GTA 5 Online – *SOLO* How To Get Rich Without CEO Or Biker MC Never Go Broke In GTA Online Again!


Hey yo what’s going on buddy salaries aka time killington yeah yeah in this video i am bringing you in my opinion some of the best ways to make money if you are already broke if you don’t have ceo stuff for mc businesses you’re tired of not having nothing these are a few methods some of the ways that i think there are the best ways to get rich quick to be able to buy

These things okay i hope you enjoy make sure you subscribe to my channel for the ilis real content the game makes you smash i mean so smash that like button baby yeah now the first thing is obvious okay but this is exactly what i used to do you to rob some gas stations there’s 20 different gas stations in the game okay others told there’s a whole bunch of different

Ways to do it just follow my lead you can wear a mask you don’t have to you can roll up in there hold this guy yep you want to max out the intimidation you all you all you have to have is a pistol you know you see the intimation bar on the bottom right there and that way you get some more money and things like that you can just roll up two minutes knock them out

And take the money from the drawer yourself but you just don’t get as much but do not kill this guy because you will get three stars and three stars are much harder to lose than two all right now get into a car get out of there and go drive down by the construction building in the city and go to what we have call or what we have names or what we’ve dubbed the old

School game or batcave the og batcave it’s this little train tunnel down there for some reason it’s some kind of glitch cops never go down there five star ten star 20 started matter you can lose the stars and bam you just made you 1,500 bucks real quick alright next one this is super easy you can do all this the rest of stuff in a solo lobby go to single-player

Go to online go to play gta online and then go to a solo session it’s that easy okay jump into a solo session a lot of people don’t know this alright but we used to do this religiously it is your daily objectives go to interaction maybe you’ve got a daily objectives you have three of them every day every 24 real-time hours and they tell you what to do participate

In a survival jump parachute dangerously and go to the movies for my daily objectives it’s it’s so easy go down to the marina get into a chopper use your altimeter alright a little a little gauge with the white needle that’s moving you want to get to around a couple just a couple hundred feet because all we need to do is open your parachute within 150 feet of the

Ground okay don’t go up real high it just wastes time and it’s easier to die that way it’s stay low use your altimeter right there make sure you ever land see how high i’m not not very high to bail out you all man you already have a parachute pull your chute out land and then look at the bottom left screen above the map bam first objective is complete now you have

To get all three of them done to get paid all right and then the next one was simply participate in a survival keyword participate you do not have to win the survival but you do have to participant go in there and just quit because the survivals are ok you can go all the way through with it but they do take a lot of time you want to get paid 30 grand but you use a

Lot of ammo i always go to process that’s just of what i like to go to just run at the very first wave run out these bad guys don’t even worry about them you know take one out if you want to whatever knock somebody out and just let them kill you and then you fail the their survival but you have participated that literally took like 20 seconds all right bam popped

Back in second objective complete now that kind of scrolled through a little fast as i got a few other matches of messages in there or whatever of a hit you’re in or you’re a touch pad go to your your interaction menu that you can pull up your daily objectives and now you see i have two out of the three complete last one is go to a movie theater there’s like two

Or three movies i think there’s just two movie theaters in lo santos or something like that and there the icon is like a little movie reel they’re open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the game go to one it costs 20 bucks and you’re sitting inside a movie theater now i do recommend is sometimes do watch a whole movie they are crazy they’re so weird and it’s kind of a

Good way to kill some time in this mess around so just chilling there for a few minutes back out and then bam look at the bottom left corner $25,000 3,000 rp now this is the key right here if you do these every single day you’ll get not only a daily fee you get a weekly bonus of 50,000 if you do it every day for 28 days you’ll get a 500 thousand dollar bonus for

28 days you will make 1.2 million dollars and a ton of rp i will link a video of me getting my 500 thousand dollar bonus now this right is what i think is the most important and the best way to make money you can make playlists out of missions okay all you have to do is go to a mission like your regular going to start one up you know go to brach start creating

Go to a mission look for the ones there just one to two players they’re pretty eat you could do this with any one of them though alright go into the mission load it up make sure to solo la because the loading times are much much quicker this way so we’re getting loaded up here into a solo pub no active katya baba hang out in there for a little bit no big deal you

Know just kind of like walk around you know you don’t have to spend that much time in there at all i just wanted to make sure it was going to stick you know shoot a few things up you don’t have to complete the mission upfront you know just hang out for a little bit i’m going to steal this lady’s car and then pull your phone out go to your job list hit x and a hit

Square to back out of the job alright now i did this for three missions i just wanted to do it real quick but i actually have a playlist of like 15 missions made now you can go to playlist alright go to create one and go all the way down to add recently play job look at all these missions i’ve played but the top three are the ones are just 1 or 2 player real quick

