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In this episode we’re going to be talking about how to get money to finance a house and more specifically how to get money from private lenders my name is mitch steven and i have over 26 million dollars in private money that is out on the streets today as we speak and i have a payment coming up on the first so i’m going to teach you a little bit about how i learned

To raise that level of money in this episode we’re going to challenge you to improve your elevator pitch and we’re going to teach you how to recognize private lenders and what they are interested in and last but not least you’re going to learn why you are probably the least important part of the equation it’s not about you it’s about something else so what is an

Elevator pitch an elevator pitch is something you use to get out your message it should be short it should be concise it should be to the point and it should roll off your tongue just like that and it should present to the listener do i want what this person has to offer and it should all be done in a very succinct manner so i’m often asked what is your elevator

Pitch to which i have to ask for which business for what need for what company because i have a lot of different elevator pitches but when i’m talking to people about private money or i’m in that mode to start collecting or trying to raise private money from private lenders my elevator pitch goes a little something like this hi my name is mitch steven and i help

Average people achieve above average rates of return on their idle money and i use very very valuable texas real estate as overwhelming collateral now you see right there i got right to the point i can say this literally on an elevator between floor one and floor two and it just comes natural to me i’ve said it a million times now while you’re welcome to copy my

Pitch that’s fine i don’t care use it if you want if it works for you take it but maybe you need to personalize it a little bit to fit you to suit the way that you speak the way you talk so it rolls off your tongue easy when i’m in the private money finding mode i make a promise to myself and a commitment that i’m going to give my elevator pitch to at least one

Person a day sometimes it i get to the end of the day and i realized i haven’t made my elevator pitch so true to my commitment i’ll pull over to the bus stop or to the homeless person under the bridge i’ll get out of my car and i’ll run over and i’ll say my elevator pitch to which they will just look at me with these stymied look on their face and i’ll go back

To my car and say i got my one today i got my one so given that pitch is like exercising a muscle it’s something you need to do every day that you get accustomed to and that you get used to just doing it at least once a day all the time and that’s why i make myself get out of the car and talk to some random people that i really know probably don’t have anything

To offer me but i’ve got to get in my one pitch a day and that’s how i do it so what are private lenders interested in i can tell you one thing they’re interested in making more than one or less than one percent in a bank account that they’re being offered today right now they’re interested in maybe putting their money someplace where they don’t have to wake up

Every single morning and look at a ticker tape on the news to see how much they’re worth they’re tired of gambling they just want a decent rate with a decent rate of return and a decent piece of collateral that will let them sleep at night your target prospect likes the idea of having tangible real estate as collateral and above all else your target prospect is

Probably more than ready to take over responsibility for their own financial future and quit leaving their investments to people who don’t even know their name so how do you identify these people that you’re going to approach as being one of your private lenders obviously they’re going to have to have some kind of savings account or some kind of money to invest

But don’t judge books by the cover let me tell you a story about a private lender that i stumbled into one day you see i had this ups driver that always showed up at my building i owned the building i was on the third floor every day this guy would come in and deliver stuff to our office and then one day i was at a grocery store down the street quite a ways from

My office and i saw the ups guy getting out of this old beat up car so as he got out of his car and and started to walk towards the store i was getting out of mind and we kind of merged like right together and we were walking towards the store and i said hey how’s it going and he said hi and i said so you know i took note of his car his car was pretty bad it was

Pretty beat up it was pretty old i asked him how long you been with ups and he said 26 years now anybody else would have just carried on that conversation 26 years that’s a long time way to go when do you retire you know what my ears hurt my ears heard 401k for 26 years this company matches their investors so for every dollar this guy put in over 26 years ups

Probably matched him i don’t know if the matches 25 percent or 30 or 50 but i know this is a long time 26 years and this guy’s getting matched so what did i say i asked him wow ups is a great company to work for and i think if you’ve been with them like 26 years don’t they have a great retirement plan or something it’s called a matching something i forget you know

Some kind of matching plan he said yeah they got a 401k and they’ll match with it i said yeah i said yeah yeah yeah that i said so have you been taking advantage of that i mean have you put in as much as you can man if i had people that match me i’d put in as much as i could have you been taking advantage of that he said yes i have i’ve always put in the maximum

And then i knew i was talking to the right guy i wasn’t nearly going to ask him what he was worth or what the count was worth but i was very curious and i said how’s it been going because i’ve learned if you can just get people to talk they’ll open up i said so how’s it been going or are you getting close to retiring or is it getting to be where you can retire

Now with that 401k and he said well you know it used to be worth 1.8 million but now it’s only worth like 800 000 because in the last stock market crash i got cut in half he just volunteered that to me and so i told him you know there’s a way whenever you can get your hands on that 401k or when you retire you don’t have to live like that you don’t have to live by

