Foreign Direct Investment & Foreign Portfolio Investment.

What is the difference between FDI and FPI?

Hello my dear students as i said in my next video i’m going to speak about foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment so i have prepared so i have prepared my materials my notes and we’ll just be clear about it also as i promised i’m going to speak in english and hindi so that the language is not a barrier to our education and learning let’s

Begin with first of all we need to know that both of them fbi and fbi both are foreign investment meaning foreign country is investing in our home country foreign country mclubbe ba ha kodesh home country mclubbe hamari in india india is a home country so now what is the difference between the two first of all we are beginning with foreign direct investment no

According to or a cd now what is o e cd it is organisation for economic cooperation and development according to them foreign direct investment is a long-term relationship between the direct investment of a foreign entity in the home country now escameca lokahi baraka ake investor a jew hammadi – me you see company may invest cut ahead very good the portfolio

Being here up under castle now fdi may both important part yeah that 10% of the ownership should belong to the foreign country but love company hemara licking who’s made us percent ten percent of the ownership or ordinary shares both your head vogel foreign country capacitor investor capas belong karthik waha maganda here at them and love with us percent minimum

Dispersed said baba her dishka foreigner samara manipulate concept i am a control kar sakta head wound go boating power diya jacket ok ticket up fbi karen no in fbi the foreign companies the private equity companies the venture capital company jovi foreigner head mohammadi country may american trick accompany me invest you celia container you can encode profit

Tree they just want to invest in a country’s company and realize the profit the financial benefit and go back to that country ok now it watch is to birth he important it that is a foreign direct investment ok will long-term picker chatter him a club parcel yes dada whoa motives are paid at kiddie mark made of kid a plan that and that is how the invest so that

So that other prophet who are so very good but a girl loss who are thus person carlos for fdi value khobar – panico give second africa they have to bear it they have to incur the loss so would thus person can roast your hair even so that loss who profit me they can convert that is why it’s a long-term process however fbi is a very short-term process death jesse

You know need iike the accompany profit kagura hair profit they are earning profits they come the invest they realize the profit they go back that’s a short-term profit that’s a short-term planning investment so fdi pants areas are the fbi parts alia come no equal cheese super hot important fdi jo hair it country meilani me if india wants that fdi comes and

Invests in india it’s a very costly thing to india whereas bringing fbi into india is very easy however fdi say benefits joe india koga musa dagh hey lick in fbi music india could you benefit saga book coming q or vc button fbi joe head profit leaking purpose of the dish magellan tiger no i would wrap it up over here however i’ll make sure to give you a spring

Of failed notes that is basically a new york document joe i’m going to share with you people which has everything in details italy to talk to you about fdi and is going to talk to you about fbi is going to talk to you about the differences between fbi and fbi go through them if you feel that you need to know more do ask your doubts again very big question you

Must be thinking why should i know about fdi and fbi okay the thing is indium a jitney companies and mostly are getting their funding from abroad now when you go to them for a job during your interview they are obviously going to question you where they you know what is foreign investment do you know the difference between the forest investment so knowing the

Difference between fdi and fbi is very important for any any any interview may that be your mba interview may then be a job interview and a few people are pursuing your twelfth even it is important during your bachelor’s entrance tests if you have a for example if you’re planning to take up economics if you’re planning to take up vba for these things you have

Entrances which is important to know the difference between fdi and npa in my next video i am planning to talk about cryptocurrency do let me know if you have some better topics you want me to talk about i would be happy to talk about that thank you

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Foreign Direct Investment & Foreign Portfolio Investment. By Ecofunomics LLP