Real easy but you can do this or any of them now add them to your playlist and now you are creating a mission playlist it is so awesome you can just back out save it you know you have to save it save complete uploaded blah blah blah blah blah whatever now lets completed ok you back out of that screen you go back up one notch to my playlists and then you can load

Up the playlist that you just made mine is solo money mission solo dollar sign mission and there the three are right there you x you start it up and now this allows you to skip the voting screen all that always put it on hard okay don’t be a wimp do these are hard you get two lives if there aren’t hard okay start it up by yourself or you can invite some friends

If you got some friends together you know you can do this with a whole bunch of different types of missions you start it up these take no time at all now remember if you’re doing a mission the longer that you take the more money you get paid alright but if you have a playlist just knock them out and then you can restart the playlist i’m not even wasting the ammo

I did get killed on this because i was messing around i got shots i still had a life left no big deal so merc those dudes up collect the money off the ground from those guys if you’re really struggling hey i’ve been there alright we’ve all been there at some point i remember i picked up money and ammo off the ground from npcs all day all right go back to simeon

You know talk with him he’s a snake in the grass no big deal but it’s gonna pay me some money so the first mission took literally about four minutes tops right four minutes i got about yeah almost 7000 bam no big deal got decent rp 1,200 p it’s good to go you know it continued on to the next one there’s three now remember you can do this for as many as you want

As all the missions you want to do loading up the next one put it on hard get some armor if you want to you really don’t need that you know is well i would recommend getting some armor no big deal right play it start it on your own it’s all good you get the little parameter i have to go steal another car for simeon pull up not even shooting nobody i just roll up

On this dude pistol whip his ass knock him out give me the car all right this mission literally took about two minutes okay and you’ll see that when i get paid i only made about 4900 little under five but that’s okay it’s all about money to time ratio all right it’s and that’s the efficiency deliver the car to simeon you know get some jp some job points i got

4,500 bucks but remember that’s 45 plus almost 7,000 i just made a minute ago alright i’m about eight minutes into this so far alright now i load up the next one you know purchase some armor ammo whatever you need to get keep it going keep it moving now this one’s file like this one you don’t even have to use your own ammo they give you a jerrycan this is the one

We have to destroy the cars for simeon i’m going to play i like playing this one out i’m going to show you what it it’s really cool it’s all you got to do make a cool little trail see i’m messing up my brand new loafers i had an awesome spending spree video yes should i get this dope ass outfit now i’m ruining my loafers with this gasoline but yeah you just see

All the little red dots on the radar those are all the cars that you have to blow up now if you got grenades you can use grenades no big deal you might get cops on you that way so you have to lose cops you made i’d that takes it more time i just use the gas can because i’m a little bit of pyro if i wanted to watch it burn well jeff reading back now but it’s really

Fun though and you just kind of make it you want to make sure you get to the front of the car by the tires that when they catch on fire and just draw you a nice little cool line out till you’re standing you can plot a regular pistol in about ten rounds i set this sucker how much shot tattooed just pop a couple rounds at the little the gas trail right there on both

Ends as you see it looks so cool the gas is the fire is like you know traveling with the gas right there and the cars start to catch on fire and if you look on the radar the little red blips are starting to disappear now and then bend there’s no cops on you good to go once the last one pops or just gets burnt up and destroyed you get your marker to go back to the

Dealership roll back up to simeon and you know hand them you know tell them what’s up high five what’s up buddy you know all right cool see ya and then bam i got seven grand for that and it took no time at all so all three b’s together i made almost twenty thousand you’ll see that popping up so i get those done here we go show you right here look on top nineteen

Thousand eight seventy and it took literally like twelve minutes it was no time at all all right i mean the loading time was probably longer than the missions and you could i could have had ten of those racked up you know so you that can make you a tremendous amount of money so robbed a couple gas stations gives you a couple grand do your daily objectives for every

Data it’s a 24-hour cool that’s real time but it’s okay it’s it’s all about long-term do them everyday for you know at least do a week it’s a fifty thousand dollar or no it’s it’s more than that it’s like a hundred thousand dollar butters or something like that but if you do them all for 28 days its 1.2 million dollars total that you make i’ll show you the video

But yeah you guys can do this man this is a really good way to get money you guys always ask me hey ty what’s the best way to make money if you’re broke or if you don’t have a ceo and this is what i think these are some of the best ways to make money of course you can steal a cars and sell them you get a 45 minute cooldown on that you can do deathmatches adversary

Modes but you have to win those to make good money and if you don’t win then you’re spending money on ammo and armor and it messes up your kd and stuff like this this is what you can do totally solo it’s really easy the hope you guys enjoy make sure you subscribe to my channel for the ilis arils content the game and make sure you smash i mean smash that like button and stay dangerous

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GTA 5 Online – *SOLO* How To Get Rich Without CEO Or Biker MC Never Go Broke In GTA Online Again! By Tylarious