Google 2030 Stock Price UPDATE (Alphabet Stock Price Prediction Updated)

Google 2030 Stock Price UPDATE (Alphabet Stock Price Prediction Updated)

So google recently beat their q4 2021 earnings expectations and the stock is down even with their 20 for one stock split news it did rally for a bit but it didn’t last for too long i mean it’s not just google it’s the whole entire market bogdanov literally said and it’s literally just doing that but if you guys watched the first google stock price video that i made

We had a sales target price of 250 billion dollars at a net income target price of 69 billion for the year of 2021. well as mentioned before they crushed it they beat the earnings and they finished the year officially off with 258 billion in sales and 76 billion in net income which is just amazing hey guys i’m curious peggy and i’m a very curious guy i’m curious

To know i’m probably you are too if google is still a good long-term hold and if right now is a good time to accumulate shares hold them for the long term or even if you’re probably thinking about to start a position right now because they’re doing a 20 for one split or overall you’re thinking that nah google’s not for me sell it and just put it into something

Else well in this video we’re gonna go over a prediction that hopefully can answer that question there’s no doubt that google is a safe and solid investment so if you guys are thinking that google might go bankrupt in a year or two that’s not really gonna happen and that’s because google has a lot of future plans they own a lot of companies and they’re really

Well diversified if you guys want more insight on google check out the first google prediction i made there is a boatload of information that you guys can get a lot of value of and some things you probably didn’t know about google either so check it out but enough to chatting let’s get to the updated prediction video all i asked return is a like and subscribing

If you haven’t already let’s get into it alright so as you guys know in 2021 google smashed the earnings i mean for the whole entire year we had a sales target of like 250 they did 258 and a net income at a price target of 69 and it was at 76 which is you know they did really well they did extremely well for the revenue and profit for 2022 and onwards the best

Place i found was obviously simply wall street that’s what we use in the first video so we’re going to continue using it because they are pretty they’re they’re close to the numbers they’re not always 100 no estimation is 100 but their estimation is actually pretty good i like them so they had an estimation from 2022 to 2024 and this is what they were we can see

In 2022 the target price for total revenues is about 302 billion 2023 at 350 billion and 2024 almost at 400 billion but the net income is a bit interesting in 2022 they’re saying that they should hit 77 billion which is odd because that’s only one billion more from 221 so it’s like why you know you have this massive growth why they only say one billion the only

Explanation that i can come up with is that in 2022 most likely well not most likely is probably to happen the pandemic’s going to come to an end so most likely most people will not stay at home they probably go out do the things that they missed out on for two years so they’re saying that maybe not much users will be up on line as they would be another reason

Could be is that interest rates are going up and that could damper the income net income for all the companies not just google another explanations could be is that they could be doing investments throughout 2022 which they’ve been doing for the past years as we can see in the past performance so there’s many reasons so i think they’re taking that into uh into

Play they’re keeping things conservative which i like if you guys been following for some time i like it when things are conservative so that’s why they’re saying 77 billion but the year after that in 2023 it’s gonna be a massive jump to 90 billion and in 2024 another jump to 103 billion so not bad we’re all saying the same thing that google’s going to continue

To grow that’s the main thing now from 2025 to 2030 is going to be the hard part we don’t know because no one can really think that long into the future so we took things in our own hands and in the first video if you guys watched the first google stock price video the prediction video we said 15 year-over-year growth for revenue and adjusted to these new numbers

We get about almost a trillion 992 billion by 2030. which i honestly think they could do more than that but keep the things conservative here 992 billion and for net income we said 14 i want to continue and leave it at 14 and that would give us a total net income of 225 billion which is not bad at all now this is the interesting part the shares outstanding so in

2022 previously we predicted that by 2022 they should have a shares outstanding by about 718 million shares but instead they have now about 689 million shares outstanding so it looks like google did more buybacks than anticipated which is a good thing when it comes to our return but the stock market is saying something else there’s a lot of sell-off going on so

What does this mean in my opinion this is this this is a buying opportunity for google but this is my own opinion but the more interesting part comes here is that google announced a 20 for one split so obviously that gives everyone i mean split doesn’t mean anything when it comes down to stock it means it just means that i could buy it at an easier price not at

A cheaper price but at an easier price i can finally buy one share compared to a fractional share which honestly it was long due for google i just hope now amazon can do it but anyways they did 20 for one split which is which is just absolutely crazy i don’t know any other company recently has done 24.1 split so that’s crazy so we’re gonna go ahead and do that

With an assumption of one percent buyback every single year so we’re gonna assume that google is gonna buy back their shares at a one percent rate because that’s what google’s been doing for the past decade they’ve been buying back their own shares so let’s first go ahead and put the original shares right now and then let’s multiply by 20 and this is what we get

Bam look at that so from 600 million shares now we’re up into the 14 billion shares outstanding but that reflects in the stock price as well and we’ll get to that in just a second the eps follows that as well and you can see from like 2021 the e-pace is at 104 and now it’s at five to five dollars and 61 cents estimated to be for 2022 this year and that massive

