From Living in his Van to making Million Dollars per Month!

In this episode of SnewJ Knows. SnewJ links up with Mario Arrizon – who owns multiple businesses and works in the financial services space – which makes him about $1,000,000 per month. Mario is also an inspirational speaker and coach. In this video we talk about Mario’s come up, how get got to this level of financial freedom, and how he helps others make money. Like I always say, this is never financial advice. Please always do your own research. Enjoy! #millionaire #Finance #entrepreneurship

Around a million dollars a month when after i’m done this house will be like 10 15 million dollars bring out the cars or no i’ll bring out the lambo you bring out the rolls yeah let’s do it to see the other house yeah let’s do it count me in oh baby girl what up guys my name is snooze welcome back to the channel today we’re gonna meet up with mario some of you guys

Remember him from way way way back in that video dude with the aventador well this guy he makes millions and millions and millions of dollars he got a fat crib i’m talking like he’s building a resort so i’m curious you know i want to get down and gritty i want to pick this guy’s brain i want to know how he makes so much money how he helps other people make money

We’re gonna get a house tour we’re gonna get a mansion tour we’re gonna get a resort tour and he’s gonna drop game so get ready for an exciting video because i’m excited if i treat you like one i don’t want and you know i’m just sorry guys boys and girls men and women this is going to be a good one we’re here to meet the man the legend bruh is that the house

Or is this the house this might be the guest house i don’t know but bro what is going on here this guy’s building a resort he got the basketball court and everything let’s go see what’s going on come on hey what’s up my boy come on in how you doing man good good to see you man how’s everything everything’s cool yeah obviously we met before i know your name is mario

But for the people that don’t know you what’s your name introduce yourself what do you do my name is mario erazon i help people get into business in the financial sector so anything in financial services i teach them if they have experience or they’re brand new like step by step what they got to do to become successful but we’ll talk about that later yeah for sure

And i see the drip broke let’s let’s talk about the drip real quick you got the versace on yes got versace some louise on i got this for father’s day beautiful rolling to match with rings and stuff bro i went from living in a van to living in the freaking mansion and this is actually my guest house i was in the front i was like which one is this house like did

You see you’re building a resort yeah yes we’re building a resort so it’s crazy i remember being like so darn broke this is a tip for everybody man go to the neighborhood you want to live in yeah you know get inspired again remember why you started again i remember driving through this neighborhood just like man one day one day i’m gonna live in this neighborhood

And we got the biggest house here dude it’s just crazy though yes but i worked my butt off it’s not just manifest and like it’s gonna happen like what you gotta execute you got to know what you want and get after it yeah 100 well shoot let’s get into the tour bro because i’m curious like i see you building some stuff out here you said you’re building a resort yes

The entire even the guest house it’s uh automated the whole thing is the smart house like the fireplace i can just ask alexa like alexa turn on fireplace that thing oh no you know look at that what the most exciting part about it that it’s this project i have over here it’s over a two million dollar product object just in my front yard yeah it’s an amazing resort

And you’re gonna see why i want to check it out yeah i want to check it out let’s do it so i have a basketball court here that we’re refacing the the court going to be awesome but the big house it’s taking a while but it’s going to be a masterpiece by the time it’s done how much does this cost was like two hundred thousand dollars yeah just to remodel if i came up

With you right now i was like hey i want to buy this guest house how much would you sell it to me for sure i wouldn’t bro this property was built 30 years ago he dropped three million dollars look at this thing it’s gonna have waterfalls everywhere this is brand new last time we were hanging out for a bit this wasn’t even here yeah this wasn’t here i could only

Imagine how that’s gonna look it’s gonna look crazy it’s gonna be crazy i can’t wait until you come back when it’s completed we got to come back guys because look at this i don’t know what’s going on here bro are you gonna have like like an actual hotel being built here out here it’s a big old outdoor indoor kitchen with entertainment so if i bring anyone out to

Like perform they’re going to be able to have a stage here okay so that’s the stage this is not just any regular pool it’s going to be a wave pool like so it’s going to be like the ocean i’ll have stand down here yeah you have a lazy river a wave pool can i ask you a personal question yeah how much money do you make per month around a million dollars a month a

Million a month yeah and this is why you got all this yes and by the way i’m not all flash no cash i live in an apartment having millions of dollars they’re already invested in apartment room i live under my means because a lot of people they get a little bit of cash and they spend it i pay this with the interest of my money yeah smart that’s how you do it and i

