GOT EM EARLY ! These Are LIMITED and The BEST Sneakers Releasing in October

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And support and i’ma see y’all over there man tomorrow asap rocky what’s good youtube it’s your boy tony d2 while checking in once again back with the bag of the day guys on a very special edition of got em early yeah and today guys we got two special kicks in the building one being the jordan one og starfish and the jordan 7 afrobeats i want to give a huge shout

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Another woman’s exclusive now i’m gonna be 100 with you it’s my first time seeing them in hand like literally like i had the box here and all that right but this is my first time pulling them out the box and actually checking them out and as you can see on the box it says women’s air jordan one retro high og and this is is white slash starfish retro high og i forgot

About that retro high og now okay just making sure i’m making sure i can get my mind twisted with like the 85 high you feel me so i’m just making sure about that but red box let me see if there’s any other extra set of laces or if there’s a hang tag there is i thought there was a hang tag or something that comes with it these things are uh mighty heavy mighty heavy

Bam check it out check it out you have the all leather hang tag in the building as well as another little hang tag which almost like a little bit like a coin oh it’s a keychain like a little pouch inside there for a keychain with the jordan jumpman signal and i’m gonna be 100 with you like i said i didn’t have any expectations about this shoe or at all i didn’t care

Too much about it but seeing these in hand my mind’s changing a little bit when i’m looking at this shoe the quality and craftsmanship of the leather is phenomenal it’s very very very very nice and plush on this sneaker and when it comes to shattered backboards i’ve had the 3.0 i got rid of them i have the satin version as well but i might get rid of those as well

This is something that i definitely could uh see myself rocking in the arsenal this orange overall in my opinion is flawless victory there’s a little bit of brown is something different that just pops and makes the panties drop and as you can see i mean i can actually see it on the video you could see the actual quality of this leather it’s not nothing just it’s

It’s it’s it’s it’s they knocked it out the park with this one the retail price point so far is 180 and it doesn’t oh it does seem okay my bad about to say it doesn’t seem like they had another set of laces but they do i see a little box right here white extra set of laces that are just regular white laces i will keep the orange ones in on this one on the insole

You have white with the orange nike air and this like i stated before is a brown it looks brown it looks like it’s like a burnt orange almost but to be very simple it’s a brown and that brown just comes out of nowhere but i like it a lot you also have what seems to be i guess a cell midsole but the actual shoe parts here everything is white i don’t know why they

Just didn’t continue to sell they already run the cell into the to the gutter at this point why not just continue it on but the nike air also at the top is in white in the tongue seems to from the camera it seems like it’s a little bit more yellow like it could be a little sail or something like that this is straight pumpkin spice all over it straight up they

Got gilligan’s nut sack material on the uppers quasimodal neck bones and all the above and i’m not gonna lie to you like the next shoe that we’re gonna be checking out those sevens i like those a lot but these these are something i could potentially rock like for real they did some little slight change as you can see on the side right there you had a little stitch

Right there but pretty much everything else is in its norm as far as the height and everything like that pretty standard let me grab another pair of ones just to see if you remember last time we did the other women’s shoe that they had which was like that that chanel it was higher and taller than your typical jordan ones so i want to see if that is the same and

Once again you compare a mocha one to this you can definitely see that there’s a difference in height once again more on that high top cut they’re going for that comparing it to an almond maniere one you can see that they’re very very close very similar and then i even have here as well the real high boy up in the building which is the georgetown og high and even

That as you can see um this one looks taller quality of the leather speaks for itself i’m definitely going to be getting you guys a review out on this my plan is to get the review out for y’all monday i am having a surgery on my mouth i’m getting my wisdom teeth full so with that being said i will be back like this talking like that on monday but i’m gonna get the

Review done hopefully more than likely so i wanted to get this out the first looks my first thoughts and opinions and i’m not gonna lie to you this one really just shook the whole goddamn thing for me like i didn’t have i was not like i was just going into this i thought it was going to be some weak ass leather the leather on here is a one steak sauce like straight

Up these look good the color the orange is nice i’m not gonna i didn’t see these like i didn’t see them until i just unpopped packaged them out with you like these are these are these are these are a1 bro straight up these are a1 the leather tag a little pouch and all that ladies y’all getting lucky y’all now y’all get now i’m getting jealous i’m getting jealous

Even though you know i can i can jump in on the fun but i don’t like the jumping on the fun because it’s like i don’t want to take the fun away from y’all but damn these are nice i ain’t gonna lie these might be one of if not the best women’s sneaker of uh for jordan brand in 2022. i know that’s a lot i know i’m saying a lot but well kenya purple is pretty good