Reduction from 104 to like five or six bucks is because of the 20 for one split it just makes things a lot more compatible makes more a lot sense because you have a lot more shares outstanding because of the split now we’re going to go ahead and talk about the pe we can see from the chart they’ve only been stabilized around 30. so we’re gonna go ahead and change

The pe we’re gonna we’re gonna have three different scenarios for pe we’re gonna have a cheap one a medium one and a premium one and none of them are gonna be over uh valued or anything but it’s just how much how much people are willing to pay for google based on the pe and we’re first gonna do 25 as being the first pe now in 2022 at the moment um when this video

Comes out i think it’s going to be on like on a tuesday or a wednesday p is going to differ but at the current moment which is a sunday right now it’s at 23.94 so once we put that in the stock price right now is is a 134 bucks adjusted for 20 for one split if you multiply that by 20 it’ll be 26.85 which that’s what it is at the moment that’s what you see on yahoo

Finance but if you do 20 for one split it’s about 134 bucks per share so we’re gonna go ahead and drag 25 all the way from 2023 all the way to 2030 and this is what we get on a yearly basis in 2023 we get a stock price of 165 market cap almost being a two point and a quarter trillion 2024 stock price should be 190 2025 stock price should be 219. 2026 it should be

Around 250. 2827 should be almost at 300 at 290. 2028 it should be around 334 bucks per share with a market cap exceeding 4 trillion 2029 stock price should be 384 market cap at almost 5 trillion and in 2030 stock price should be 442 bucks with a market cap almost hitting 6 trillion like 5.6 trillion at a market cap now that’s with a pe of 25. i personally think

That if we see google around the 25 mark it’s me it means two things one is highly matured i personally think google has so much room to grow and they have so much opportunities ahead of them i don’t think 25 or them being heavily mature at this stage or in this decade is um is going to happen i think 30 is a better pe to give it rather than 25. let me know if

You guys agree with the comments down below but i’m going to put 30 here and this is what we get and that’s the massive difference that we get instead of 442 bucks per share by 2030 it’s gonna be about 531 bucks per share which is not bad you know it’s really that’s reasonable in my opinion but again when i look at the valuation of being six or seven trillion by

Twenty thirty i don’t seem i don’t think that’s right i think they’re gonna they’re gonna have a much more market higher market cap by 2030 forget the stock price man look at the valuation if the valuation is higher the stock price is going to be higher no duh but six and a half almost seven trillion by 2030 i highly doubt that’s going to be the case because if

We look at 2020 into 2022 there was almost a 25 increase even with this correction that we’re having now obviously google is oversold in my opinion if you have like savings that you don’t want to do i would recommend you guys to buy it not financial advice but i’m saying it’s oversold in my opinion so i think in 2022 we can see this number being probably in the

Two trillions and plus i mean no doubt about that after they increase the interest rates hikes and all that kind of stuff now let’s go ahead and give it a premium pe of 35 and this is what we get and we get a stock price of 619 per share with almost an 8 trillion market cap by 2030 so we went from 442 and like cheap pe i guess and then in the base case which is

About 531 bucks per share and in the premium case of 35 pe was at 619 per share and again i i still think almost 8 trillion by 2030 i don’t i think that’s still i think they’re gonna exceed 10 trillion in my opinion by 2030 because google they just have so much market share they have so much opportunities and they’re making deals left and right you know the latest

Deal they’ve made well i don’t think it’s the latest deal but one of the big deals that they made was with starlink spacex starlink the deal was that starlink can use their fiber optics there are networks all across the world which that’s what google google has it all across the world for starlings internet and that’s a massive massive deal you know this can bring a

Lot of revenue for google which we don’t have the data for yet so obviously when that comes in and when they have other big things happening i highly do believe that google is going to be one of the biggest performers for the decade i really do believe that but looking at simplies wall street’s valuation they’re saying that google right now is extremely undervalued

And the stock price should be around five thousand and two bucks per share adjusted for 20 for one split that’s about 250 bucks per share let’s put that in and let’s see what happens so in order to get 250 bucks per share the pe after doing some calculations the pe was about almost 43 and a half 44 and a half my mistake and once you put that in and drag it and

They’re saying by 20 30 788 bucks per share with a market cap of 10 trillion to be honest with you i did mention that by 2030 i believe that this market cap should be over 10 trillion but i don’t think with the pe of 44 and a half is correct so i really do believe that the revenue and net income is going to exceed expectations they’re going to find other routes

Other ways to make more money again with the spacex deal with the starlink and all that kind of stuff that’s massive that’s gonna bring big business to google itself i don’t think a pe of 44 and a half is gonna be the case by 2030 i think 30 is fine but their revenue and net income is gonna be massive much more than we have here in my opinion but again there’s only

A prediction and a prediction only don’t take this too hard just because you heard a youtuber say it that doesn’t mean you should go all in on google there’s always more research to do but anywho this is the chart that you get for a 25 pe at 30 pe a 35 pe and a 44 and a half pe so you guys can see the difference but they’re all going one way they’re going upwards