Can get into that too we’ll get into that this guy i want to pick his brain guys we’ve got to get into it we’ll bring out the cars right now i’ll bring out the lambo you’ll bring out the rolls for real yeah let’s do it to see the other house yeah let’s do it bro count me in foreign you just press this button right here okay bam umbrella just be rolling a month

This is what it gets here bro how much does this car go for right now i’ve been there going like for like 350 400 000. that’s a house crazy we’re being boujee right now with the sunlight yeah i don’t know hey you got to protect your skin man i mean the lambo yes you want me to bring it up what happened good morning bro i have no idea i bought it this way so

The guy that i bought it for her he put 80 000 in extra parts but when i got it so trip on this as soon as i bought it here bro i’ll buy it back oh for real yeah oh my god he even offered like 50 grand on top of what i bought it for so he was fired up yeah the setup because like you could tell he lowered it yeah the forgiatos on it yeah he hooked it up the carbon

Fiber everything it’s awesome how much does this go for this one do lamborghinis are going for like 750 right now the the ventadors uh they’re up there inspired everyone’s inspired right now watching huh so the coolest part is my wife and i used to drive through this neighborhood we used to see this house with a blue roof one of the greatest guys you’ll ever

Meet his name is ali he actually owned 159 little caesars in all of california like if you ate a little caesar in california you ate one of his spots yeah yeah he’s like the franchise king and he built this he calls this pizza money that’s exactly what it is you’re gonna fill a little scarface in here that was the era that’s just happening so he dropped a lot of

Money until you’re gonna see like the italian marble floors here as soon as you walk in see how much does this house cost right here dude this right here by itself to rebuild this just to rebuild the house alone not the property will be our at least over three million dollars three million when after i’m done this house will be like 10 15 million dollars so 10 15

Million for the property and everything for everything yeah everything 15 mil for every everything wow yeah it’s almost sitting out almost four acres and it’s amazing and this area to have that is bananas in southern california shoot whoa let’s take a drive 12 22 yeah so it’s empty right now because we’re remodeling everything this is my house we’re remodeling

Everything here’s all the plans on this side of the structural stuff of what we’re doing we’re actually extending the house a little bit bigger because it’s not big enough for four of us you know no i’m just kidding building a live-size theater we have a big family not just my blood family but my family my our team is not like family they are a family oh yeah so

They come over we have a blast we sell in the dream i remember someone doing that for me and it did everything i remember walking into a house not like this but it was awesome yeah and i’m like dude one day i’m gonna have a house like this and here you are dude living the dream bro you know square footages right now it’s sitting at around 11 000 11 000 but it’ll

Be around 14 000 by the time we’re done just the main house this is my office here and he actually left me this he signed multi-million dollar deals here a lot of players like basketball players like kevin garnett’s been here no way yeah they played basketball or full-time yeah they’re really good friends yeah and uh he has i’m dunking and all that stuff out there

I don’t know him like that i know the owner of it he’s super cool but uh man i’m a big kobe fan man like big kobe fan bro look at this right here me too bro yeah yeah absolutely why didn’t you go to my office that’s where you need to see like that we are going to be impressed i’ve dropped three million dollars into that thing it’s ridiculous yeah let me show you

This way if we go this way here by the time you come back you’re gonna see that it’s gonna be a wine cellar so that’s what the permits under here yeah okay and right here you’re gonna see there’s an elevator that’s going to go up so it’s going to be underground first floor second floor and then the terrace up there okay because it has the craziest view and when

We look up here next time it won’t be empty like this you’ll see an aquarium here really i’m building a aquarium where you can walk through and have like crazy aquarium i always wanted that i don’t know why bro i wanted a fish tank you know what let’s go big you know so i’m gonna have an aquarium guys hold on sorry to cut you out guys look we gotta come back when

Your house is done we i want to see all of this bro because that’s going to be like it’s gonna be inspiring so you got a little waterfall action right here yeah he he has oh it’s it’s awesome man that’s a vibe bro waterfalls everywhere i’ll be meditating here every day right this is the area here we’re extending the house this way for this big of a house the kitchen

Didn’t fit so we’re extending it this way i want to put a large kitchen man this pool is really cool at night lights up fire everything it’s really cool the vibe is amazing watching the view here at night it’s just spectacular man or a lazy river isn’t enough it is not enough yeah so this is our private pool the other one’s going to be more for like entertainment

