confirming that whoever is flying those ships has declared war on the city after rescuing the girls they notice an armed soldier killing other residents mercilessly they momentarily hide and at an opportune time the two families part ways after reaching his apartment peter confronts alice and tells her that everything that is

Happening right now he saw it in his dreams but in a different order he doesn’t know what will happen next but he feels that they should head for the factory where he works the two then hear the sound of more people getting gunned down so they barricade the main door before hiding the girls in their room suddenly someone tries to force through the main door prompting

The terrified couple to hold it from the other end unfortunately amidst the chaos lucy walks out of the room to look for her soft toy herman and hides under a table meanwhile after failing to gain entry through the door the armed alien makes a hole through the wall frightened peter and alice run back to their daughters only to realize that lucy has ventured out by

Then the arm daily and finds lucy and pauses to closely examine her taking advantage of the slight distraction peter attacks the soldier from behind alice also arrives at the scene and together the couple finally subdues the alien following this peter arms himself with the soldier’s weapon and leads his family to the roof there they reunite with rey and his family

All of them are shocked and devastated to witness their once sprawling city covered in fire this is what happens when your kids don’t go to school just then an alien drone surveys the building with a flashlight prompting them to quickly hide from it then they realize that they cannot be at the rooftop for long and decide to move down with the help of the glass

Cleaner’s lift but unfortunately one of the supports of the crane’s snaps forcing them to enter an empty apartment meanwhile it’s revealed that the soldier from earlier is still alive it is now looking for the family tracking them with a homing signal on the gun taken by peter on the other hand peter examines the alien’s gun and realizes that it has a biometric

Trigger which can only be shot by its owner after hearing some aliens approaching them he tells the group to hurry to his factory’s basement as it is the only safe place according to his visions but since the entire region is surrounded by aliens he doesn’t know how to reach it luckily alice suggests that they can still reach the basement through the tunnels that

She discovered during her work suddenly an alien ship opens fire at them from outside killing rey and his family on the spot peter quickly escorts his family out of the apartment but encounters two armed aliens in the hallway they quickly hide and peter desperately tries to bypass the rifle’s biometric authentication fortunately he succeeds in the neck of time and

Kills the soldiers peter and his family then make their way out of the building and proceed towards the tunnel but right before they can get in the alien ships start firing at them injuring alice in the process peter tends to his wife the alien soldier from earlier catches up to them and attacks him however peter puts up a fight and breaks the alien’s helmet to

Everyone’s shock the soldier removes his helmet and reveals that he is also a human peter demands answers but seeing his wife bleeding out he threatens the soldier with a gun and orders him to carry alice to the factory there peter and his family unite with his boss david and some other armed men the soldier is apprehended and a doctor on the scene tends to alice

His wounds to peter’s shock the medic seemingly electrocutes alice as if she is tech equipment david then explains to peter that the invasion has been expected for many years in fact most of the people on earth knew that this day would come after further examination on alice the medic informs peter that she has received extensive damage to her internal organs and

Hence she cannot be saved just then the soldier who is being dragged off for execution shouts that he can save alice initially peter assumes that he’s simply trying to wriggle his way out of the situation but when he looks at his dying he decides to give the soldier a chance he also decides to stay with the soldier and alice letting david evacuate their daughters

To a subway station where a transport train awaits them to take them all to an off-site base before leaving the daughters bid their parents an emotional goodbye with no assurance of seeing them alive again shortly after the soldier tears open alice’s wound and peter is shocked to see several wires inside her body he panics and demands answers to his surprise the

Soldier reveals that alice is an artificial intelligence robot peter is taken aback by the revelation and he becomes speechless however the soldier tells him that if he wants to save alice he needs an alternate source of power which is peter himself at the soldier’s guidance peter takes a pocket knife and warily starts cutting open his own chest but even though

He makes a deep cut he feels no pain at all after he is through with the process he notices artificial organs and wires inside his body confirming that he is also synthetic as he tries to get a grasp on the revelation the soldier brings out a cable and connects it between two synthetics causing peter to pass out during this period he experiences in detail about

His recurring nightmares it turns out what he had thought were visions of the future are actually memories of a past war many years back the humans created synthetic robots to serve them and ultimately make the world a better place to live in however the synthetics became too smart and started a revolution demanding equal rights as their human counterparts they

Wanted to go to school have emotions have a family and even bear children like the humans however their requests were immediately rejected fearing an impending war the human military attacked the unarmed synthetics and killed a lot of them but the ai synthetics fought back and using their impeccable physical strength and advanced brains they eventually drove the

Humans off of the earth even peter himself killed one of them it is also revealed that peter and alice met during the tension one day while fighting against the humans they came across hannah and lucy who were grieving for their deceased parents the girls are synthetics but they were adopted by human parents probably because they couldn’t have children of their own

Seeing their pitiable condition peter and alice calmed them down and decided to adopt them at last to deal with the guilt of how they killed humans most synthetics including peter and his family wiped their memories of the war and lived as humans unaware of their nature or history however people like david chose to keep their memory so that they could prepare for

The humans who were hell-bent on taking revenge we also get to know that the clinic that peter went to earlier is one of the places where the synths had their memories suppressed and now that some synths are getting fragments of their memories back they’re again being sent there back in the present peter and dallas wake up and the soldier miles explains that after

The humans fled from earth on spaceships they arrived on mars and started rebuilding for their ultimate vengeance during their time there the elders taught the children that the synths are terrible creatures who only know how to kill and after 50 years of planning they finally built advanced machinery and weapons with the help of which they have come back to reclaim

What’s supposedly theirs however miles had always expected this to be monsters not families with children and after getting a good look at lucy under the table he decided that he couldn’t kill anyone after hearing him out peter has taken aback but nonetheless he thanks miles for his help before departing with his wife but as they reached the tracks they are caught

Between intense gunfire between the synthetics and the humans fortunately the synthetics stands strong allowing peter and alice to escape from the place and eventually reach the station where the train is about to take off the humans arrive even there but the resilient david pegs them back with some rounds allowing peter alice and himself to get on the train after

The train takes off david reveals that he had to keep his memory in order to prepare for the upcoming war a decision which turned out to be fruitful peter smiles at him gently and hopes that someday there can be peace between humans and synthetics the movie ends as the train gets out of the dilapidated city ensuring that the synths on board can have ample time to

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For Years, They’re Hiding From Aliens; Turns Out They’re The Aliens Themselves By Mystery Recapped