That ticker tape and you might be surprised to know that this guy we had a conversation about private lending and it went very well so the moral of the story there is don’t judge a book by the cover because you never know what people have or where they have it you know this guy he wasn’t 59 and a half yet and that’s what age you have to be for your retirement funds

To mature so that you can get to him he still had two or three or four years to go and so while he might have been driving a beatable car he was worth a substantial amount of money it’s just going to take him a few more years till he could get to it and that’s one of the things i want you to realize about private lenders is you just don’t know if you’ve ever read

A book called the millionaire next door most of the millionaires that are in your circle you’ll never know that they were millionaires you’ll never recognize them they’re just average people that are worth a small fortune and they never talk about it they never say anything about it they don’t wear fancy watches they don’t drive lambos they’re just very secure

Very well-to-do people and they’re quietly going about their life the other thing i’ve noticed is a lot of the people that go into private lending with me and they decide to let me borrow their money or to lend their money to me is they have a basic understanding of real estate they know what a first lien’s worth they know that they’re either going to get paid or

They’re going to get this property and they’re not deathly afraid of getting a property now make no mistake private lenders are doctors they’re lawyers they’re retired they’re whatever they are the last thing they want is to be in the house business because most of them or 99.9 of the people that loan me money have never been in the house business and don’t want

To be in the house business but they are smart enough to understand they’re either going to get paid as agreed or they’re going to get a very valuable piece of real estate as collateral and either way they’re going to be fine in fact the really savvy ones are quick to figure out the worst thing that’s going to happen to them is that they’re going to get paid as

Agreed because if they ever get my real estate they’re going to bump up in the net worth department right away so before i go into the next little segment which is about why you’re the least important part of the whole scenario i want you to make sure you hit that like button if you like what we’ve been talking about and if you know somebody that might benefit

From this conversation please hit the share button and let’s get them out there looking and following along as well the reason why you are the least important factor in the decision for your lender to loan you money is because it’s not about you it’s about the position that the lender is in if they loan take you out of the situation if you’re only looking for

Fifty thousand dollars on a house that’s worth a hundred and fifty thousand this should be an easy loan to get because any lender understands i’m putting up fifty thousand in a loan i’m supposed to get paid back at x percent over x amount of years but if i don’t i get this perfectly good hundred and fifty thousand dollar piece of collateral instead which by the

Way is worth a lot more than the fifty thousand dollars being repaid back to me at this minimal interest rate so never forget it’s about the deal it’s the deal that brings the money it doesn’t matter about your credit it doesn’t matter if you can’t speak the language that well if you haven’t been in the business that long you don’t have a lot of experience you

Filed bankruptcy two years ago it really doesn’t matter because the lender is just saying i’m either going to get paid from this guy or what am i going to get if the what am i going to get is good enough then it doesn’t matter anything about you it matters about the deal now you would go a long ways to help your cause if you would paint a very nice and pretty

And easy picture for your lender to see why you say this house is worth 150 000 get all the comps put them out there for him take pictures show him show him the sales show him everything say look all these houses neighborhood they’re right down the street this one’s sold for x this one’s sold for y you know the average price per square foot in this neighborhood

Based on these 15 sales that have happened within the last six months is this much per square foot now my house is this many square feet if you take the average you put it in this house is clearly worth even more than i’m telling you it’s worth so help yourself by painting a very clear and concise picture of how you’re arriving at the values for that collateral

That you’re posting up for them to lend against imagine how it could help you if you understood about retirement accounts and self-directed 401ks and iras imagine if you understood at least more than the average person about tax deferred retirement accounts and or tax-free retirement accounts you think that would help you talk to people about lending you their

Money especially if they had that money in those accounts or if they didn’t have those monies in those accounts if you could show them how to transfer their money over into accounts that would put their savings tax free or tax deferred i became an expert in self-directed iras and 401ks in educational savings accounts and and health savings accounts because it only

Made sense that’s where the money was there’s billions and billions and billions of dollars in these self-directed savings accounts and in non-self-directed savings accounts that is untapped and if you can teach people how to move into a better position and then get a better rate of return by dealing with you then you can move millions into your business at a

Reasonable rate at a reasonable term and that’s what i’ve done that’s why i have 26 million dollars in private lenders so to get a free ebook a digital ebook from taxfreefuture.com just click on the link below it also will lead you to 37 little video vignettes that’ll blow your mind as to what you can do in the tax free or tax deferred arena and you knowing it

Is going to help you teach it to others and others are going to admire your knowledge and feel safe to invest with you so check out the ebook click on the link right below

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