Future of OM SYSTEM?

The future of OM SYSTEM is an interesting topic. OMDS is a new player in the market.

Now that omds is going full steam and it’s about one year ago when they announced their new brand om system or the reborn of om system and there was also an article about omds in imaging research hi it’s peter here and let’s get right into the business there was an interesting article in meeting research and i will link to that article because i’m using that as

A reference there was an interview of omds personnel and the leadership of omds and they told us a lot about omds and the transition from olympus to om system and also about the future of or not olympus bad om system and omds let’s start with demand and sales the sale has gone up there’s been a lot of new users to olympus brand or the om system brand cameras and

Mainly because of om1 and i still say like i’ve said all the time and every time it is one of the best if not the best camera for bird photographer wildlife photographer if we compare it to others and we have to remember also the price many said that on one is is expensive but it’s not for what it is and for the photographers who it is meant for and i think that’s

The crucial thing of course there are a lot of cameras that cost 2 000 but the features aren’t even close for what olympus or the om system om1 is for the bird photographer and diy live photographer and that’s why it has been selling really really well does this mean that the financial situation is better omds did not share that on that interview because they

Don’t have to for example they’re not publicly listed company they share that with their shareholders of course but of course when you are selling well your equipment or your gear or the the stuff that you’re manufacturing it gives you of course a better possibility to have good financial results but of course it all depends on the cost how much does it cost to

Manufacture a camera and all that but it is promising and that is really a good thing that they’re selling on one quite well and then cooperation with olympus what they said in that article also is that they are still making r d cooperation with olympus and they share the same factory building which is now half of it is for omds and half of it is for all olympus

The medical company and that’s good news that they have their own factories or they’re not reliable or rely on other brands you know leasing a factor they have their own factory which is really good and which is also good news that they’re still making r d cooperation with olympus didn’t specifically say what it is but they’re still doing it and what’s good news

Now that omds is an independent company from olympus they are making cooperation with other brands too so the r d is really really crucial part of course for any manufacturer making gear now i’m talking about camera business but of course it applies to any any line of business so they have a lot more possibilities to add features and more innovative and it’s not

In only in-house but like they said in the interview that they still have of course in omds their own r d which is of course the core thing when developing new cameras and let’s see what else did i have here and yeah that cooperation and that independent thing is that now they are more concentrated on video too video features is not something secondary like it was

During olympus which i think was one of the biggest mistakes that they woke up a bit too late for video features because em1 mark 3 and 0-1 where the the kind of like the best video cameras okay okay m15 em5 mark iii was was quite good too but it wasn’t as good as the the other two so that’s a good thing and i think the the stuff that they did with owen one is a

Clear sign of that that they’re really concentrating and taking video graphers seriously and that’s good news for the future and yeah i already mentioned about the own factory in vietnam and that is something that i really like that they shifted their manufacturing from china to vietnam it’s in this situation in the world i think it’s a it’s a wise wise move and

You know that’s what they did and like i said they have the half of the factory for themselves it’s their factory which is really good to have their your own facilities to make so you don’t rely on any other company about the brand olympus in their cameras they said that only one will be the last camera that has olympus on it and in the future there might be some

New cameras from all message them we will see what it will say in the you know where it says olympus now if it is it om system or what’s going to be there and that was of course uh a good thing and also a bit sad thing because olympus is a good brand and known brand i would say in photography world and now it disappears so om system is is the new brand and if i

Would have decided i would have liked to keep olympus on it but you know of course when you’re selling the company and the new company cannot use the old brand and that of course and and you know it’s uh in the end of the day in the long run it doesn’t really matter but you know still you you still have some little nostalgia on olympus and you know i will still

Consider the future oh i’m switching cameras olympus cameras in a way even though they’re not but that’s just me i don’t know what do you think about the name change does it matter to you at all or is it a big thing then there was a discussion about the lenses and people have been asking and olympus users arm systems have been asking for more f 1.2 lenses for some

Reason fast lenses are something that people want not yeah there’s a point but you know it’s not about fast when we talk about lens there’s a lot more things that we should consider the problem with that is that if you make like for example 85 millimeter f 1.2 lens it’s going to be huge and on the other hand people will be saying that they want nice and compact

Small and compact lenses so something does not compute on that and that’s why they might not be making more f 1.2 lenses that’s gonna could be read between the lines and yeah i’m totally fine with that the only thing that i would like om system omds to make is a new set of mzukico lenses not the pro versions but you know replacing the 1.8 lenses with 1.4 lenses and

Make them a bit better weather set like the the this one what i have here is the 22 uh the 20 to 20 millimeter f 1.4 but making you know one for four lenses 17 25 maybe 25 and 45 i don’t know 25 is necessary because you have the 20 but you get the point and i think that would be something that that uh people would really like to buy when you have smaller bodies you

Know smaller lenses and and the whole system will be really compact with that because of course when we talk about the size it’s the whole system that is a lot smaller than some other brands and they have been making their four lenses and i hope they continue making those because i really like that it it keeps the lens really small like the 12 to 45 for example 8

To 25 then you have the 4250 f4 for example but what do you think what what type of lenses they should make what are you hoping for then there was a lot of discussion about the the sensor and the af and ai and i’m not going to go into that it was quite technical i have the link to this article that you can read it from there if you’re interested in what they said

About ai is that they are improving and making it more and that’s really good because ai is the future like it or not and then my thoughts on that matter about the article and what omds said is that the future is quite bright because they are making uh cooperation with other brands with r d or other companies don’t know what they are or they’re even com for you

Know camera businesses or what what are they it doesn’t matter they’re making cooperation with that and that’s really important because that will give new ideas and new things to the cameras and that’s that’s really then because they’ve been very innovative company in the past olympus they’ve done a lot of things first things in their cameras and for example m1x

Had the the ai based subject detection they did not invent it but they were early adapters and three and a half years ago that was in a camera that worked pretty well is actually quite good and uh like i said all in one has been the one and especially with 150 to 400 millimeter f 4.5 lens which brought new users to a home system and then it’d be interesting to

See if and when they upgrade em5 mark iii and em10 mark iv how do they market that because only one is a no-brainer it’s a best wildlife and bird camera there is on the market if we can take the inconsideration also the price but it’d be interesting to see how they how they market their own five and om10 if they will have those cameras i don’t know yet you probably

Can tell that i’m really happy about what they said on that interview and also i think that the future of olympus i keep saying olympus the future of om system and omds is a very bright one and here is another video about similar topic where i was ranting about people saying that micro 430 is dead it’s not no and there is the video about that but hey thanks for watching and bye for now

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Future of OM SYSTEM? By Peter Forsgård