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Chandler tells Joey, Ross, and Rachel that he’s going to propose to Monica. When there was a mix up at the jeweler’s, Chandler and Phoebe decide to track down and trade rings with the man who bought the ring Chandler was supposed to buy. Chandler is so thankful that the man agrees to trade rings that he accidentally blurts out the man’s surprise proposal to his soon-to-be fiancé.

Oh okay i can’t believe i let you talk me into buying this stupid gumball machine looking ring it’s not a stupid gumball machine looking ring it’s a beautiful ring no it’s not when i looked at the other ring i could see monica’s face when i gave it to her you know and i could see her saying yes when i look at this ring all i see is a ring once i look at it really

Closely and then i can see my own eye look this is the most important thing i’m gonna do in my life i wanna make sure it’s perfect okay there may be a way that we could get the other ring back because i heard the guy tell the jeweler where he was gonna propose so maybe we could get him to trade rings or something can’t do that well you certainly can’t give her

That stupid gumball ring there he is okay and he hasn’t proposed yet because she has no ring on her finger oh wow you’re good after this we should solve christ yeah okay go go go get him oh okay excuse me sir could you come with me please you have a phone call who is it it is your office do you know who at my office john oh john great hi hi okay there was a

Slight mix up the jewelry store the ring you’re about to propose with was supposed to be held for me so i’m gonna need to have that back but in exchange i’m willing to trade you this beautiful more expensive ring wow i would trade it is beautiful but i’m gonna use this one now if you’ll excuse me see this is my fiance and her heart was set on that ring you don’t

Want to break her heart now do you yeah do you want to break a dying woman’s heart you’re dying yeah she’s dying of a cough apparently yes and it is my dying wish to have that ring see if i’m not buried with that ring then my spirit is going to wander the nether world for all okay that’s enough honey uh i don’t know all right let me see the rain great okay

Here all right i’ll do it thank you thank you thank you and you are about to marry a wonderful man hey i’m marrying a dead woman i’ve got something important to tell you guys guys guys i’m gonna ask monica to marry me i think we got to end the freeze out wait a minute is this is this for real yeah check out the ring oh my god so you two are really serious

Yeah pretty much you you’re gonna get married i mean we’re gonna be brothers-in-law and we’re going to be friends again what why did water under the bridge forget it okay i was going to wait till uh it was official you know but i got so excited i just had to tell you guys because you’re my best friend i think i’m gonna cry ah no more crying please i just dumped

One cry baby i’ll dump you two i’m gonna ask monica to marry me oh my god oh my god oh oh you guys are going to be so happy i know where’s all the tissues i’ll leave

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Friends: Phoebe Helps Chandler Trade Engagement Rings (Season 6 Clip) | TBS By TBS