As well i’ll maybe make a list on that maybe i’ll get nicole to help me with that list but these phenomenal bam the jordan 7 afrobeats now this story this shoe has a big really big storyline to it and i’m gonna try to get this review out for y’all more than likely on friday or saturday or something it’s gonna be pushing out very very soon i wanted to get these

In hand checking these out of hand when i seen pictures of this shoe i really didn’t care too much for it didn’t know anything about it until real recently i saw it i thought it was more like a regular leather but no this is like oh this is the shed a tan this is like a vegeta tan this little known this is macheteam leather used i think on the actual box it even

Says it it says the shetta tan black slash taxi on the box and these are going to be retailing for 210 dollars and this shoe is called the afrobeats afrobeats being you know uh rhythm music from west africa that’s been tied along with american jazz and fiji as well and they’re bringing that out within this shoe you can actually see some of the tribals on the tongue

Right there’s some try print on the tongue as well as on the shoe itself and then bam nike air on the back we are in that 30th year anniversary of jordan sevens and we’re starting to see those gonna be flowing out citrus sevens these uh we got the cardinal sevens coming very soon as well and i think that the reason why they threw this on here is mainly because this

Was the last shoe that or this was the first shoe that we got rid of the nike you know the six was the last shoot this being like another reimagine of the seven if it were to have that nike air on the back and i’m not gonna lie it doesn’t look bad at all seeing that they did have sevens that had the nike air on the tongue though there was nike air on that tongue but

This one has jordan as you can see white black and white pretty standard the material on this is very very very tough very very thick very close to like a georgetown type of leather that’s probably why we’re paying that 210 dollar price point slightly on that premium side than your typical i’m gonna say though that i think that these may do very well uh these are a

Little bit more limited than people may think at least from what i’m hearing that these are pretty limited these aren’t like a shoe that’s just going to be flying like flying with multiple pairs here’s the bottom as well from the bottom it almost looks like a raptor seven but we’ll be definitely doing an update you know review full on in depth and i’m very curious

To how dark these things will get with time is this a cop or not for me that’s something i have to see man both of these shoes i really like a lot like really like a lot like canyon purple so i’ve like as much as i talk smack about october i’ve kept the canyon purples up uh the 218s that we just did a review on like a lot of these shoes i would like to keep in my

Own collection like personal pick like cops not like passes so uh even these like i like these a lot like this is a seven i don’t have any type of color kind of you know close to this i don’t really have that much vegan except for so lebron won all-star vegans which i think are downstairs actually but this is something different and on the side this side paneling

As you see like the tribal type of print going on is popped uh is debossed even the jumpman is the boss as well so it’s all textured very nice texture too it’s it’s different man it’s very very nice i like what they did here with these with the afrobeats the storyline behind it so loose to that and um i’m gonna be doing some more research even more on afrobeats and

Diving in deeper when we actually do the full on in-depth review so stay tuned for that and uh i’ll keep you guys posted but i gotta say man these are crazy i wasn’t even planning on doing these today in the video i was going to save this for monday but i was like yo let me do the review like let me do the like they got them early for both of these you know all

Right let’s get them out the way so those are bad back to the bone but yeah guys i am going to be going through a procedure so say a prayer for your boy um friday morning getting my wisdom teeth pulled these two top this bottom i’ve never been like put to sleep so i’m a little nervous man but uh sing your best wishes i mean i know everything will be okay i just

I just not this i guess the the thought of like that experience and like what happens when you get put under how that is i don’t know like i never i’ve never been like put to sleep and you just standing there and you just like see black or like that type of stuff i ain’t gonna cap i’m a little like worried but i know i’ll be okay i’m gonna just get through it but

It is going down this friday so there will be videos dropping throughout the week that i’m already shooting now so that i can have those already scheduled and uh yeah i’ll see you guys on the other side man i’ll see y’all you’ll see videos dropping off throughout the weekend you won’t even know that’s going on you’ll see me monday with a swollen face and tomorrow

Like i stated before call of duty we’ll be live streaming on the two off or tv channel and uh yeah go sub up over there because you got a lot of content going on i love y’all i appreciate y’all as always and i’m gonna see you on the next one it’s your boy tony d2 wild i’m checking in i’m checking out peace

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GOT EM EARLY ! These Are LIMITED and The BEST Sneakers Releasing in October By ToNYD2WiLD