So yeah everyone can agree that google’s not gonna go bankrupt within a year or two i mean that’s just ridiculous now there’s one thing that i do want to point out about this chart is that it’s all linear obviously when you look at the stock market it’s never really linear i mean look at google stock you know you have these massive dips obviously when you zoom in

It looks like the stock is going to zero you know it seems like the world’s gonna go to an end but when you guys zoom out you can see that it’s just a little blank and it was just a big buying opportunity just like what it is now but what i’m trying to say here is that just because the chart is linear the stock is not going to be linear maybe this year and next year

And the year after it may hit these numbers but we may have a year or two where it just crashes 30 stays there for two years three years but then fundamentals always went and then it comes back to what it’s really valued that’s i mean that’s what the stock market is known at good example is when you look at tesla a good example is when you look at apple they all

Zoom up back to the fundamentals microsoft even microsoft has the best one in my opinion the best charts they all zoom up back to their fundamental valued numbers so that’s why it’s always really important to do your research and believe in the company that you invest in so when it does run up like that you can look like a king buy them lambos in the mansions and

Tell your friends i told you so but again guys it’s just a prediction nothing more and nothing less so take everything with a grain of salt now a few things about google google is a monster you cannot compete with google google pretty much owns the entire internet you know google search youtube obviously google and youtube is owned by google obviously and there’s

Not much you can do i mean i don’t see any platform coming out coming out that can really compete with youtube if you want to think about tick tock well does tick tock share 55 of the revenue to their users they don’t do they have the amount of advertisers that youtube has absolutely not if there’s anyone that tiktok is hurting it’s facebook and we can see it but

It’s not hurting google google i would say youtube is more of a monopoly right now i don’t know what the next disturbing disrupting not disturbing disrupting platform is going to be but it’s going to be very very hard to beat youtube because if something does come right let’s let’s we can assume that something can come that can disrupt youtube all youtube has to

Do to make that other platform less important or get it less attention or just knock it off its way is to increase the creator front from 55 percent to maybe 65 percent 70 right this will literally say okay youtube already has all this advertising money coming in the other platform is going to have a hard time to have the same amount of youtube and the same amount

Of views because it’s owned by google google will always put youtube their own products first and since they own pretty much the whole internet it’s kind of a monopoly it’s gonna be really hard for them so there’s no way that i can see youtube that can get disrupted really really bad and besides all the kids today that are watching on their phones on their ipads

And their mobiles on on their laptops computer pcs whatever is pretty much youtube youtube you can say is the next gen of tv tv is going away and youtube is taking its place that’s what’s happening so we know that google search youtube and their products that dominates the internet is gonna be dominated for a long time by google there’s no question about that now

What made me really bullish on google is the spacex starlight deal guys starlink the idea of it the purpose of it is massive opportunity man spacex will become a cash cow because of starlink think about it once starlink is 100 ready to use and you can use it as a service you could be in the middle of atlantic ocean not have food be stranded but you’ll have fast

Internet you can be in antarctica stranded in antarctica don’t have food water or anything but you have internet you’re on the airplane going from one city to another one country to another and you have fast internet i mean this is a big deal guys i don’t think you guys understand how big deal of starlink is and the fact that google they have a deal with google

For starlink all around the world with their fiber optics and their cloud is just gonna be a massive revenue and profit taking for google no question about it and not to mention the tesla’s pi phone that tesla’s making a phone i’m not too sure if they will actually you know execute through and make the phone but if they do make a phone it’s gonna be android back

So that’s more revenue and profit for google so honestly i’m more bullish on google than i am with apple google has just so much more room to grow as so much more um venues and more revenues to um to make money that it’s not even funny man so in my opinion should you go all in on google despite all the information we had today personally if i had the money i’d

Definitely buy a quite a bit of shares of google at the moment the price seems to be cheap in my opinion only 23 pe what is this and it’s just overreacting my whole market is overreacting man if you got money you can buy literally all the good companies but google definitely is going to be one of them that you can buy and hold long term i don’t recommend selling

But i do highly recommend buying and if you don’t have the money i do recommend holding if you have some shares because google man has a great long-term success and they’re going to be here for a long time maybe in the short term it could probably even dip even more but if it does just think of this as a buying opportunity because you’re in it in the long run you’re

Not in it for the next year or two years or three years at least i hope you should be in it for at least five years and onwards that’s where you’re gonna make a lot of money so that’s my opinion when it comes down to google stock and that’s gonna conclude today’s google stock price update i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you guys did smash that like button

That’ll really help me out and the channel and if you guys really did enjoy this video man you guys will definitely enjoy this tesla stock prediction video with full self driving included man again in that video i mentioned multiple times i cannot comprehend the numbers but i’ll let you guys to judge don’t forget to subscribe and i shall see you guys in the next video see ya

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Google 2030 Stock Price UPDATE (Alphabet Stock Price Prediction Updated) By Curious Pejjy