Free Investment Tools: Introduction to Google Finance

Google Finance no longer supports the features outlined in this video. Here is a link to a Yahoo Finance Video:

Hey everyone welcome back to drawbridge finance my name’s levi would and i do not work in the financial industry and i’m not offering financial advice i am however a longtime investor and i wanted to share with you some ideas on how to help educate yourself one of the free tools that i use on a daily basis is google finance i love it it’s super powerful for

Researching whatever kind of stocks or mutual funds or whatever you might want to invest in if i can’t find something on google finance i usually don’t buy it that’s one of my own rules i just wanted to show you guys how google finance works and just give you a basic overview of how i have my some of my chart settings and how i look at my newsfeed so you can see

What i’m looking at so first thing we’re going to do is actually go over to google finance type in finance immediately comes up google finance i can click on here and i’m going to the because i’m up in canada but i could go down to if i wanted once i’m actually at google finance this comes up with a market summary and we can see we’re in the

Market section over here on the left i’m going to start up at the search bar right at the top of the screen we need to be able to search for something now the search bar for regular google the financial one works a little bit differently what it’s trying to do is actually come up with a ticker or the symbol which is like a unique id for each stock or mutual fund

That you’re trying to purchase if i start to type in something you’ll see that it pulls up portions of the ticker these on the left or the the ticker so that’s coming up with i’m not actually going to find the ticker right now i’m going to actually type in the whole word of google and you’re going to see that as i get there it no longer can find the ticker that

It’s looking for it goes to this secondary search and it tries to find an actual stock name click on the search button and you’re going to see that it loads up the actual stock so now it’s showing me alphabet inc which is the google parent company kind of looking at this middle section of the screen and this is the details about this particular stock so starting

At the top we’ve got the name and then we have this this portion right here which is the exchange that it trades on and then this is the ticker or the symbol then the next thing is big numbers that we see is actual price as we’re looking at it in real-time it says it’s 1052 a.m. if this number is actually going to change and so they’re just changed now and you

Can see if it’s green it’s going up and if it’s red it’s going down then this plus portion is the price change from the previous clothes what it’s saying is that it’s up 41 cents or point zero five percent from yesterday’s clothes that’s an indicator of what the price movement is it also says your currency and us dollars and then there’s a couple details here

So this shows that the trading range for the day this is the lowest price it’s been 8 38 and then the upper price has been 844 so you can see that google actually has like a six dollar range today over the last year it’s had a down as low as six hundred and seventy two dollars and up as eight seventy for today’s open price was eight forty two so we’re trading a

Little bit lower than the open price right now so far today we’ve traded just under a half million shares and the normal daily trading volume is 1.3 million shares does the market capacity this is how many shares are outstanding so 566 billion shares are available for purchase price earnings this is getting into some complex figure rings but you can highlight

Over each of these little things and these are the details about the stock now what are the things i like to look at when i’m when i’m purchasing stocks one of the most important things is right here this dividend yield google doesn’t actually pay a dividend so that was one of the reasons i wanted to show you guys this right away and then we’ll look at some

Stocks to do trade dividend and and how useful they can be and how to look at the chart that way moving down here is the the chart i have some settings set up so that it defaults to three months the blue line is the stock price from january february and march of this year if i click on the three months it won’t change very much but that’s the three months chart

That we’re looking at then we could look at one day so this will show us what the trading price has been today so this is related to the the range that we’re seeing up here that eight thirty eight to eight forty four you can see what time of day it was and what the stocks actually doing now i am not a day trader so i’m not looking at like the one day or the five

Day oftentimes i’m looking at the three month is what my default is then i look at the six months and then i skip over to the one-year so that’s the price of the stock over the last year and the price of the stock over the last five years and you can see that google is a growing company you can see that this blue line is going up they also notice that i have some

Red and green lines on here and what those are is it’s actually showing you the simple moving average which is the average price over the last 50 days in red and the average price over the last 200 days in green and as i scroll over the chart i can actually see any of the individual prices so i can look here it says december 11th if i hover over that it actually

Tells you the price was what the moving average was on that particular day so you can go through time and kind of scrub back and forth you can also adjust the chart down here by just moving this timeline so that you can look at a specific type of two month period if you want or one year and you can scroll along as well and it kind of auto adjust oftentimes i just

Look at the three months six months and then you know you have to look back in time to see what it stocks doing so that’s how you change your stock look now let’s scroll down a little bit further down the page and we’re still looking at this center section and trying to ignore the ads that are popping up the side and this next section is related companies so

This will show you companies that are similar to google that also trades so we’ve got like yahoo on here and microsoft and this is a good thing if you’re trying to compare companies you can actually just click right on those if you if you like one investment company and you’re looking for a similar investment you can just click it give kind of gives you ideas of

Other things that might be performing similarly the next thing we’re going to look at is the description of the company so it tells you a little bit about the company and it tells you who the officers are so you can read that it also has links on them on the right hand side we’ve got website links external links address and some some key stats and ratios pretty

Much everything you need to know about the stock is right here on this one page and most importantly i think this stuff at the top is important and the dividend yield being like the most important thing in my mind because i’m a dividend investor so let’s take a look at another stock and i’m going to look at a bank so you guys know that i like to look at bank

Stocks so i’m going to pull up cibc one of the things you’ll notice is because this is looking for tickers if i type in cibc it actually is coming up with mutual funds these mu t is a mutual fund and then under square canada when i click of search button this time it’s going to give me a list different stocks that are available so here’s the company stocks at the

Top and you can see we’ve got two different ones basically cibc is a large company so they have an american ticker that trades on the new york stock exchange and they have a canadian ticker which trades on the toronto stock exchange if i was canadian i would want to buy on the canadian stock market and if i was american i would want to buy on the american stock