Everybody out there you literally got like 10 backyards in in your house crazy bro i just wanted one backyard you know it’s their place the way they did this is like the titanic kind of deal remember like the staircase like that so going up i’m going to show you something what got my attention so this is where the elevator is going to be no it’s already planned

Out and then look at this thing you got a sneaky staircase here too look at this man when i seen this i was like what i’m like this is the house you gotta get it it’s relaxing you just yeah just hear the water and watch so we’re remodeling all this all this is going to be glass yeah to go with the vibe it’s gonna be awesome every room has its own walk-in closet

Own restroom every room here so there’s eight rooms okay they’re all they’re all little mini masters so i really gutted them each one of them and we’re gonna reface it it’s gonna be awesome but the views man that’s what is amazing this used to be the theater room here but we’re gonna make it slash like the jam we’re extending the house to the left and it has amazing

Views so this is going to be like the gym slash spa and look at these views man it’s just wow oh my goodness it’s just beautiful this is amazing bro i’m just soaking it in you know i’m just trying to breathe the same air that you breathe right now honestly i used to think like man you have to get lucky like no gotta have a little bit of luck in there you know what

It’s about it’s about hanging around the right people man that when you’re slacking off like hey bro what are you doing get back on track holding each other accountable super important and whatever you want to do like let me give you an example like we go to a restaurant and i want to be like i want to order all this bad stuff but you order first yeah and you’re

Like man i’ll get a salad i’ll get some water i’ll do i’m you know what i’m gonna be like you know what bro i’ll get a salad too and i’ll get a water because you just influenced me and peer pressure is real it really is my peer just pressured me to do better to eat better and then like hey what do you do tomorrow is hit the gym like all right cool yeah because i

Want to be around your surgery by example exactly well same thing here most people they say they want it but they take weekends off yeah my mom’s uh birthday was yesterday and that’s awesome but they used to say even on her birthday like mario what type of son are you it’s mother’s day you’re working on mother’s day yeah you know what i told them what are you tell

Them that’s why i’m working so hard so every day can meet my mom’s mother’s day who says once a year who says once a year i can celebrate my mom’s day that’s an employee mindset i’m just being real and i’m not trying to offend anybody like oh well what about dude we need great employees don’t get me wrong but if you want to have this type of lifestyle it can’t be

Working for somebody out little by little you got to start dreaming you gotta hang around other entrepreneurs that’s true it’s very important you hear that guys he knows what he’s talking about bro look at this this is crazy here’s the master we’re also extending it this way also so all this will be gone it’ll be all glass so no more balcony huh yes we’re actually

Extending the balcony close to the pool over here look at this you see where those their stakes are at like that those pieces right there yeah yeah that’s where the balcony is going to be at so we’re extending the room here so we’ll have an outdoor indoor kitchen amazing balcony for us too and wow amazing view the house is beautiful what what got me was the view

And you got a fireplace yeah you got a fireplace in there that’s yeah oh hell no this is crazy you got a jacuzzi yeah bro jacuzzi enjoying the view oh and another balcony all right mario let’s get down to business let’s do it i’m sure there’s a lot of people that are curious on the steps on how you got to this level right tell us a little bit about like your

Upbringing like how did you get to this point where did you start from you know just give us a little insight my mom had me when she was 15 years of age so she was a teenager she was a kid having a kid at first everything was good my mom and dad were together but by the time i was five my little brother johnny was a newborn they got a divorce and man we struggled

Dude i went from a limit in a two-story house having my own room my own toys to literally living in a van with my mom i remember feeling that like man where’s my dad and going to school kids used to make fun of me that we were just we had a little bit less than them people can look at it that way and feel sorry for themselves and i did or you can use that pain to

Push you to greatness true what happened is my dad i reunited with my dad and he brought me into this company of financial services and i’m like dude sounds amazing and like any opportunity out there there’s a lot of people that join and they’ll make it and there’s people that actually stick with it like working out how many people join the gym and give up yeah

It’s a discipline thing what are some of the steps that you took to get to that level of like selling insurance like what do you have to do personally to get at that point first step is every state’s different some require schooling some don’t in the state of california where i’m at was a 32-hour course at the time it was 52 hour course so i took my course got my