Market the reason for that is because the dividends that they pay out get affected differently in your taxes we could talk about that in a different video what i’m going to look at is we’re going to just scroll down this page we’re going to see other things that are related to cibc and you can see here that they have all of the mutual funds that cibc offer are

Actually here on this page so you can like look up you know the cibc canadian bond by the ticker number so this is the ticker the cib for 76 you can actually look at all that information if you delve into it what we’re going to take a look at is the actual cibc stock we’re going to look at the dividend one of the first things we come up with we’ve got the price

116 16 and this one does pay a dividend so i want you guys to focus on this line for a second we can see that this pays a dividend of $1 27 so this first number is in dollar amount the second number is a percentage that dollar 27 dividend just works out related to the stock price of one hundred and sixteen dollars to four point three seven percent if we look at

The one year chart on this you can see this little blue d on the chart and it shows you what day the dividend paid out so you can see that it paid out a dollar 21 on june 24th of last year then again dollar 21 but you can see that this is a dollar 27 which means that this last one over here will be a dollar 27 this dollar number 127 is always the last of an mpo

Also what we can see is that dividends that were paid in the last 12 months added together divided by the share price give you the percentage of how much a paid o in the last 12 months so that’s how it’s calculating out that percentage that below this chart you’re actually seeing the volume so this is showing you the amount of shares that were traded and if there

Was any abnormal trading activity you can see where there was like a large number of shares traded hands put these spikes that appear next thing we’re unity we’re going to look at one more stock what it’s going to be is boston pizza one of my favorites just to show you guys here it comes up in this second research is showing the boston highlighted and boston

Pizza royalties income fund trading on the toronto stock exchange and here’s the ticker bps un that’s the one i want so i’m going to click on that and let’s take a look at what this is so again my chart is set up on this three-month gym so that’s what it’s showing the last january february and march prices i want to show you some of the settings that i have to

Make this chart work the way that it does because if we look at a six-months chart you can see the little dividends that it’s paid out it paid out six dividends in the last six months and on the one-year chart it’s paid out twelve dividends on the last year pays out monthly what i like to look at is when when i want to make a purchase i want to make sure that

I’m getting it for a fair price so i have these settings set up so that i can see what’s going on so let’s click down here below the chart and look at the settings category this is how i have mine set up i have the dividends highlighted so that’s showing that these blue marks showing splits now there’s no share splits in here but they would shows a little green

Mark and it would have a little number indicating whether it was a split two to one or seven to one whatever it is the volume this would turn this this portion of the chart on or off and then vertical scale is linear and i have this as a line chart because that’s really easy for me to read i’m not a day trader but you could easily switch to candlestick mode and if

You if you were you can see that the timeframe changes drastically it goes down to this like two minute five minute 30 minute and this is really for people that are trading on a minute-to-minute basis so you can look at the price of the stock as it’s gone through today and you can decide when you’re going to make your trades i totally am not that type of trader

So i’m going to go back to line chart and and then we’re going to look at the default zoom which is three months now you can set this however you want i just like to look at three months it’s kind of a good good indicator for me the next thing we’re going to look at it the technicals now this is the part that took me a little while to figure out what i actually

Needed in here but these are the settings that i use so i have simple moving averages there’s a whole bunch of choices in here you can set up these lines but i have a simple moving average it shows a 50-day period and a 200-day period and you can add more unfortunately google doesn’t allow you right now to have a exponential on the same time it’s a simple so if

I click the exponential on it’ll actually turn off the simple so it’s been unfortunate so i have i do use the exponential moving average but i have to use it and turn off those other two so this is how i have mine set up is the 50 and the 200-day so what that is is it’s showing you these green and red lines then you can use that as an indicator so you can look

Back at the one year chart you know the blue line goes up and down quite a bit but the average line is kind of growing quite nicely so these are the type of stocks that i want to buy use the green and the red lines and i want to make sure that i’m always buying at a time when that that blue line passes down underneath that green line so by having the green and

Red lines there all the time it gives me a good indication of when it’s a good price to get into the stock although these are long-term holdings and i am buying them for the dividends sometimes i want to up my position so i want to buy a little bit more so i can kind of plan out when i want to purchase these and if they were if we were looking at this in the blue

Line was quite a bit above the green line it might not be such a good time to buy the next thing we’re going to look at is the news section there’s two different settings here you can have it by relevance or by date and i have mine set by date so it basically shows the newest news as it comes out you know because i’m a dividend investor the the ones that i look

At here are often these distributions we can click on this and it will take us to the article and it’ll give us an idea of what what the article might be and this one’s pretty typical for a lot of the things that i invest in basically shows the boston pizza has announced a cash distribution of 11.5 cents for february 17th so we know that coming next month there’s

Going to be a dividend payout so let’s just sit back here people’s advertising trying to get you to subscribe to the motley fool they’re trying to create your own passive income empire with these monthly dividends and obviously boston pizza is a good company they’ve been around a long time and they pay a decent dividend at six point three percent annually so

And they have value growth in their stock so when you look at this it’s it’s a really good company to buy and of course companies like the motley fool are going to use these companies as a an indicator of how to make money with their long term finance plan and they want you to click on this and then eventually sign up for their email or everything that’s exactly

Why i don’t offer anything like that don’t even have a site i just have my youtube page so if you guys are enjoying my videos please like the videos share the videos with everybody that you know so that we can help people increase their wealth through education hopefully this has been interesting if you guys have any specific questions about anything please put

Them in the comments below or if you want to know something specific about investing and that you have a question about put that in the comments as well and then i will try to make a video on those specific things to give you guys the answers that you need thank you so much for watching let’s get rich together

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