State license and then i learned how to sell so state license and then learn to learn how to sew okay and having leadership is super important like what to say how to say it when to say it that’s extremely important every single book on how to become successful in any business you want has already been written there’s just not enough readers the secret is you’ve

Got to work your you gotta pay attention to the little things because they compound to be so darn big and i didn’t leave it to chance i don’t know how to change this light youtube being resourceful being resourceful people like oh i don’t have resource bs you’re not resourceful enough yeah yeah it’s how you look at things it is so darn important every time i wanted

To throw in the towel and quit bro i thought about them what if my mom dies of a freaking heart attack or my dad because of so much stress when it got tough when i got nose i threw in the towel yeah people forget their purpose and they just got to be like damn like he’s going through that too he went through that too the same you is not going to get it done you’ve

Got to do some changes right now i’m sure a lot of you guys are getting inspired right now by hearing mario’s story what was the turning point for you though like first commission or whatever it was you know you’re like man you would think it’s something positive it was actually something negative i built a big team in my financial company you know 50 people are

Showing up 50 agents that’s big and i wasn’t even a broker yet i was about to get my promotion i’m doing it big i’m driving to san diego from riverside to san diego like almost on a daily basis sometimes twice a day yeah give my whole heart to this team and just like that all 50 of them were gone the next day what some guy told him hey this company’s better blah

Blah blah and took him to another company i showed up to a meeting bro it was empty i was paying the rent i was so broken-hearted and i remember getting that car with my wife and the whole way back man i was crying and my wife’s like we got this bill coming up we got this bill and dude i wish i can tell you it’s a positive man like no i said they’re gonna regret

It every time i wanted to get negative i’m like dude i’m not going to prove them right i was right yeah this is the greatest company i’m the greatest leader that’s where i figured out how bad i really wanted you you have no idea who you’re going to inspire when you don’t give up and i thought oh he’s just trying to inspire me hell yeah i am you’re just trying

To motivate me yes i am this dream again to have goals and dreams again yes i am it’s good that you’re reminding people about this because a lot of people are discouraged you know like they give up and they’re just like oh i don’t know if this is it for me but it’s really a mindset like you got to tell yourself like i can do this i am going to do this you know i

Appreciate you just telling people that just reminding them or the ones i don’t even know that just needs to hear so it comes to my next question you said when you had that point where the people didn’t show up right that was the one that made you get to the next level yeah and then you became a broker or not company it’s called a regional vice president and it

Changed everything for me man my sister-in-law had a big part on our success my little brother johnny had a big part of a lot of our guys i said they call me coach because i’m a coach in their life not just business but in their life how many people do you have in your team right now now i have a 136 brokers over 5 000 agents that’s dope i know you mentioned this

Briefly but i just got a touch on this subject again is that mario is helping other people like change their lives like they’re making money they’re making a great living and it’s because of like the foundation you built he doesn’t get enough credit for helping other people you know and that’s like that’s important to share so everyone watch you right now like

This guy is literally changing other people’s lives you know like that’s gotta put it out there but um i’ll ask one more question you know i don’t want to take too much of your time what is one thing you know you would leave to the inspired individual right now maybe like a a money tip what would that be that’s a great question for me the biggest investment i ever

Did was in myself second was into my people any books any seminars for me it wasn’t question like i was always there other people would have a mindset i can’t afford to buy that i said i can’t afford not to be there i can’t afford it that’s my mindset i’ve invested into my thinking and having an attitude of gratitude i’m so grateful i didn’t get success right

Away because i would have been an arrogant punt yeah dude i got humbled so bad now i know where my blessings come from yes i’m great at business yes i’m a great motivator i’m a great coach and i’m nothing without god nothing without my wife nothing without my team you take that away from me i ain’t nobody dude with god on my side with my family on my side with

My mindset i’m unstoppable and so are you but who are you hanging around with man mario it was great chatting with you thank you for all the wisdom the advice your come up story how do people find you what’s your social media instagram mario arizona last name dude this is what i do i love inspiring people even in other fields i have a lot of people from a lot of

Different fields that i mentor i coach i love it like what’s your fee like if they show me they want it honestly i don’t even charge them you know what i ask them show me success that’s my fee so make sure you guys follow his social media link in the description as well mario my pleasure man bro that was great you know i’m inspired and i hope you guys are inspired

But baby you know that i’m bad for you yeah why you gotta be so naive if i treat you like one i don’t want and you know i’m just so hard to please you wrapped around my finger

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